13 Jul 2012

Because your story matters more than your stats

Our family is off to the lake and the woods on vacation this week. Where there’s no Internet. Five Minute Friday will be back again next week. While I’m gone, might I just remind you that what you write matters because of what you learn from it more than who reads it. I’m sharing this post again as a reminder to us both.

Child,” said the Voice, “I am telling you your story, not hers.
I tell no one any story but his own.”
C.S. Lewis, The Horse and His Boy (The Chronicles of Narnia).

But what if my story isn’t important? What if it’s small and stitched together with load after load of laundry or hours spent trapped in the commute to work or nights spent wiping the hot heads of sick kids.

What if my story is ordinary?

Worse yet, what if I spend the hour salvaged at the end of the day – the one after the dishwasher’s been loaded, after the kitchen counter’s been wiped down, after the last homework assignment’s been finished up and the last lego thrown back into its tub – what if I spend that sacred hour on writing and no one shows up to read?

What are my words worth without a reader?

What am I worth if my story is uninteresting, unclick-worthy, unbloggable?

“I realized there was this other part of me, and it was a big part of me, that needed something outside myself to tell me who I was. And so [it] became obvious; I was very concerned with getting other people to say I was good or valuable or important because the thing that was supposed to make me feel this way was gone.” – Donald Miller, Searching for God Knows What.

Our DNA is desperate to be recognized. To be heard. To be valued. And while we might write all day in our heads, our fingers hesitate to type it out for fear no one else will recognize what it cost us, what it means to us.

So we hide our stories where no one can ignore them but ourselves.

Here’s the thing, though, your story doesn’t matter because of who reads it.

Your story doesn’t matter because of how many read it.

Your story doesn’t even matter just because you wrote it.

Your story matters because it’s part of another story; one much bigger and older than you. And any words you write will draw breath from that first story. Anything you post, anything you journal, anything you scrapbook or blog or scribble out on the back of a grocery store receipt while stopped at a traffic light – the words will climb up off the page and live.

Those words will take deep gulps of breath and exhale into the lives of anyone who comes into contact with them. And their most important reader will be you.

Because someone else is writing your story alongside you. Someone else cares about the words as much as you do. Someone else has fingers folded gently over yours as you guide pen and thoughts and life across the page.

Someone else is writing through you.

So you can just let it go – the need for someone else to tell you that your story is important. Because you are already stitched into the only story that matters; the story that starts in the dark, loamy dirt of a garden and ends in the hard won, bright, shining streets of a city on a hill.

Whether you tell it in Zulu or Russian, Afrikaans or English. Whether you press publish or only whisper it to yourself as you rock babies to sleep. Whether you write it on your laptop or longhand in your journal. Your story matters because of the Word that breathes through you:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
He was with God in the beginning.
Through him all things were made
without him nothing was made that has been made.
In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.
~ John 1:1-4.

So, if you’ve only got one hour in the day to write, don’t spend it defeated. Spend it writing.

Because maybe you, more than anyone else, will be surprised by what you read, by the story that the Word is writing in you, through you, for you.

His story. As lived by you.

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  1. 1

    I needed to read this so badly. I may have followers and comments, but at the end of the day, I still feel like no one notices me. It’s in our blood to be wanted. Thanks for this =)

  2. 2

    Early morning wisdom to carry with me today when I really need it! Thank you!

  3. 3

    I agree with every word. Yes. I have few readers and fewer comments, but I get this and I’m blessed to read it here, too. You bless me!

  4. 4

    Really, really encouraged me today. Thank you, Lisa-Jo. Keep on keepin’ on–you are a blessing!

  5. 5

    I so needed this Lisa-Jo. Thank you so much!

    All good things!

  6. 6

    what? my self-worth isn’t in the number of comments or visitors per week? and here i’d been thinking….thank you for the reminder. because i needed it.

  7. 7

    yes, yes, yes! and part of my writing has turned into a need to share my story of parenting a special needs child. and on those days, i feel that no one is reading. and yet, as i re-read the story, parts of my soul are soothed and healed. it is a chronicling. and it may be just for me. and for my son to read some day. to know that it mattered. and that it was a God-thing. and that God took what made life seem very fragile and used it for His glory. and THAT is what matters most.
    beautiful reminder this morning!

  8. 8

    I read this again and again: “the words will climb up off the page and live.

    Those words will take deep gulps of breath and exhale into the lives of anyone who comes into contact with them. ”

    It’s so true! It’s so freeing! It’s so life-giving!

    Amen, sister! Amen!

  9. 9

    This is why I love you, Lisa-Jo! (Well, one of many reasons!)

    I read a story once (maybe by Randy Alcorn?) about God keeping letters in heaven. Like letters people on earth had written. If any of the letters had been encouraging or pointing to Him, then He kept record of them, so to speak. I have always remembered that and imagined that even my tiny prayer journals and “big” blog posts that were truly about Him, were actually FOR Him and He keeps them like a treasured love letter.

    Thank you for the brilliant reminder, friend!

  10. 10

    Oh my goodness, I really, really needed to hear this today. I’m sitting at my desk right now with tears streaking down my face and purple mascara everywhere.

    You know that deep desire to be noticed…the one that makes children have tantrums and teenagers do crazy things? I don’t think that desire ever goes away. It’s just as we grow up we find more acceptable ways to cry out for attention. Or we stop crying out and internalize it.

    Thank you for the reminder of the One who notices, who loves, who cares for us. The One who is watching, listening, and cheering for us even when it seems like no one else is.

    • 11
      thegypsymama says:

      That’s such a great observation, Beth. That this need begins in infancy and we will never really shake it – no matter how together we appear on the outside – until we find the God who’s made to fit perfectly with that need for significance. Because, only in Him, we are. Thank you.

  11. 12

    Such a beautiful and profound post. Thank you for redirecting my heart back to the Father and for reminding me {and many others} that each of our stories are unique and beautiful.

    Bless you.

  12. 13

    I’m so glad I read this this morning. What you say here shouldn’t have been a new idea to me, but it was. Lovely perspective.

    xo elizabeth

    • 14
      thegypsymama says:

      Hey you, and thank you. I write it so it must mean I need to read it most. I need the reminder constantly.

  13. 15

    Beautiful truth. Thank you!

  14. 16

    I so needed to read this today. God is using my story as part of His bigger story to heal me. He’s also, for reasons beyond me, using it to help others. Too often I wonder “Does anyone read this stuff?” when it ultimately doesn’t matter. God is at work and THAT is what matters. Your blog is a blessing and a challenge to me. Thanks.

  15. 17

    Love this. Ordinary is beautiful when unto Him. He matters.

  16. 18

    Thank you so much!
    This is a brilliant post =)
    I stumbled across your blog through the five-minute friday links, and it is so refreshing to read. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  17. 19

    I needed these words this week.

    I reckon I’ll need them next week, too.

    God bless you.

  18. 20

    well. this right here? it is grace and a balm and hope and Love all wrapped up and given away.

    it’s two sides of a coin, this writing to tell story instead of writing to be read. freeing. and scary as all get out.

    thank you for your words!

  19. 21

    Thanks for speaking truth, wisdom and encouragement into many an insecure heart. I know that numbers shouldn’t matter, but you’re right — as writers, we want to be read. But what you write here, and we will always have the Audience that matters most — this is life. This is beautiful truth, and it calms my heart. Thank you.

  20. 22

    Thank you for sharing this. When I first started blogging, I looked around and read some of the most amazing blogs, and I felt, “What does God need me as a writer? He already has all these talented fantastic women writing everything in the world! What does He need me for?” I wanted to quit. Somehow, I never could …

    Mostly I write for me … because I get such joy on putting it all down. If I get comments, it makes me so happy!

  21. 23

    Once again, God uses your words to speak directly to my heart. I was recently told my a close family member that I am insecure and that my insecurity is sinful. It has thrown me into a bit of a loop. Am I insecure? Am I blogging simply for recognition? And if the answer to both of those is no, how do I prove that? It has made me timid in writing my thoughts.
    Thoughts that I am compelled to write. I needed this reminder that our words are truly for an audience of ONE! We will be misjudged by many, but there is only One who matters. Does He see my words? Is He honored by them?
    That is all! And that is more than enough!

  22. 24

    Your words are always such an encouragement to me. Thankful for you and for the God who speaks to me through you.

  23. 25

    seriously?!? are you inside my head?!?! I didn’t get a single comment on my post yesterday and went to bed a little discouraged, even after a great #allume twitter party (in which I won Dayspring $) and just Monday I tweeted this “sometimes I hate how much I look at my page views and comments on my blog…”

    thank you for encouraging the little bloggers!!

    • 26
      thegypsymama says:

      Hey Julie, and can I tell you a secret? I know many a “big” blogger who still struggles with insecurity. We want so badly to know our stories matter. And comments alone won’t win us that battle. It’s only when we know that a great and wonderful God is choosing us write His story through that we realize how precious our time is on this planet and how dramatic our every day lives are in the great scheme of his plan. So don’t be discouraged, friend, live the story He’s writing – you are grand and loveliest then.

  24. 27

    I really needed this. I am going to share it with my husband as well

  25. 28

    This is so encouraging. My husband has been telling me for a long time to share my story, and then when my blog began he encouraged me to write deeper and keep telling matters of my heart, then I opened it up to the ‘public’ with fear and anxiety walking with me and he keeps challenging me to ‘tell the story’ so others can be blessed.
    You encourage me to do the same.
    My job now is to quiet my heart and listen till the words come.

  26. 29

    So lovely and kind and good and true.

  27. 30

    Beautiful, as always! Thank you for the encouragement!

  28. 31

    I can’t tell you how much this meant to me at this particular point in my journey. I feel like God really spoke through your words here and ministered to me! Thank you for sharing this.

  29. 32

    Thank you so much for sharing that! I have to remind myself of this truth all the time! As a writer, I do wonder who is reading…and why more aren’t reading…and yet God is bringing who HE wants to read to the stuff HE writes through me.

    THANK YOU for sharing this….because sometimes I need others to tell me this too!
    God bless!!!

  30. 33

    Yes and amen!! Wonderful words of wisdom :)

  31. 34

    these words jumped right off the page to me this morning… I know they will be an encouragement to so many… passing it on to some ‘dearhearts’

  32. 35

    Its funny this thing called timing. I came across your blog just in the nic of time :) I am speechless, I needed this and God knew it. Thank you for being his vessel.

  33. 36

    Lisa-Jo this is beautiful as usual. Sharing it with my writer’s group again.

  34. 37

    Lisa-Jo, I love you. Okay, I don’t actually know you and I’m being a little dramatic, but seriously – I want to share these words with every writer I know, breathe them into my kids, decoupage them onto the edges of my laptop screen (Oh, my husband would love that…;). Thank you, for pointing back to the Author & Perfecter of our faith – the One who hems us in & longs to see His sons & daughters dance in His lavish love! Thank you, for this.

  35. 38

    I’m not a blogger, but maybe now I should be! :-) GREAT words of encouragement even for those of us who share our stories verbally!

  36. 39

    You’re so right. As a blogger I can easily get distracted by stats. And I often wonder if I lose authenticity when that happens.

    Thanks for the reminder to find my true center today! :)

  37. 40

    I have this secret desire ever since reading Anne Frank that all of my journals will be found after I am dead and will matter to the world, or to my grandkids at least.

    In fact, after saying this laughable fact out loud to my friend, who grinned and said “me too!” We started writing to one another every week because our words matter to us in the now.

    Even looking back over what I’ve written from week to week, it has become clear that I gain understanding of myself through these words, so even if my grandkids don’t care to read my smelly journal pages, they’ve had value to me. And as you say, to a bigger story that has been written and is now being told.

  38. 42

    You know. Just this week, I’ve been so discouraged that I was seriously thinking about packing it in. Why put this stuff down if no one reads it? Am I just being compulsive? Egotistical? Misreading the nudges of the Spirit? It’s tough when there is little feedback. I have built a small group of very kind and loyal friends and some of them stop by regularly. But it begins to sound like an echo chamber in here somedays. So I wonder. What IS the point? This is a good reminder, one I hope I’ll take to heart. But to tell you the truth, Lisa-Jo, I’m not sure. At this moment in time, I’m just not sure what is best.

  39. 43

    This is great advice/insight into the purpose of writing.

  40. 44

    Oh Lisa-Jo…you need to mail us tissues to grab when your words cement on the screen each day. This wrenched my gut. Tears became afresh as eyes swept sentences and truth became terribly sweet. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. That is all I can say.

    I NEEDED to see this.

  41. 45

    Yes, yes yes, Lisa-Jo, you are playing my song! Not trying to toot my horn, but cause it really is His Horn that I toot. But, the book that He gave me to write is called String Of Pearls, and each pearl on the string is a testimony of what God, through Christ, has done in our lives.

  42. 46

    Oh thank you SO MUCH for this. I have found myself getting caught up in blog stats again lately and this is exactly what I needed to hear. I get frustrated when I really pour my heart out in a way that’s therapeutic to me but no one remarks on it. When I feel the compelling urge to speak truth and no one confirms it.

    I will write…more!

  43. 47

    You are a messenger of the one I serve, my sweet sister whom I have never met.

    On Monday (or was it Tuesday) I read a quote from Jeff Goins that urged me to “stop waiting for permission” to write.. to get started.

    And today I am reading that my story is not JUST my story. . . but my story has power, and even if I am the only one that is edified by the way He has been faithful, and the way that He has proved and presented His love for me . . . I will be edified. And I will read it again, and again when the shadows fall and the darkness of isolation threatens.

    I will read the words that came from my heart, from Him, and I will remember.

    So thank you.

  44. 48

    Yes! My story is more important than my stat…my new mantra. Thanks for the nudge!

  45. 49

    We can be really good at just writing along, knowing in our hearts that it is just as you say: our story matters. Then that evil green eyed monster comes and plops down on our keyboard and opens up Google Analytics. “Really? All the time you spend writing and this is all you have to show for it? Why do you bother? Here, let me show you someone who really does it right…”

    This is when we need to either flick ol’ Green Eyes off the computer into the trash, or slam the laptop cover right down onto top of his sorry lying butt, and know that there is much, much more to writing than those cold stats.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  46. 50

    Thank you so :)

  47. 51

    Oh this is SO, SO true. I am a closet writer – a private blog, and I read and re-read what I write, and it helps me sort through life. And coincidentally on my hidden blog I wrote a song about story back in November – sentiments similar to this post. Thank you for the encouragement – most of my “writing” gets lost because I don’t write it down…

  48. 52

    Two days in a row I’m writing “beautiful” in your comments. <3

  49. 53

    This makes me cry Lisa-Jo because it fits like it is my perfect size. Your words always minister, but these in particular are like a precious gift. Thank you sweet girl.

  50. 54

    Precisely why I love writing so much!

  51. 55

    You’re so right. This is why we write.

  52. 56

    LOVE this! Thank you :)

  53. 57

    So beautiful, thank you for the encouragement! I write because I know that’s what God has called me to do, everything beyond that shouldn’t matter:-)

  54. 58

    wow wow wow wow wow wow …
    this is my first time here …. and that is some powerful writing …. that speaks so loudly and so clearly right into me ….
    thank you.

  55. 59

    I love this!!! Thank you so much! :D

  56. 60

    When I read this earlier today, I felt such encouragement and confirmation. Yesterday, after thinking about starting a blog but being cowed by fear for three years, I launched my own blog! I deeply appreciate your heart for encouraging others to share their stories and to savor their moments! Thank you.

  57. 61

    Thank you SO much for this post. I didn’t realize how much encouragement I needed till I read it. I’m off to write some more of my part of the story. :)


  58. 62

    Thank you for much for writing these words that God has placed on your heart. I think for many of us it is so easy to get caught up in the stats, or the “Am I important enough to even be doing this?”, or “Does anybody really read this anyway?”. What matters most of all is writing what God gives us, and making sure that we listen to those words ourselves. My husband is great at holding me accountable to what I write. Thank you for helping us keep or eyes focused on what really matters!


  59. 63

    I haven’t written much of anything lately, but I do have a few posts going up this week. Just being able to hit publish again was such a sweet feeling. Who will read it? My mom (if she has internet). My sisters (maybe). My best friend (hopefully). Who will comment on it? None of the above (most likely). Who cares? Not me! (seriously.)

    In my post going live tomorrow, I write: “How much is one person’s story worth, anyway?…If my story helps one person (just one) understand the depth of God’s love for them, then it’s worth an eternity.” Reading this made me realize that sometimes, writing helps me to see the depth of God’s love for me…and it’s still worth an eternity. Thanks for this sweet encouragement today.

  60. 64

    Thank you so much for writing this! This is my first time reading your blog, and I love this post. I have just started a new blog (www.latteblessings.com) and there are days that I feel as if no one likes or cares what I wrote. I’m constantly checking my stats, and trying to get myself out there. I’ve been told by many friends that I should write, and am finally following that dream. Thanks for the reminder that it is His story, it’s my story, and I am the most important reader. Powerful words!

  61. 65

    I so often feel like a blogging minnow in a very big pond.
    Yet I had an encouraging word from a reader I met in person this week. This person is a professional journalist, and she told me she finds my blog enjoyable to read.
    I may only have a very few readers, but as you say, the most important bit is to write my own story.
    Thank you for your encouragement.

  62. 66

    Very inspiring! My story is unique!

  63. 67

    I read your blog everyday, but I have never felt the need to reply until today. I wish my story was ordinary or boring. I wonder what it feels like to live in the grasslands, but I dwell in mountains. I have heard God’s incessant whisper to write and share words that I alone in the universe can write. My children are grown, and I never imagined that I would return to a scholarly life, but here I am. I am in a writing program, and I write. I am a poet. You are a poet. We all are poets, because when we put words on a screen or page God infuses them with His Spirit. Then they leap and dance and bring glory and honor to His name.

  64. 69

    How did you know? Just last night I was talking with my husband about this very thing. I write so much in my head that never makes it from my brain to my hands and out onto paper/screen. It stays hold up inside because of fear if I am honest. I’m working on my first e-book about living with grief. It aches to write, but I know that I need to…have to. I’m filled with doubts most of the time- why write this? why does it matter? will anyone read this? The truth is that if I am not really willing to write it and willing to let it be put out there and have no one read it then maybe it isn’t worth writing. I know that it is worth writing because it is part of a greater story. A story that I was born to write out my part of. Thanks for reminding me that I’m not the only one that experiences this. It gives me courage…much needed courage. Thanks friend!

  65. 70

    oh girl. i so so needed this, today, yesterday, a lot lately when it comes to blogging. thank your for sharing your heart and for speaking such truth. Would you mind if I maybe quoted you in blog post? let me know. thanks and blessings friend!!
    PS I just re-read it again and saw a line that I missed the first time: “so if youve only got one hour in the day to write, dont spend it defeated. spend it writing.” Im off to write…. :)

  66. 71

    Obviously, the whole is big. Look at all of these bloggers who so needed to read this post? We all desire to be valued, wanted, and loved. Yes, there is a great community online among bloggers – a neat one that offers encouragement and bonding. But it also can alienate – just like in high school when you weren’t accepted into the “cool kids” club.

    It’s great to remember our priorities and our purpose when we write. Is it for others – or is it for God? This helps me on those days when my eyes wander too often to the “stats.” :)

  67. 72

    a friend put this on her facebook – awesome words, you are SO right…sigh….I SO needed to hear this.

  68. 73

    So grateful for your story overlayed on mine.
    Bless you sister…

  69. 74

    Wow… when you write, you don’t mess around, do ya? ;-)

    You’ve definitely provided me with food for thought, as my blog is in its toddler stages and I’m just now starting to see growth and searching for that elusive balance.

    And this?

    “Your story matters because it’s part of another story; one much bigger and older than you.”

    I seriously LOVE it. Thank you!

  70. 75

    So beautiful and thoughtful! If no one else needs to “hear” the messages I write, I sure do need to hear them over and over again! It’s a recording of His goodness in my life:)

  71. 76

    Oh wow. Oh wow. So beautifully said and so very true. I grow so much from what God leads me to write…when I listen to His quiet voice in my heart…sometimes I press publish…sometimes the message is just for me and I don’t. But every day I am learning and growing. Sometimes I forget that. So thank you for reminding me today. I needed this.

    Thank you for writing…for sharing your story…you have touched mine and the ripples will continue to grow…

  72. 77

    It’s time for me to read the Horse and His boy again : ) Thank you so much for this post. I’m sharing it.

  73. 78

    This was the best post. Thank you so much. What a blessing this was to my hearts as a new blogger I’m still trying to figure it all out.

  74. 79

    Great words and very timluey, I was just having a converstion with God asking is my writing important or am I just wasting my time? thank you for being the answer.

  75. 80

    So many times I will write something that God has moved in my heart to write, because He knows that I will need to be reminded of it over and again later.

    This brought me to tears in a very good way. Thank you.

  76. 81

    Yes! Story! I read Donald Miller’s “A Million Miles in a Thousand Years” and was so impressed by the importance of living a powerful story. Thank you for the encouragement to keep writing even if Google analytics tells me only 8 people read my blog yesterday. It’s His story, not my glory.

  77. 82

    THIS WAS wonder-full and sends me off to do some writing. thank you…

  78. 83

    Thank you for this. Truly. My soul was thirsty with not knowing what I was writing and who I was writing for. With the burden relieved, I can soldier on with God, writing this story together, and let Him use it however He sees fit. You have blessed me beyond measure today and I am thankful to have found this post.

  79. 84

    Well this is absolutely beautiful, and wonderfully true. Thank you.

  80. 85

    You have an amazing gift and the ability to inspire and direct to Jesus. Thank you so much for sharing your gift, and have a wonderful vacation time!

  81. 86

    I’m glad you posted this again this week while you are gone…I needed to read these words. Thank you for the reminder and the encouragement.

  82. 87

    The quote from The Horse and His Boy is one of my favourites for the very message in this post. If there is one thing I want to participate in, it’s God’s story.

  83. 88

    I read someone’s blog yesterday that said to stop reading blogs. They were ordinary, not worth our time, and didn’t say anything new. And I panicked. What if he was right? What if i am wasting my time? But to ME blogging is so much more than that. It’s this. Sharing stories which are all entertwined and familiar and breathtaking. Sharing stories where we are nodding our head saying, “yes this.” Not because it’s new, or teaching, but because it resonates, and is real. SO thank you, my dear, for reminding me it’s not about how many read. It’s about how it is written. Through the heart and soul from mine to yours. Thank you for reminding me that writing is not a waste of time, nor is reading other’s stories. Thank you.

  84. 89

    My daughter and I read The Horse and His Boy earlier this year, and I loved the imagery of each of us having our own story to experience and then share. I am so thankful that technology exists for us to then share those stories with each other…to remind us that we are not alone and to share our pieces of the larger Story. And if one person…ONE person was able to see the world differently or was pointed to Christ because of what we write…it would be worth it, right? Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

  85. 90

    Lisa-Jo, these words brought tears to my eyes. They are confirmation that I desperately needed. Last night, I took a HUGE leap of faith and submitted a guest post to an author even though my stats are nowhere near her minimum requirement. It is a story of my heart, a tale of God’s glory in my healing, and I needed to send it, even if she doesn’t accept it. Thank you so much for reminding me of what’s important:)

  86. 91

    Such truth. Thank you for shrin this. I needed to hear it too. Enjoy your vacation.

  87. 92

    Wow! Great post! I so needed this today! Thank you!

  88. 93
    sunshine says:

    Simply beautiful and inspiring. Thank yOu.

  89. 94

    This is a great post! Thanks!

  90. 95

    like the myriads of others here, thank you , thank you, thank you, Lisa-Jo! this story couldn’t have come at a more perfect timing. thank you for being so led by His Spirit that you sat down to write it and share it with us. For me, it was as a breath, a whisper from God. May the Lord give your family and amazing vacation this week! thank you for leaving us with a bit of Heavens Gold!
    Cathy B*****Y pbprojecthope at yahoo dotcom

  91. 96

    This battle is very real. The search for significance.

    Writing does help to bring us to peace with who we are, but I think the best writing is from a heart that has found peace. For the one who is at peace becomes a peacemaker to others. Peace becomes the language they speak.

    Peace like that cannot be gained through followers or a full comment box.
    For all men are like grass and *all their glory is like the flower of the field* . . . but the Word of the Lord stands forever. (1 Peter 1:24-25)

    Thanks for the great encouragement to let go the broken cistern and dive into the Well.

  92. 97

    Thank you so much for the link to the book “Searching For God Knows What.”. My son says he doesn’t believe in God and he’s going far away to college in a few weeks. I just bought the book for him. I hope he will read it!!

  93. 98

    Thank you so much for the link to the book “Searching For God Knows What.”. My son says he doesn’t believe in God, and he’s going away to college in a few weeks. I hope he will read it!!

  94. 99

    I hadn’t read your post before I typed out my own, thinking it was the Five-Minute Friday on Distance and I didn’t want your words to interfere with what my own might be, so I wrote my post and then came back here to read. Your words today? Exactly what God is speaking to me. One word at a time. Thank you friend I’ve never met.

    Hope you’re having a great time on vacation!

  95. 100

    Hi Lisa,
    First, I hope and pray you are having a wonderful time with your family. There’s nothing like down time with the ones you love.
    Second, I don’t have any words to express what I was feeling as I read this post this morning. Thank you for sharing your heart with this specific blog. I sense that God is doing something on the supernatural level for lots of writers today.
    Be blessed during your time of refreshing!

  96. 101

    Thanks so much. I know I should look towards Him for acceptance and not my WordPress app! I think we all long to matter and to be heard. Our blogs and our writing give us an amazing opportunity to share, be supportive and be creative outside of our “mom” role. I won’t mention that it is sort of bugging me that my numbers are low!

    Be blessed on your travels.

  97. 102

    This is wonderful!! I often think of hanging it up…..I will remember this next time :)

  98. 103

    love this! it said exactly what i needed to here….i even quoted you in my post

  99. 104

    Wow, you touched a deep place in my heart…my story matters because it’s part of a bigger story. Thank you for encouraging our voices.

  100. 105

    What encouraging words. Only one thing I would change is: “…the last Lego thrown into the tub”. There will always be one hiding, waiting to be stepped on someplace. My son is 16 and still makes amazing creations with his Legos. (no TV or video games has something to do with that)
    He cleaned his room spotless yesterday…but there was still a Lego when I looked in that had missed the tub.
    My point is that there will never be “Spotless” until Heaven. It took a long time for me to accept that. Some days we get our hair “perfect” turn around to face a child in need, look back and “perfect” just isn’t there anymore.
    I am so glad that “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”. (Romans 5:8)

  101. 106

    Lisa-Jo you made me cry. I just started to share my story via blog and although not many read it is so beautiful to document what God continues to do in my life. You spoke that truth so very perfect. THANKS to you and the Holy Spirit! Amen

  102. 107

    God knew just what I needed to read today. Thank you Lisa-Jo. Again.

  103. 108

    Thank you so much! I have 2 blogs that I have wanted to start and this has been my biggest fear. I don’t think I truely realized it until you spelled it out. Thank you again!

  104. 109

    Wow! This piece is profound. And, as a result you prodded me to write a note (something I don’t often take time to do!). Thank you for your thoughts as they stirred my heart. It is so each to think that what I (you) have to say is not interesting or of value to someone else so I (we) we don’t say it. What we don’t realize or take time to think about is that the other person may need us to say it more than we know. I am working on remembering that if I feel prodded to say it (type it) then I need to do it. Who knows, maybe it’s me that needs to hear it (see it)! And maybe it’s that neighbor or even stranger that needs to hear it. More than we will ever know.

    I have been reading “Always Jan” by Roxanne Henke. It is a bit slower going than most of the things that I read and so there was a tendency to give up on it for me. But, I am about 3/4 of the way done and am now feeling that God is using this simple book to remind me that what we see on the outside of a persona may very well not be what is going on inside. Take time to say it, do it and to just be there. In this busy world it is hard but it may be what I (you) need!

  105. 110

    So glad you reposted this as I missed it the first time. Much appreciation.

  106. 111

    I just discovered your site through the Nester and have enjoyed exploring around and reading a few of your posts. This one in particular really spoke to my heart. Thanks for the encouragement to keep writing out my story whether I have an audience or not. I often hear God say,”Write like nobody’s reading” which makes me laugh because nobody really is reading! (smile) But I know what he means, what he’s after, and it’s that I would continue to tell my story since it’s part of his story and it matters. Thanks for the encouragement to stay the course. Blessings!

  107. 112

    I have yet to link up on 5 minute Friday. The first time I stopped by, this was the published post. Each Friday I read the current one and this one. It’s about time I share this post. Don’t cha think? I absolutely LOVE it! Someone may need to know today that their stories matter more than their stats. This was a much needed reminder on July 13th and each Friday since then.


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