I’ve been traveling and my fingers couldn’t seem to find a keyboard and my head couldn’t seem to find words anyway. I confessed to Nester that I’d missed 2 days in my 31 day streak. She laughed over shared drinks at Starbucks and said she’d missed as well. So then I felt better.

Grace and laughter from good friends. Nothing like it.

When I was a teen my friends and I were all about “girl power.” You know what I mean; the beautiful belief that inherent in womanhood is something fabulous, powerful and good.

As a grown up woman I believe it now more than ever…and I believe God designed it that way.

Something remarkable happens when women come together to support each other. Sparks fly as spurs connect and boots walk boldly right up to the problem that needs to be shared, dissected, solved, or soothed. There is joy in the camaraderie even when there is sorrow to be shared.

As a lover of the written word I believe it happens here out in the seeming vastness of cyberspace as well. Women share. They shout their pain, their love, their honesty into the black hole of space and wonder if anyone heard it. They offer themselves up in the form of words typed on a page, cast adrift like a message in a bottle, and they wonder if they will be read.

Do you know what happens when we care more about people than stats, more about stories than page views, more about community than platforms?

Hundreds and hundreds of blogs, like those bottles, are opened…the sacred pages gently removed, smoothed and read. And the stories cupped against the hearts of strangers who become sisters with the stroke of a keyboard.

I know this because of you.

Because of the women who hold hands and yell this into the darkness:

What you write, what you share in the dark hours of the night after tucking kids in and cleaning house, matters.

The honesty that sharing costs you – we treasure that.

The snort-milk-out-your-nose funny portraits of motherhood that you paint – we love those.

When you weep over the entry you are typing, we are reading it with blurry eyes and a wet keyboard on the other side of the screen.

You are not alone. We hear you.

Girl power. There’s nothing like it.

The ferocious freedom of loving on someone else and thanking them for their words.

When last did you do that?

May I offer a little challenge to pony up a cheer for a woman whose words have changed you? Go ahead, link to a blog in the comments that has blessed, transformed, loved, challenged, amazed you.


We could all benefit from both the giving and receiving of those recommendations, yes?

And may this be a reminder to you that – even if you think no one hears you – the God who gave you your voice, your story and your words always, always does.

Along with His daughters.

I’ll go first:

Annie Blogs for her heart and humor and relentless joy in the face of whatever life throws her way.

Tsh for her conscientious commitment to equipping and encouraging women to live simpler and fuller.

Stacey Thacker for laying all her heart and enthusiasm on the line to cheer on the weary amongst us.

Oh Amanda for inspiring such intentional and diligent teaching of the Word to our kids.

Kristen Strong for modeling what it looks like to be the friend you wish you had.

Nester Smith, for being the friend who has liberated me from being embarrassed by my house and who I wish lived next door instead of inside the Internet.

///OK///now it’s your turn….

(Art credit: Jan Spangler, pony up aficionado and illustrator of the Survivor Girl card series.)


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