**This giveaway is now closed**

I have discovered my theme song. I know because it has the word, “laundry” in the title.

You think I’m kidding? I am so not. I have written at least 20 posts featuring my ongoing, usually losing battle with our family’s laundry bulge.

How is it possible that laundry plays such a massive role in the life of a mom?!

It has made me weigh my priorities, wash my thoughts, see myself through someone else’s eyes and get over my picture perfect perceptions of motherhood.

So, when I discovered Point of Grace’s new single, “Love and Laundry,” it was like coming home. I felt like someone had literally set my life to music.

I’m betting you will feel the same way too. Which is why I would be sharing this with you whether or not it was part of a giveaway. Because girlfriends, this song is too good to be missed.

I mean tell me these words don’t sum up your day:

Here I go again it’s another messy morning
Walk around the clothes that are covering the floor
Take my kiss and my coffee to go
Then put on my mascara while I’m driving down the road.

That. Is. My. Life.

Especially, since in my world the definition of grid lock is basically the ability to apply a full face of makeup at 1 mile an hour.

Thought that I could do it all
Turns out I was crazy
Man I need an i-phone
And a cleaning lady
We haven’t had a date night in what seems like forever
It might take a miracle to get myself together

I keep praying I can get everything done
And still have time for love and a load of laundry.

Oh bliss, glee, delight, and joy. Yes, sirree-bob that is me to a T! This song makes my insides do the happy dance because it’s so profoundly comforting to know that I am not alone in my laundry battles.

So, lovely beautiful ladies who hang out here with me, please put your feet up on the messy coffee table, crank up the volume and listen to your very own theme song. Listen, look, laugh and feel affirmed.


And because I think mothers are the ultimate unsung heroes, because I wish I could come over and do your laundry for you or take you out on a girl’s night, I am so, so thrilled to at least be able to offer 5 of you – yup FIVE – copies of the new album from Point of Grace that features, “Love and Laundry.”

Oh, and there’s a cook book too. Did I mention the cook book?

{Insert Happy Dance Here!}

Sigh. I love when I have an excuse to thank you guys for sharing with me the humor, joy, and holiness that is so often sunk under a pile of dirty laundry.

Just leave a comment telling me your favorite or most relate-able part of the video and you are entered to win a copy of the album and the cook book. If you want, you can follow me on twitter for an extra entry.

Contest open until midnight EST on Wednesday 3/24 when we’ll let random integer generator pick FIVE WINNERS.

Now isn’t this a great way to start a week?

PS: Point of Grace sent me a copy of the CD and the Cook Book. I can’t wait to send five of you the same!