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This one’s from Tiffany who blogs at Raising Paityn:

One FMF that was especially meaningful for me was last year’s prompt on “Loss.” It was posted during July, which is the anniversary month of the miscarriage of my first child.  I had been grieving that week but unable to really find an outlet, and when I saw that prompt, I felt such a peace about sharing my storyI received so many words of comfort, but even more importantly, so many women commented that they had experienced a loss, as well, and found healing in my words.  It’s still one of my most popular posts, and I appreciate it because I think it is something women are silent about in their grief.  I am thankful that your prompt encouraged me to share because it not only helped me, but it helped other mamas, too.

Thank you. Thank you beautiful Five Minute Friday community for loving on Tiffany! Got a FMF story you want to share – just shoot me an email thegypsymama1(at)gmail(dot)com.

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Here I am.

Don’t even need to stand on tippy toes anymore to see 40. I feel it coming all breezy and determined to place me in my skin and own that zipcode of wrinkles. My lines are my legacy – I have laughed so much.

This place and time and country and children. We are here and we love each other better each day. Even when the nights are a hamster wheel of kids out of bed, there is space in the chaos for me to lean against Peter and ask him why he loved me today. The question I’ve been asking him since I was 21. Every day, he answers with something new that grows my roots even deeper right here and now.

We lean into that leather sofa that made the trek from South Africa with us and we’re home. In our choices, our lessons, our prayers. There is always time for cookie dough ice cream.

And then the dog lunges at my lap and I yell and candles flicker in the faux fire place.

Now it’s midnight except that it’s two in the afternoon and we’re alone again and Michigan is full of memories and that middle baby boy. And Virginia beckons and we step through the looking glass bringing with us a piece of the South African puzzle. Jackson blinks blue eyes and six years later he has a baby sister. Goldilocks steps into my fairytale and here I am the mother who loves her children even when she’s yelling at them for that stain on the new ottoman cover.

Here I exhale.

Here I build.

Here I pray.

Walking slowly so I don’t miss the view.


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