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They’re supposed to be in bed. They’re supposed to have been asleep long ago. But when the phone rings them two boys are barking excited that grandpa is just around the corner. He’s been driving 14 hours straight and they are straight up determined not to admit defeat to the sandman until they’ve seen him.

These boys growing up in between countries.

Micah has on the red and black checkered pajama pants and Jackson a football shirt. They are waiting at the window and can’t see through it because their breath has frosted up the glass. They keep rubbing circles. Rubbing and rubbing and grinning so big into the darkness because home is headed their way.

Grandpa hugs and hugs and admires them side by side and Micah tilts his head on edge and eyes this tangible piece of family right there in the living room with a bed already made up on the sofa. I’ve told Jackson he needs to say his hellos in more than just a TShirt and underoos and his shocked answer is that this is my GRANDPA. Like I’m dense. Like how can I possibly not get that blood is thicker than modesty.

They hug and sit and have to read him their favorite books and ask him again and again about how far he drove and then Micah just sits with his arm draped around the big, broad shoulders of the man who is his people. All his midwest American, through and through people.

And I make pizza and can’t get the boys back to sleep and think that this is how you grow into a family with roots that can withstand the storms.


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