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Sometimes being away from them we wake up to the details that we love about them.

Cold nights in Arkansas wrapped in the prayers of two friends pry my eyes off myself and into the world of women who need our words, our love, our noticing the details of who they are. To read them awake instead of sleep walking from link to link to how all this promotes me. Instead I trace the outlines of what she just said and replay the chorus of how many crave community.

No one wants to do this alone.

And as much as a minivan in the dark might be beautiful the first night, by the third it’s just lonely. Tomorrow I will wake up earlier than I like and fly longer than I like, but it will deliver me to the people who I know by heart.

They Skype with me this evening and I want to know why they’re still awake even while I’m delighted they are. The relief of seeing those bodies i grew dancing and laughing and monkeying for me is meat and potato nourishment to this mama.

Those are my boys. That is my good man. They have tucked my baby girl in for the night. And day after tomorrow we will all wake up crammed into a bed that took in strays over the night and it will be so good.


OK, show me what you’ve got.

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