Micah has the most gorgeous crop of golden locks! The more humid the air, the tighter they curl. They are springy and bounce back beautifully when twanged.

Pretty boy
with your curls of goldmakes it almost impossible
to scold

when you try to climb
your great grandpa’s chairbecause it’s such a lovely view of you up there!

Jackson is full of bear hugs for his baby brother – never one to skimp on affection, he is generous with his enthusiasm,

and especially his rib cracking
brother bear

And he has the heart of a bear, showing us his courage this week as he adjusts to preschool. Frightened of the loud bell that rings between periods we have been praying for him morning, noon and night about it. And as he snuggled in bed next to me last night I asked him if he wanted to pray for things he was thankful for. Jackson prayed:

“Dear Jesus:
Thank-you for my tractor.
Thank-you that it is green.
Thank-you that I am healthy and BRAVE”

And this morning he absolutely was! He bravely marched into his preschool and bravely put on his tool belt and bravely broached the box of tractors and then bravely waved me good-bye!

My baby bear sure is growing up.