On Fridays around here we stop, drop and write for five minutes straight.

No editing, no back-tracking, no pauses. Just words. This week, let’s focus on friendship.


We sit curled up on the couch for not nearly enough hours talking kids, love, faith, family and words. So many words. Between us we’ve got so much to say that we’re tripping over each others’ sentences, filling in the pauses for breath with our take on what the other has just shared. We bubble over with the joy of sharing and equally of being heard.

It’s like soul food.

Served hot and steaming from a sister who knows how to nourish, these are the kind of words that are good for the body and satisfying for the soul. I savor them. I let them roll around on my tongue, in my gut.

The clock ticks; kids run in and out. I rotate movies for them, ferry pretzels and water bottles back and forth – whatever it takes to postpone every delicious second of this sacred afternoon. The shadows lengthen and the warmth drains away from the room, but still we talk. We talk until it’s time for dinner and I feel just like the kid who got to eat dessert first.


OK, it’s your turn – whaddayagot?

{Oh and those adorable cards up there in the photo? They’re from DaySpring. And I plan to give a set to one brave five minute artist today!}

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