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He calls to me from the bedroom and wants a drink of water. Just one more. So I sneak in next to him and stroke back that cowlick and we talk Michigan. He wants to know what they speak there, what they like to eat, if they visit America sometimes too? No matter how many times I tell him that Michigan is in fact located within America he believes it’s his own country and loves to return there – in the flesh and otherwise in his imagination.

So I walk the edge of Little Traverse lake with him and we watch as he straddles an inner tube, tries to row the canoe. His little sister digs toes into the wet, shallow beach and we all should have put on more sunscreen.

At breakfast he wanders through and sees the snow that’s finally arrived – first time in Virginia this winter. He ruffles his hair, puts hand on hip, exhales and tells us, “yes, this is what I needed.” And the Michigander born snow baby who loves the lake is the first one out with his shovel and wheelbarrow.

Later over hot chocolate I show him the photos of our red car buried in snow the day he was born. He nods. Accepts this truth. His fingers and ears are numb and he is wearing a peace so deep it covers all the rest. I feed him crunchy bagels that he dips in cream cheese and send him back out again.