10 Jan 2013

In which I podcast about motherhood, daughters, and heroes

I recorded a podcast with Kat from Inspired to Action.We talked about a lot of random, quirky, fun stuff. Got laundry to fold? A long drive ahead of you? A cooking afternoon? Waiting for your nails to dry?

Click here to listen or download for free {and yes, I really do talk on and on and on like that in real life – ahem}.



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  1. 1

    It was so fun chatting with encouraging, eloquent you. And…I’m sorry I forgot to hit the record button. Blame the cold meds?

  2. 2

    So good! Loved hearing your story and your heart for moms. :) Looking forward to your book.

  3. 3

    Thank you, Lisa-Jo. You are always so encouraging and inspiring. Listened while my two older kids watched WordWorld and my 10 mo old threw bags of marshmallows and chocolate chips (which she dug out of the cabinet) around on the floor! I am refreshed. God bless YOU!

  4. 4

    Lisa-Jo, I got to listen to this while trying to get some exercise this morning. This was so what I needed to hear right now, especially your wisdom and encouragement about pursuing your writing and making smart decisions about the time that you have to do it. And your story about Jackson and his rite-of-passage walk . . .? That is just amazing. I am so grateful for your wisdom, your beautiful words, and your bravely forging ahead and encouraging us moms to pursue our dreams, with God, too.

  5. 5

    I’ll be listening! I love how you share your heart with other Moms. We need the encouragement and we need to stick together!

  6. 6

    Thank you so much for encouraging me with this podcast! What you said at the end made my day better. I went through a day of tantrums, fighting brothers and pee pants and I felt like a mom that had failed. Your words made me feel like yes maybe today was bad, but at the end of my day I read stories to them. Kissed them and prayed with them before they went to bed. Thank you for making me see that the little things in the middle of the messiness do matter. God bless

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