“So,” he asks me.

“What did you do today?”

And I think about lists checked off and conference calls and the crock pot I had to run through the dishwasher and still rinse out by hand. I think about the four rooms that I vacuumed and the EBook cover design I’m excited about. I think about a small garden in a ceramic tray the boys helped me plant and four loads of laundry.

I think about 8 diapers and two changes of baby clothes.

I think about the fried egg I burned for breakfast and the bagel sandwiches I made instead. I think about six bags of sand box sand and two baths that followed. I think about Skype calls and text messages and deadlines ticking ever louder.

I think about a first time reading of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and how Micah pulled a Joey and wanted the book as far away from him as possible after only the first two chapters.

And I think about that last hour of daylight before bath and bed and comatose sleep.

“We ran cherry blossom laps,” I tell him.


Motherhood should really come with a super hero cape, don’t you think?
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