Your kids need a bath and it’s not even 9 am yet.

One minute they’re kissing up to you and the next minute they’re terrorizing you.

You turn your back on your make up bag for a second and discover this.

Underpants are regularly re-purposed as super hero masks.

Your husband often gets this look on his face.

Bath time turns into a bubble bath massacre of epic proportions.

Look familiar? Welcome to the M.O.B!

We’ve even got our own site – launching tomorrow –

The MOB SocietyFor mothers of boys, by mothers of boys.

It’s gonna be cracka-lackin! (Name that movie?)

And to kick things off, there’s a twitter come-one-come-all party tonight at 9.30pm EST/ 8.30pm CST and there will be prizes. Oh, boy will there be prizes!

We are the M.O.B. – Hear us roar!

{Apparently designer Lisa Leonard did, because check out what she cooked up for us!}

And it’s up for grabs at the twitter-palooza tonight!!

So, scrub your boys, wrestle them to bed and come kick off your fatigues and hang with the M.O.B. This little piece of feminine loveliness could be yours.

And goodness knows a M.O.B. mama can use all the extra girly she can get her hands on!

Meet you at the corner of @themobsociety and the hashtag #MOBSociety? I’ll be the one wearing whatever my boys ate for dinner!

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