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I love to watch him love her.

It’s a new twist in this parenting road and so sweet. So he gets up in the middle of the night and coos at her special. So unexpected. So different and also still the same.

We take turns making her laugh.

And when she peeks over the edge of the bathtub and giggles coy at him broken places in me heal. There is a whole book in that sentence. I read it in his eyes. She is never tired of him and he – even when tired – always has time for her.

Last night we all three lie in bed and there is her hand on his cheek and her other hand on mine. We are whole and beautiful and even in the dark I can see her two new teeth grin.

Sometimes cliches are no less true for being cliche.

We love because he first loved us. I watch this true with him and her. Bible truth takes deep breaths and sleeps in the crook of his arm.



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