I was gone for three days this week. I still don’t feel like I’m quite back yet. My head is still in Arkansas but my hands are juggling the chaos of homecoming. It’s been a “mama said there’d by days like this” kinda 36 hours:

Kids that stayed up till I got home and didn’t go to sleep until 11pm were still up at the crack of dawn.

A potty training fail that left a most unappetizing trail of “bread crumbs” up the stairs of my friend Stephanie’s house.

A projectile vomiting incident that taught me to always, always turn the light on before trying to aim your toddler at the toilet bowl.

A parking ticket fine that doubled because I had misread the instructions for when to pay and left it until I returned home.

A cold sore.

A preschool fine for completely and utterly forgetting the one day they closed early this week and turning up a half hour late.

A fish to baby sit.

blog to tweak and move before my hosting subscription expired.

A preschool teacher to properly thank for 18 of the most beautiful months in my son’s life.

Oh yes, my mama said there’d be days like this.

The thing is, though, the chaos is only on the surface. I feel my core held tight by the strong hard hand of a Carpenter, and I feel His peace. I plan to go climb up into His lap this weekend and let Him rock me for a long while. I plan to let my boys keep on determinedly loving me back into the present.  I plan to dwell on the amazing circle we have journeyed this last decade that has brought us back to where it all started – 10 years, 3 continents, and 2 kids ago.

It’s amazing to be back.

In celebration of the occasion and my friend Jenny from Simply Delightful Designs who worked magic to refresh and relocate my blog in 24 hours flat, I brought something for you. Because maybe you’ve had a “mama said there’d be days like this” kind of week too. And you need a reminder:

Thanks to DaySpring for this heart art. Just leave a comment letting me know that you subscribe to my blog {click here to subscribe in a reader or by email} and tell me what your week was like to be entered to win. All welcome; I’ll leave it open until midnight on Wednesday next week.

Happy weekend wanderings to you all. And Jenny? You’re my hero!