Have you heard of the Nester’s 31 Days series? She’s done it for three years now each October. This year over 700 people are participating. I know, right?

I am not one of them.

I wasn’t brave enough to commit to 31 days of posts in a row.

But today I’m psyched to be participating at least a wee bit because Beth from Red and Honey asked to interview as part of her 31 days of Real Housewife Confessions.

It should be interesting considering I’m an odd breed of housewife.

Here’s what she asked me:

1.     How long have you been a housewife? How many kids do you have?

2.     If I walked in to your house unannounced right now, what would I see?

3.     What do you think is at the heart of why so many women feel that they aren’t doing a good enough job of the housework?

4.     What kind of memories do you hope your children have of you while growing up?

5.     What do you do really well in your homemaking?

6.     What do you want to build on and learn to do better?

7.     How was your marriage affected from having kids?

8.     What might people be surprised to know about you as a housewife?

9.     If you could have coffee with any mother in history, who would it be?

If you’re curious about my answers, feel free to come on over to Beth’s place :) And if there are any other questions you’re interested in hearing answers to – feel free to leave them in the comments. I’m in the question answering zone.

OK, come meet me at Beth’s – you know it’s worth reading when toilets are in the title, right?

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