When I’m reeealllly tired and my brain starts to wonder far, far away from our Cheerio-encrusted floor, these are the things I day-dream about:

  1. To go to the bathroom without an audience
  2. A hot meal
  3. Not to have to cut up any food but their own
  4. Make up that hasn’t been repurposed as face paint
  5. A bed without wet spots in it
  6. Laundry washed and folded by someone else
  7. A weekend worth of sleep
  8. To get through more than three words without being interrupted
  9. Self-cleaning mini vans
  10. A world where sweat pants are more fashionable than skinny jeans
  11. Non-fattening chocolate
  12. Bottomless ice cream tubs
  13. Dogs that don’t shed
  14. Hamsters that can take out their own trash
  15. The tidying super powers of Mary Poppins
  16. Doctor’s offices that are always on time
  17. Drive through everything!
  18. A mute button for temper tantrums
  19. A world without Barney
  20. Pacifier locators
  21. Self cleaning dishes
  22. A lifetime supply of paper plates
  23. Candy flavored vegetables
  24. Hall monitors for our house
  25. Guarantees that skinned knees are the worst our kids will have to worry about
  26. Someone to pat our back and sing us lullabies too
  27. On call massage therapy
  28. Non-stain spaghetti sauce
  29. Grass without the holes, dinosaur digs or rock collection
  30. World household peace
  31. Everyone to recognize how awesome our kids are
  32. Room service
  33. Music that makes moms and kids happy
  34. A diaperreal genie!
  35. Legos that melt in the mouth {thus preventing choking}
  36. Daily naps
  37. Time out that is more than just hiding in the laundry room
  38. A theme song
  39. Beth Moore on speed dial
  40. Other moms to laugh, cry, and do life along side.

OK, what am I forgetting – let’s build this list together!

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