On Fridays around these parts we have a little tradition. We throw caution (editing, revising, and worrying) to the winds and just write.

For five minutes flat.

You’re welcome to play along. The rules are easy.

1. Write your heart out for five minutes and then show us what you’ve got.
2. Tell your readers you’re linking up here and invite them to play along.
3. And most importantly, go visit, read, and encourage the fellow five-minuter who linked up right before you.

Easy peasy.

Oh and there’s often a little fun something-something in it for one five minute artist. Last week’s winner of this friendship card pack from DaySpring was Katy from Bahava.

This week there’s a delightful spring tote from DaySpring for one of you.

OK, here we go – give me your best five minutes on life five years ago.


Five years ago we lived in downtown Kyiv and Russian was as familiar to us as English. We strolled home through Independence Square and Shevchenko park. Five years ago we ate ice cream when we felt like it and slept in until noon on Saturdays only to nap out again at 5pm. Five years ago there was just me and Pete and our insecurities that left little room for kids.

Five years ago I went to the bathroom by myself, regularly stayed up till 2am reading and bought myself pretty much whatever movie I was in the mood for. Five years ago love was me and Pete and we couldn’t imagine it any other way. Five years ago we thought we were complete.

Five years ago something started to change. Like a summer breeze, warm and welcoming. And we hardly noticed it at first. But it has hurricane-up-ended our lives. In all the best ways. And I have the chaos in my house, my kitchen, and my car five years on to prove it. And it’s only gaining momentum.

I hear they say, third time’s the charm.


OK, show me what you got. And um, I can prove that I didn’t edit because after I got done I did the math and realized my kid is actually five and a half so this whole post should have been titled, “Six Years Ago.”

Just keepin’ it real. And limited to five minutes.

Your turn:

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