Ohhh, I am just giddy with excitement to show you how my patient stalking of Craigslist paid off this week. I have been desperately seeking a sandbox that both my boys could fit into. I had misty eyed daydreams of one made of wood and would sometimes fantasize about it including a sun shade of sorts. But all I have come across for weeks on end were boxes that would not have fit both my boys or their many varied digging toys.

So, I never dreamed in a million years that we would find this picture perfect version of sandbox heaven for a mere $20!!!

$20 Sandbox boat!

Let’s see it from another angle

Isn’t it too adorable for words?? And in addition to the boat, the owner threw in all the sand for free! She tells me that this is “stone quarry” sand, which I learned from her is supposed to be the best kind you can use for a sandbox as it is much cleaner. That’s nice and all, but what I really care about is how much CHEAPER it was than buying the sand from Home Depot at $5 a bag. Based on how many bags we shovelled up and brought home with us from our lovely former saleboat owner, we would have had to buy about 8 bags! So that’s an extra $40 that we saved! Can I get a big whoop-whoop??!!

The fact that the boat frame can also double as monkey-bars is just an added bonus!

Ok, we also did some yard-saling last week that I didn’t have a chance to post about yet, so here goes:

$0.50 – Stick Pony that neighs if you squeeze one ear and makes galloping noises if you squeeze the other.

$0.25 – Fire truck that has 4 different buttons you can push for an assortment of sirens and fireman warnings.

$0.50 ($0.25 each) – Trucks – what did I tell you? My boys can’t resist toy trucks, no matter the shape or size. These are now all being put to good use in the sandboat!

$1.00 – Bumbo Baby Seat with Tray. These things, even on Craigslist, usually go for around $20. So, I just couldn’t resist this little green cutey. Because while there’s no baby Baker #3 on the way just yet (take a deep breath, parents) you never do know when there might be, eh? And at $1.00, it’s a pretty low risk investment!

That’s this weeks round up of deals we got for a steal. At a total of $22.25, it’s so much more than just the deal, it’s also the thrill of the find that keeps me coming back for more.

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