Why do fire engines wait till nap time to come chasing down our street?

Why isn’t it until I hear the garbage truck that I remember I should have put the trash out?

Why do the words “poop,” “fart,” and “burp” cause my boys to go into manic fits of laughter?

Why are the mechanisms of the flush toilet so fascinating to a toddler?

How long will two adults sit in a room with an overflowing diaper genie before one of them caves under the smell and empties it?

How do you get Desitin out of the million and one things it manages to come into contact with before it connects with the baby’s butt?

How is it possible that we have purchased Micah’s body weight in pacifiers and still there is never one to be found when he shows signs of going over to the dark side?

How can Jack hear us opening a bag of candy or chips from the other side of the building when just a second before he couldn’t hear me calling him in for bathtime?

Why does the sound of running water cause kids to hyperventilate with excitement?

What is it with Spiderman and kids, anyway?

Why do I own a hairdryer?

What makes baby-morning-breath smell so good?

Why does sand end up EVERYWHERE except in the sandpit?

How many times can one watch Bob the Builder before being tempted to pinch his tiny little head in half?

Why aren’t kitchens self-cleaning?

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