Welcome to 31 days – the beautiful brainchild of the Nester who inspires us to spend the month of October writing every single day on a topic that might inspire a community.

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Day 1: You actually are a writer

Day 2: What if I didn’t grow up planning to be a writer

Day 3: You *do* have a story to tell

Day 4: Just write, don’t worry if it’s just right

Day 5: Five Minute Friday

Day 6: What if you don’t have time to write

Day 7: Words have the power of life in them

Day 8: Because someone else needs your story

Day 9: How someone’s story can change us

Day 10: Describe the details

Day 11: It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like it

Day 12: Five Minute Friday -Race

Day 13: If you wish you had an island to write on alone

Day 14: Use kind words

Day 15: What to do with your broken bits and pieces

Day 16: How to write yourself out of the dark

Day 17: Edit ruthlessly

Day 18: Save the scraps

Day 19: Look

Day 20: Because we read Jesus in the details of your life

Day 21: On remembering who we write for

Day 22: What if it isn’t successful?

Day 23: For the days when your blog or your life feel small

Day 24: Because stories are more interesting than statistics

Day 25: You’re gonna need your people

Day 26: Voice

Day 27, 28, 29: What words and girl power have in common

Day 30: When the storms come, keep writing

Day 31: Because I’ve been writing a story


Sometimes I think we over glamorize writing

We make it something that must reek of Hemingway, Lewis, or Lamott before we’re brave enough to share it.


Who says?

You see I think the quiet secret is that you can be a writer and no one needs to recognize your name to make that any more or less true. I think your story matters. The one you write at midnight in 600 word blog posts. The one you scrapbook. The one you piece together for your kids as you fill them in on what grandpa and grandma were like.

You are a writer.

You actually already are.

Don’t believe me? Want to spend 31 days with me as I prove that you can write your story?

Let’s do it – let’s forget our last names and write with loving abandon.

In the beginning, was the Word…..
~John 1:1


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