23 Oct 2012

31 days to write your story {23} for the days when your blog or your life feel small

We might worry quite a bit about being small.

We might worry that our words unfurl and flutter away from our small corner of the night into the vast cosmos of the Internet. We might tilt our heads and look way, way back at the stars twinkling from so high and think, “I will never burn as bright or share as powerful, or tell a truth that sears the collective mind the way they do.”

And then we look down at our scuffed carpets and feet and hear the voice that mutters, “Why even bother?”

May I sit down next to you? May I sit crisscross apple sauce on that pock marked carpet and whisper into your ear?

Small, my friend, is exactly the right size.

Small is understanding ourselves in true relation to the God who made us.

Small is being able to write fearless, without worry about big criticism.

Small is fitting into our own shoes.

Small is how the Savior fit into our skin.

…but made himself nothing,
taking the very nature of a servant,
being made in human likeness. ~Philippians 2:7.

Small is the size of every new beginning. Create without a measuring stick. And after a while you might forget the size of your voice.

–you’re so caught up in the scope of what you ache to say.


I’m spending 31 days writing about how to write your story.
It’s part of the 31 Days Challenge hosted by the Nester.
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  1. 1

    As I sit here, procrastinate & wonder if it’s worth anything… He answered through this.
    YAY!!! Off. to. write. in. my. smallness.

  2. 2

    Thank you, because I may have said, “Why even bother?” about a dozen times this morning. It’s only 10 am.


  3. 3

    Small… I so want Him to be big in my life… for me, small is right where I want to be so He can be big….im glad He holds me today

  4. 4

    THIS. This was for me today. This truth does my heart a world of good! Thank you.

  5. 5

    thanks for affirming my smallness with such grace. Love you loads.

  6. 6

    LOVE this! Thanks for the reminder that regardless of the “size” of our blog, we’re making an impact where HE wants us to make it. :)

  7. 7

    Thank you.

  8. 8

    Everyday I read this series and I think yes, this is my favorite. This was written for me. And them the next comes to my inbox, and I think yes this… I love how God works in my life and through words of obedience from others. Thank you Lisa-Jo for writing your story. And givin me the courage to write mine.

  9. 9

    “~you’re so caught up in what you ache to say”…My soul sings when I read these words. ~Blessed by you Lisa_jo

  10. 11

    I can’t begin to tell you what a gift these words have been to me today. I staked out a wide open white space in May, and in June, I drifted away from it, because life with littles is just busy. The last few days I’ve been feeling inspired to give it another go, with a clearer vision and a heart shouting “Yes!” to Him! Thank you so much for the encouragement.

  11. 12

    Needing this today…

  12. 13

    Thank you, this is so needed. I am a recovering perfectionist who’s been known to say “If I can’t be the best at something, why do it?” That demon worms its way into my writing as well – if I can’t “succeed” by conventional standards, what’s the point? This is perfect. Small is authentic, real, and beautiful.

  13. 14

    Thanks! That is so helpful as I have ventured into the 31 Days of writing and wondered if anyone was reading. Doesn’t really matter, God sees and so does my family!

  14. 15

    Thank you for this today!

  15. 16

    Such a great word. I hate feeling small and yet the only person who seems to diminish my words is myself. It is a constant battle of waring against the feelings of inadequacy and remembering why I do what I do. Thank you for this encouragement.

  16. 17

    I echo everyone else and say, I needed this today. And yesterday. And tomorrow.

    I’m a blogger and it would be fun to be ‘big’ but today I’m small and right where I need to be, even if it’s hard sometimes. Thanks for the encouragement.

  17. 18

    Oh this is just for me! Thank you Lisa-Jo!

  18. 19

    oh. how my heart has been aching with trying to grow, to expand to take in everything, to extend myself out to anything. But I am resting in just how large smallness can be. just as you say. thank you.

  19. 20

    And here you have it. The ultimate moment for a “love” button. Because I really, really loved this one. Can I just share . . . this was the answer I asked for last night in the muddled end of day that came with cluttered mind and heart and barely recognizable words. Yes. Small. I’ll start here. Maybe end here too. Which, if still said into the vast world for Him, would be more than okay. Thank you Lisa-Jo.

  20. 21

    I very much needed this today! In the midst of writing my own 31 Days series, I have found a complete lack of time, energy and desire to write anything else…or even to write again. Heading to Allume, hoping to meet you, connect with others, and find what God wants for me, if he wants me to continue, and to make him my everything FIRST. Small is fine, I’m just not sure he’s got even that for me….interesting things ahead!

  21. 22

    Oh thank you for this! I do often feel small and I do wonder why bother? I have discovered the reason I bother is because I enjoy writing. I found that out by doing the 31 Days series this month. While time hasn’t grown, I haven’t dreaded writing as I expected I might. I have my answer – I blog because it is enjoyable to me. Big or small.

  22. 23

    perfect words, perfect timing for me…i’ve been given the gift of your words so much lately. may God give you abundant joy and blessings.

  23. 24

    Lisa-Jo….you have NO idea how much this encouraged my heart today! God knew I needed to hear this and He used your voice to speak to me. I’m enjoying following along in your 31 day series and after reading your blog I always leave refreshed. Thank you! =)

  24. 25

    Thank you. I often feel so small, especially when it comes to writing and there are so many who are so much more well-spoken, well-written, and well-everything else. Thank you for reminding us that God is in the small things (and the small blogs).

  25. 26

    Being small sometimes lifts the weight of pressure, because it’s not like anyone’s paying me to do this, to tear my heart out and post it all throbbing online. But you remind me to not give up. Time is crunched here and I struggle to choose the best things, and writing can wait…but not forever! So, thank you.

  26. 27

    Just what I needed to hear. Thank God for small!

  27. 28

    “Small is being able to write fearless, without worry about big criticism.” That’s what I want to do and not receive, so I should be thankful for my quiet corner to just play and jump and climb and not worry that anyone will see me fall on my face. That’s a really good thing! Thank you!!!

  28. 29

    I need to learn fearless. I am afraid of many things.

  29. 30

    I love that in the Bible, it says don’t despise the day of small beginnings. That is where everything starts and sometimes where some things need to stay. When we keep things small, they can go deeper. That is what Christ wants…deeper intimacy with Him and deeper fellowship. It’s also, in the small things where we learn and grow the most. Our focus is more easily fixed the One than the many around us.

  30. 31

    Yes! Exactly! I do feel small…why bother thoughts stopping my fingers from telling the cosmos the story of what He has done in my life and is doing now. Thanks for sitting criss cross applesauce with me and telling me that small is right where I am and that is enough. Small isn’t a reason to stop, but a place to start. Love it!


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