04 Feb 2013

When mama ain’t happy…

It’s that dangerous time of night when really you should just take out your contact lenses, wipe off what’s left of the day’s mascara and go to bed before you think about tinkering with a blog post that still feels way too hot for words. But sometimes, hot is good. Sometimes we are meant to come back to the carpet after putting on the pair of glasses the baby broke with the missing left ear temple piece thinggy (at least that’s what Google tells me it’s called). Sometimes you have to just sit down and write the hot feelings before they’ve cooled because that fire, it stands for something.

And tonight something broke in me.

Something broke wide open and angry when my five-year-old’s primary take away from the Super Bowl, this date on the calendar he’s been anticipating for weeks now, is a shocked recollection of several commercials I wish I could bleach clean out of his head.

So before you call me a prude, before you click away, roll your eyes, mutter under your breath about stay-at-home moms with no sense of a good laugh at no one’s expense, let me tell you about the conversation I had with a five-year-old and seven-and-a-half-year-old beneath the white Christmas lights strung from their bunk bed.

Let me invite you past the statistics about the impact of media and images and the rabidly sexualized landscape that our boys are growing up in and simply share one small story. Stories are what I know. And the stories of these two boys make up my days and nights and are the pages I book mark and come back to re-read sifting for ways I could have taught them, heard them, prepared them better. Studying them as I become a student of the men they are growing into.

There is an awesomeness to the spectacular of the Super Bowl. A modern man’s arena, a Herculean struggle between athletes that have hurt and trained and arrived to take home a piece of history. So they tune in, these boys of mine, who love the story behind the sport more than the touch downs and final scores I think. They are still in awe at the spectacle, learning the language, the colors of the teams and the hometowns of the players.

We enter into the moment, all five of us. Pete between the two boys, Zoe snuggled up all nearly-two-years of her and me, the South African who has adopted this country and the anthem we all stand to attention to recognize. I get the symbolism and the patriotism and the flat out, crazy fun of the moment. And the commercials. I get that these are supposed to compliment the experience as we’re treated to the best wit, flair, and creativity that 30 million dollars a pop can buy these days.

But I found myself speechless when my five-year-old whispered to me from beneath his white lights after we finally wound our way to a long overdue bedtime, “Mama, I got something to tell you. But it’s bad. You wanna know?”

And I take a deep breath and shake my cowardly head, no. As if I can ward off the world, as if I can unsee the movie reel I know is playing in his head. Because there is no going back from the moment when a young soul describes with surprise and wide eyes about how a man came into a room where a lady was sleeping and tried to creep her shirt off her without waking her up.

Believe me, there are no appropriate words to explain the “context” of that scene because I tried tonight and failed.

They both watched me waiting for an answer. The night light that still wards off shadows and monsters reflecting in their eyes and all I could offer was how the world is sometimes a darker place than their bedroom. All I could do was help them into warm pajamas. And listen with ears that always, always welcome their voices, their embarrassed questions.

Because tonight they saw a beautiful woman suck face with a red cheeked young boy and there was nothing that could white wash the embarrassment.

There was not even the decency of pretense. No facade of intimacy, romance or relationship. There was just sex dressed up as a kiss that was intended to revolt. And generate sales.

I tuck the blankets up to their necks, I stroke soft hair, lay hands on small heads and pray. I pray the desperate prayer of a mother who is not afraid of her soap box.

Dear God, when the world tries to claw at them, to break them, to smash the beauty in them, may our foundation hold true. May the lessons we’ve told, the truths we’ve lived, the life we’ve spoken into them come back easily, predictably, with courageous instinct.

While others might hear, “diaper-changer, food-maker, car-pooler, bottle-washer, laundry-doer, sweat pants-wearer, no-brain, mushy, washed up, life-on-hold” wanna be doing anything else woman, the Truth, whether it feels like it some days or not, is that we are in fact a shelter from the storm. We are a Cape of Good Hope. We are the warriors who will battle for our children’s hearts, souls, attention, innocence, and memories.

We will pray over those questions, through the dark watches of the night, when doubt comes and children break, when adults fail them, when they push and push as hard against us as that day we delivered them into the world we. will. not. be broken. We may ache and see cracks tear through our hearts, but we will get up again tomorrow and load the clothes and the words that need to be said.

The hard words. The words that seem outside of easy explanation. We will find them.

And perhaps it will begin simply, with a change of channel and our choice in retailers.

{Updated to add: we weren’t watching at home or changing channels would have been the obvious go-to move.}

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  1. 1

    Seriously. We boycotted this year and we likely won’t ever have it on in the house any time soon. I’m so completely and utterly and fantastically OVER this crap.

    • 2

      I’m with you. We do watch the game (well, I don’t, but the hubs does), but they always change the channel during commercials, and are our kids don’t watch it at all.

    • 3

      Agreed. We tape it and fast forward through the commercials. My husband even watched the second half of the game after the kids were in bed. I’m not sure how old the kids will have to be to see the entire game….Not for a VERY long time though!

    • 4

      We (Amber and I) watched this year, SB and SM, but the truth is, over the last 6 months to a year, I think I’ve become aware that this stuff (gladitorial, sexualized, politicized, and otherwise) is lulling me and my family into a deep sleep. Perhaps a generational sleep. It’s time for the Haineses to unplug it and wake up a bit. I don’t want to miss the real for the artificial.

  2. 5

    I don’t like going to bed cross. But I’m about to go to bed cross. Stupid ads. Stupid under-dressed performers shaking their booties. How and why did this all become ok – because it is not.
    I’ve got some praying to do.
    Thank you for putting words to my feelings, that I’m too cross to do myself.

    • 6

      My thoughts exactly, how and why did this all become okay? It’s really not. I have a 15 month old and I cringe thinking of her seeing any of this garbage that is put out there for us. I’m just so sad about it.

    • 7

      I watched with my 8 year old son as well. During the half time show he kept asking me, “Why does she keep shaking her booty like that?” It hurt my heart that he was exposed to that. We changed the channel. I, too, pray that the hedge of protection I pray over my sons each night will guard their hearts and their minds (as well as their senses: eyes, ears…) against the evil in this world.

    • 8

      I agree ! I was shocked to see the photos today of what beyonce wore.

  3. 9

    Thanks for writing this. Just…thanks.

    • 10

      I echo Kirsten. Thank you. Pretty sure you spoke for more of us than you will ever know. You said it better than I ever could.

  4. 11
    Lisa Suit says:

    Amen. And thank you.

  5. 12

    Preach. Because even though my boys were more interested in their Legos and the cookies they helped Nana make we still had a long conversation (initiated by him) on the way home about how God made the world, but now it’s broken and so people do things they shouldn’t. My oldest is not quite six and I’m seriously tempted to just not let him watch for a few more years. I don’t remember it being this raunchy last year. It was awful!

  6. 13

    Every year, godaddy has an ad intended for adults, and people are surprised every year when this year’s is raunchier than last’s. The SuperBowl is not a family friendly event, and the broadcasters should just be honest about it from the start. Maybe rating them,like movies is the solution? Knowing in advance that the show is R-rated will help families make a choice.

    • 14

      What’s incongruent is that the show is pretty much PG. It’s the commercials that are not. How bizarre is this combo…

      • 15

        Well, aside from the half time show. Yea. There’s that.

        • 16

          Yes, ever since Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” in which her breast was exposed by Justin Timberlake, the commercials & halftime show have become more adult oriented. Every year they push the envelope further, and I think the trend wil continue until families stop tuning in.

  7. 17

    Yes yes yes! You wrote it so much better than I could have. I was appalled. Dumbfounded, angry and sick. We have taught our boys the “Nike” concept. (Nike means victory) When there is something objectionable anyone can say the word Nike and everyone averts their eyes. The thing is, almost every commercial and of course the entire halftime show was “Nike”. We shut it off.

  8. 19

    Amen and amen. There are not enough hours in the day to pray over my sweet boy’s impressionable heart. I say “yes” when those tough times arise, if only in the hope of open dialogue, and the chance to share what God says about what is good and true and right.

  9. 20

    You are so right. And I appreciate so very much that you did write this…. We can’t ever give up the fight for their purity (or our own, for that matter)! Sometimes it feels like such a huge burden in this crazy mixed up world. But, I know that He is greater…and I am forever grateful!!

  10. 21

    We don’t watch the superbowl mostly because we don’t follow football at all or have tv, but the last time we did, a few years ago, I waded through similar conversations with my 9 year old boy. Ugggh, makes me so mad! I’m right there with you, Lisa Jo.

  11. 22

    I am in awe of the clarity with which you write and express the feelings, day after day, that I am sure belong to no one in this broken world but me. It’s reassuring and comforting to know that we are sharing the same soap box. So continue to fight, pray, resist, and turn away from the direction the crowd is moving. And know that your inspiring words keep pushing me to swim upstream too :)

  12. 23

    Yes. My boys are grown and I still cringed through most of the commercials. It takes the fun right out of it, doesn’t it? Oh, keep leading your little men. Keep praying over them, speaking truth to them. Stand firm.

  13. 24

    Cheering for these words of stark and hard truth. We didn’t watch this year and haven’t for several years, but in other forms of media our boys are noticing all of it, too, and my heart hurts.

  14. 25

    Why is anyone shocked at this? It’s like that every single year. I’ve banned the tv being on in our home on Super Bowl Sunday ever since the Janet Jackson fiasco. Christians need to turn. their. tv’s off. No excuses. And isn’t this the blogger who was hooked on Hart of Dixie? I watched it based on her advice. That commercial is no more shocking than that tv show. My apologies if I’m in error.

    • 26

      Hey there Brenda,

      I’ve learned my lesson. We’ve never really watched the super bowl with our boys before; they were too young to care about sports. This was our first year and so really my first year and I learned way more than I cared to learn. So yup, next year taking a pass or switching away from anything but the actual game. (And apologies if you didn’t like Hart of Dixie. Yes, it has some complicated love lines for sure. A reason I would never watch it with my sons.)

      • 27

        In all gentleness Lisa, I do not believe that my eyes have any business seeing anything that is too scandalous for my children. Hart of Dixie like many other prime time tv shows could be considered soft porn. Job 31 is for women too- not just men. It is not fitting for a virtuous Christian woman to look upon anyone in the act of lovemaking (or in various states of undress) whether it’s acting or not. This is why many of us have stopped cable/satellite and gone to netflix or amazon so we have more control over what is coming across the tv set. And as you’ve seen from the comments many have totally unplugged. Contrary to the belief system of most american’s, television is not really a necessity of life.

      • 28

        Lisa-Jo, This will become more of an issue if your boys play sports or want to watch sports as they get older. I have three boys and they love sports. Games are really the only tv they watch with commercials at all because I am not a fan of any commercials. We have taught our kids to cover their eyes until someone can find the remote to pause an inappropriate commercial or change the channel. And since two of mine are hockey players, we also have taught them to cover their eyes when there is a fight at a game we are watching in person. Funny enough I recently took my ten year old to a game and when a fight broke out he immediately covered his eyes. At which point I realized that at 10 and playing travel hockey it was probably time to let him see that world because he is old enough to not replicate it.

    • 29

      It has not “always been like that.” Up until just a few years ago, it was a largely family-friendly event. The entertainers, while they may not have always been my favorites, were generally not half-dressed. And the vast majority of the commercials were funny and/or artful. The last handful of years have seen a huge decline and, honestly, I think we have all just kept hoping it was an aberration. (‘Though I suppose we probably should have known better.)

      We DO need to protest it, though, at this point.

      • 30

        I agree. It has not always been like this. Janet seemed to help with the decline of what was inappropriate. I do watch the Super Bowl…and will for years. But I just have to make sure and censor what my kids are seeing. I’m fine with turning off the 1/2 time show…but the commercials make it tricky. Stay strong Mona’s!!

  15. 31

    We’ve gotten to the point where we record sporting events not because we’re not home to see them, but so we can fast forward past the ads. No sporting events are safe, even the regular season meaningless games. I got so tired of telling my kids to cover their eyes, hide their heads, cover their ears. If only we could just watch a great game together as a family without worrying about this stuff. So frustrating.

  16. 32

    Thank you for writing this. Though we watched “The Music Man” musical tonight and I am thankful we did not watch the game at all, a few weeks ago a channel was not changed quick enough and two of my girls (9, 11) saw something horrific that gave them nightmares, also from a commercial. It made me so angry that I did not protect them quick enough. They got up numerous times both saying they could not sleep – they kept seeing it in their minds. I prayed several times with them. The next night was a repeat. We got some new story CD’s for them to listen to at night in their bedrooms. It’s better now. Maybe I’ve guarded too much – but not by my standards! Thank you for taking a stand. And we just have to keep praying that God will fade the memories. He can! :)

    • 33

      I know, right. Since when did we have to start living in fear of commercials? It’s ridiculous.

  17. 34

    As soon as we started letting out kids watch TV, we made a rule that our home would be a commercial-free zone…because really…there’s just way too much information that is *way too much information* – for every age, but especially for children. Most of the commercials we’ve seen over the past 10+ years, we’ve seen online because someone told us about them or emailed a link. Even tonight. Watching things on tape-delay helps because we can fast-forward. But muting commercials during some shows, or having a “safe” channel we can switch to have also been simple, doable ways of “standing guard” over our children’s eyes and ears…these gateways to their hearts.

    Thank you so much, Lisa, for speaking out…for writing this post while your blood was still boiling. Praying with you tonight that God will guard the hearts and minds of your boys and use even this for their good and for His glory in their lives.

  18. 35

    I only saw a bit of the Superbowl – maybe half an hour and then Beyonce at half time – at my friend’s house. Part way through Beyonce’s performance, which I was looking forward to but disappointed with, my friend commented how this is a family show, but here is this performer, in a black leather bathing suit sized outfit performing these exotic sexy moves. Not really a family show at all.

  19. 36

    I was completely offended by the commercials and halftime show tonight. My husband and I covered the eyes of our young son and daughter for most of the commercials … and sent them to bed at the end of the first quarter. I am still in disbelief at how raunchy most of tonight was. Like you, I don’t want my son – or daughter – seeing those images. Something needs to change. And if this culture won’t change, maybe tonight was the last Super Bowl for my family.

  20. 37

    Feel free to picture me on the sidelines, fully robed in yoga pants and a thermal, rooting you and your cause on here, Lisa Jo!

    We mamas should be riled up. For now we’ve seen what top dollar can buy and it’s nothing our children deserve. where does that leave them?

    I’m with you…leaning on grace everlasting. praying our kiddos see what money can’t buy. hoping they catch glimpses of it in us…

  21. 38
    Melanie Devereaux says:

    It is heartbreaking, indeed. It’s really disturbing after you read Michael Gungor’s awesome book, The Crowd, The Critic and The Muse – the chapter where he talks about what happens when a culture becomes bored. Just look at what happened to the Romans.

    • 39

      Wow, what a great insight from the book you mentioned. I never thought of it that way. Our culture has become bored, and will continue to push the envelope with nudity, sex, alcohol, partying, and reality television. All great reasons not to turn on the t.v. any more (except for safe videos, of course).

  22. 40

    It’s pretty sad, for me personally, when I watch some of these ads and realize how de-sentitized by the sexism of this world I have become. Unfortunately, I do not have any children so I don’t see it from a mother’s eye. I do however see what a disgrace the media has become. Cheering you on, Lisa-Jo, good for you for speaking up and getting mad. We need more of it.

  23. 41

    I love when you post at night…with such passion and truth. Just so good, and I’m cheering your mama heart on, standing right with you! That’s. all. XOXO

  24. 42

    Shocking, but yet not. We love football and the Super Bowl is something we enjoy. But what you say is not wrong. I have no young ones anymore. My husband and I choose opposite teams and we have fun. But several times tonight we were taken aback at how far into the gutter mainstream America has fallen. It was ugly and it made you too sick to enjoy the couple of commercials that didn’t offend me.

    • 43

      Yes and that’s the thing, Tina. The sports part of it IS fun. The competition, the two brothers facing off as opposing coaches. We planned to enjoy that part too. It’s just so wretched to watch it get hijacked by commercials that should make college film students cringe. They’re not even good in their attempt to be bad.

  25. 44

    There’s reasons why we don’t watch TV and haven’t for years. (Does watching Downton Abbey on DVDs count?)

    Football, and especially the Superbowl, are in my usually-not-very-humble opinion, the closest thing we have to outright idol worship in this country. I say that as a Notre Dame fan, which, living in northern Indiana, is tough to avoid.

    Just my opinion. Off the soapbox.

  26. 46

    Amen. It’s so hard to keep the world out sometimes. That goes for moms of boys who are old enough to understand the commercials and girls who are old enough to look for strong women role models and find them severely lacking in the world of entertainment where sexuality is perceived as strength.

  27. 47

    Thank you for writing this! Thank you for the true words of a Mama’s heart that echo so many Mama hearts! Grateful for this post and that in our house we skipped the entire show <3 May our amazing God bless you because you are a blessing to many

  28. 48
    Wendy Hamm says:

    We were watching the game as a family. My 19 year old daughter came home from college and my 9 year old son was bouncing off the walls. We made it through most of the commercials okay, but all my son kept repeating over and over during half-time was “this is so inappropriate.” I’m not going to watch this. He was talking about Beyonce and Destiny’s Child and the back-up dancers. My 19 year old was stunned he was so effected by it all.
    I was really proud of him – he left the room until it was over. He would have asked to turn it off if his sister didn’t like the music and wasn’t a force to be reckoned with.
    By the time I figured out what was going on, it was too late to turn it off on both of them.
    We all agreed the commercials were sub-par and lacked creativity. Where were the funny commercials that you talk about the next day?
    It’s really sad. And I’m sad for my little boy who is having his childhood stolen from him.

  29. 49

    I am so grateful for those brave mamas who speak while the fire is hot, and about the things that stare us in the face each day without warning. I have always thought the Super Bowl to be a family friendly event…..and yes I agree we have tip toed away from that experience quickly. Tonight I am feeling grateful for Dodge. They aired a very bold commercial and it is the one that stands out most in my mind tonight. Good stuff and I am thanking HIM for that. I sat in a room with someone who said, “I am not really to into God or any of that stuff, but wow, that was a touching commercial and it really spoke to me”. Interesting where he chooses to reveal himself.

  30. 50

    I really love the Super Bowl. I grew up very sheltered and I’ve embraced watching the Super Bowl in my adulthood because it meant freedom, it meant I was allowed to experience culture on my own terms, it meant I was American and I could shout and yell and get caught up in the vicarious adrenaline of touchdown.

    But that ad had my mortified, not sure where to turn and embarrassed to look at anyone else in the room. I don’t get easily offended. But Go Daddy crossed a line for me years ago. I’ve never used their web services and I refuse to consider them even when I’m comparing prices. Sometimes a boycott is absolutely in order.

    • 51

      That was a GoDaddy ad? Well, that’s no surprise. Their commercials are ALWAYS inappropriate, and I won’t use the company, either.

      I think commercials should be rated, and shouldn’t be permitted to play during shows that are lower-rated than they are.

      • 52

        I agree that a ratings system is a good idea. They do it for TV shows but seem to think commercials are a free for all.

  31. 53

    I”m not a mother and I have not watched the super bowl or commercials this year – i’m a 25 year old with friends who live in the gutter.

    however, i’m upset as well as how sexualized america has become. Its really annoying, that, as an asexual, sex is pushed at me/us from ALL ANGLES and theres no “getting away” from it unless you turn off the tv. I don’t actually watch tv, i watch tv shows off the tv – on dvd or online. But I have a strong dislike for commercials – whether they be too raunchy, or adult, or sexualized, or have bad words in them – i’m appalled at what is on tv that my younger (11 and 12) siblings have to see/hear unless they stick to PBS. which they normally do, but the commercials during the news and prime time televison sometimes get to their ears.

    We were/are raised conservatively – and while i’m not conservative much anymore, i still feel that children being exposed to this sort of is not good for them – stripping them of their innocence way too young.

  32. 54

    We flipped back and forth between the Super Bowl and the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl. We watched the Kitten Half-Time Show instead of Beyonce. We’ve learned to change the channel when it comes to certain commercials. The ones I hated the most were the witchcraft ones. The Bud Light ones.

  33. 55

    Thank you! Now if more mamas would ban together to fight for our son’s purity! It is everywhere…the checkout line at the grocery store, billboards, etc… The goal of the porn industry is to get boys hooked young so they have lifetime customers. Have you noticed the height of most magazines? Not adult level. We don’t have a tv in our home…I consider it a very dangerous weapons for our 12 and 10 year old sons. We only enjoy old 50s family shows on dvds. Call me a prude, but I am a warrior mama protecting my sons. We did watch the Superbowl at grandma’s house and enjoyed food and fellowship. But we waited until the show started so we could fast forward through the commercials. I can find the good ones on You Tube…like the Jeep and Dodge Ram Farmer ~ one that is close to my heart since we are farmers, but avoid the ones only selling sex. At halftime, we watched on old Hazel dvd, because I research everything when I can and knew it Beyonce. Not appropriate for us. Want to get even madder? The Super Bowl is known as the largest human trafficking incident in the United States. http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/national/super-bowl-is-single-largest-magnet-for-sex-trafficking-child-prostitution-in-us and http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/03/super-bowl-sex-trafficking_n_2607871.html. Be viligant prayer warriors and protectors of our children!!

    • 56

      Yes, and yes. I realize in retrospect how shockingly naive I was. We’re not a cable family and while we love us some good movies, they’re the ones we can get off Netflix, so mama knows what to expect and we’ve lived without commercials so long I just totally blanked on how bad they can be. Lesson learned.

  34. 57

    Football is a fun sport. The fact that it has become an idol tothe point that we allow what we do to come into our homes – is where we Mamas need to rise up…… it’s the reason cable is banished from our home. We can’t white wash what we allowed to enter…and we still make mistakes – praying for your boys and for you… This job of Mama – it’s hard -it’s worse when we allow the world to come in and wreak havoc… which it’s trying. Apparently, many are trying to pass laws saying that pedophilia is not harmful to children – especially if the child consents to the act. Now, that’s something that should have Moms up in arms about@!

  35. 58

    I love this Lisa-Jo! We slightly watched the game yesterday (sans kids) and the only commercial I remember is the Farmer one. ;)

    But we *did* watch the game when the Falcons were hoping to get into the Super Bowl. (*shrugs*, go ATL!) And I was APPALLED at the commercials. I told my husband, “I don’t think we’re going to let Asa watch sports.” It’s just too much!

    Thank you for the reminder to protect our sons.

    ps–I love you!


    • 59

      Thanks Amanda. I think the thing I’m saddest about is how I feel like I failed my boys. We’re so careful, so vigilant and this just snuck completely under my radar. We weren’t watching at home and I couldn’t change the channel and felt gob-smacked by images I didn’t know how to erase. Grateful to have learned the lesson while there’s till time to make a big impact and very very different choices next year.

  36. 60

    as the wife of a husband who is battling sexual addition and just released from his second rehab stay … i commend you! it sickens me … sickens me … to know this type of media is mainstream, accepted, approved, and the general consumer has no issues with it. we need more people to stand up and teach our boys … and men … a healthy way to view women and relationships. well done lisa-jo!

    • 61

      Indeed, Tracie. And our girls that this is not the standard, the norm, or what they must accept from the world where their grace, their beauty, their sexuality is concerned.

    • 62

      I am right there with you, Tracie! My husband is a recovering sex addict, too. I’m disgusted at what is defined as “appropriate” for any of us. Not only for my kids, but for my husband. It requires a hyper-vigilance to protect them from things they shouldn’t see.

      This is a great conversation to begin, Lisa-Jo! We need awareness. We need to stand together and share insights in this area. Because there are some people out there who aren’t appalled, not necessarily because they don’t care, but because they aren’t thinking about the harm seeing this stuff can cause for their kids. Simple ignorance.

      Thanks for getting people to think!

  37. 63
    Joanne Viola says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I wrote a post with very similar thoughts. (daysnthoughts.wordpress.com). I was not aware of the hashtag #notbuyingit. So thank you. I will add this to my tags. We need to protect the innocence & purity of our children. Maybe all of us together can make a difference. May we be faithful to pray for our children today (& every day).

  38. 64
    Marina Bromley says:

    I’m so sorry Lisa-Jo. In my nearly 30 years of working with youth, making cheese dip for SuperBowl parties to give youth groups a safe place to hang out and watch the game WITHOUT commercials or halftime (for your very reason), I never said a word of warning pre game, to anyone.

    We played games, songs, did give-aways, devotions, ANYTHING but trust their eyes and minds to the moments on the commercials. If anything was mind-worthy, it could be YouTubed and played the next time we got together (thank you Dodge for thre Farmer piece- whih I watched from a link after the fact).

    True fact: We stopped eating at Hardee’s when they changed their ad company years ago and started their slut campaigns. Apparently they are still selling food as a side to their sex. I can’t help knowing how this fuels immorality on so many levels…so sad.

    So momma, keep protecting those minds, and eyes…and answering their questions when they stumble onto something…you will always be a voice they can trust…

    • 65

      We don’t eat at Hardee’s anymore because of their commercials. And my husband actually was the first one to say anything about it! I am so proud of him!!!!

  39. 66

    Ugh. On the same page. We don’t have TV or cable, but are on vacation this week with TV. My husband was excited to watch the game. We turned the TV on a bit early, my three year old snuggle dup on the couch beside his Papa, and immediately saw an ad for some new sitcom in which 2 waitresses repeatedly slapped each other, followed by a gory ad for CSI. He didn’t watch any of the game itself, and I left the room early in. So upsetting that this is just normal and okay according to so many. I am affirmed in my choice not to have TV accessible in our home!

    • 67

      We also don’t have cable. I’m wondering why there’s uproar when a worldly outlet acts worldly. Isn’t that what it’s supposed to do? There’s other outlets that our kids watch tv commercialless ( amazon prime or netflix) and when there’s a game on we can’t miss we make it a date night. Otherwise all those games can be listened to on the radio. And the very truth is that it’s not just during the super bowl. It’s all the time. The other truth is that it’s not just burned in our kids brains, WE remember it too. It’s effecting our hearts and minds too.

  40. 69

    Amen sister! We did watch the Super Bowl because my guys love sports. I am glad I had a bit of foreknowledge of some of the commercials. (DH had heard about the Go Daddy one). Disgusting. And for halftime? Little man wanted Puppy Bowl.

    I am so, so sorry for you and your sweet ones. If we could just un-watch, un-hear, un-say, yes? Can’t let our guard down for a minute. Thank you for not letting you anger wane before posting. You are so right. There are some things that need to be spoken in that moment.

  41. 70

    Amen, Lisa-Jo! When my 15-year-old daughter says, “It’s all so sexual” during the commercials and half-time show, you know it’s time to hang up the Super Bowl spurs. We watched with my daughter and another daughter, who is in college, and a bunch of her roommates, and I have to say it was embarrassing and humiliating to watch Beyonce strut her stuff in front of my husband. And that Go Daddy commercial! Ugh. I would never, EVER buy anything from them. Ever!

    Thanks for writing this. You’re good when you’re mad!

    • 71

      What’s sad is that Beyonce was not embarrassed or humiliated to do all of that in front of so many people. We tuned out early, but a friend called and told me about half time, so I checked online. I was embarrassed to think my kids could have caught me watching. Anyone notice the imagery of the flames of hell when Beyonce sang with her group? Sad. Yesterday was our last day with tv or cable. Sorry your kids were traumatized Lisa-Jo.

  42. 72

    I have grown so very tired of the attack on my kid through a tv screen. While I can find shows here and there that are okay…the commercials are usually terrible. The excyte santa commercial makes me nuts. I looked away from the. tv for a sec last night and my husband tarts saying “trigger, trigger” our code for remote. It was the darn godaddy commercial….I’m with a. Give me a little boy in a Darth Vader costume or the farmer commercial, or the Clydesdale….which I cried at btw. Way to speak up…we are all fed up

  43. 73

    I am with you on the go-daddy commercial. It was disgusting. A friend of mine told me that the one that was aired was the edited one. I could not believe it would get much worse….she assured me that on their site it does. Where did we go wrong to let this kind of media trash take over our living rooms. I loved the Jeep commerical….the VW commercial….the Budweiser one with the clydesdale in it…..the singing by Sandy Hook/Jennifer Hudson and the National Anthem by Alicia Keyes….but….there was that go daddy commerical….that left a foul taste in my mouth.

  44. 74

    As the mother of two daughters, it’s wonderful to know that there are moms out there who are trying to protect their sons from the world’s images and philosophies. I pray for your success and trust that when it comes time for my girls to marry, they will find these young men who have been raised with wise hearts and pure minds.

  45. 75

    My friends who watch football groan and complain every year up in here in Canada because we don’t get to see the ads… Our communications governing body makes the cable companies show Canadian content commercials… Which don’t even come close to what you’re describing Lisa-Jo… But still I woke up this morning and my heart breaks for all of us mamas with boys… And even girls and trying to wade through the ways of this world while maintaining open and honest lines of communication withbour kids is so hard. And your words today? They hit home and they strike righteous anger and thank you friend for using your voice here… Praying for you today and all the other mamas that God would keep us close as we raise our children in this horribly broken world

  46. 76

    Amen and amen. We ended up going into another room to play board games. What happened to good clean funny. There was nothing funny about last night, just disgusting.

  47. 77

    A previous commented asked “when did this become ok…because it’s not.” It became ok because we kept on tuning in. You don’t buy ad space at 30 million a pop if no one is tuning in. We made this ok, voting it’s acceptability with our remotes.

    I entertained the idea of tuning in for a few moments before remembering that not only do we not watch football, but the commercials and halftime show are worse every single year. I’ve got a few kids older than yours, too…way past the age of being able to watch anything in front of them without them catching on to adult themes. The superbowl is officially banned in our home.

  48. 78

    I know, right? I tuned out for quite a while, but came back in to the see the one about farmers. Awesome! I do have to ask though, was Go Daddy’s only contribution this year the woman kissing the tech guy? B/c compared to earlier years, it seemed like a huge improvement. Miss Represent named them the worst offender, and I thought they were far from worst. I wonder if people are just still (understandably) ticked off from last year?

    • 79

      Be careful with Miss Represent, which seems to think Lena Duhnam’s “Girls” IS a good way to represent women.

      • 80

        Thanks! I’m so out of touch I have no clue who Lena Duhnam is! I doubt I’d agree with them about a lot of issues, but the thing that I like about M. Rep. is that they have an action plan. I hate complaining and not doing something that might make a difference, esp. when it just gets worse and worse.

        • 81

          not saying this post is such. I just myself don’t want to be all talk and no action. So ladies, what are we going to DO about this?

  49. 82

    thank you for this post! as the mom of 3 boys, I am so fearful for them, especially since my husband is a big time sports fan. The winning quarterback even loudly dropped the f word after they won, so it is not just the ads and halftime show. We must stand strong and protect our children as much as we can, and pray for God to protect them when we can’t.

  50. 83

    Good for you, Lisa-Jo!
    We didn’t watch the game because we knew we didn’t want the kids to see the commercials. However, that’s an easy choice for us since even Jonathan would rather watch a Downton Abbey marathon than a football game (I know, how did I get so lucky?).
    Still, sports can be such a good thing, especially in a young boy’s life, and parents shouldn’t be put in this position. Way to go for calling these advertisers out.

  51. 84

    Thank-you for posting this Lisa. We didn’t take in the SuperBowl up here in Canada and, from the sounds of it, I’m happy about that. I loved when you said:
    “We are the warriors who will battle for our children’s hearts, souls, attention, innocence, and memories.”
    There are days that our choice in movies, not watching TV unless it is commercial free, and avoiding some of the most popular books is questioned. Your post made my warrior side slap on more armour and strengthen for the battle ahead! Blessings!

  52. 85
    ro elliott says:

    Amen…never apologize for the momma bear that comes out when our children are violated. When my kids were young, if we watched TV we never watched commercials…we always turned to a blue screen or to another channel like PBS. They grew up …turning their heads…changing channels…and so when we all were gathered last night at my parents…who don’t see the need to do such things…I watched my adult sons…look down…turn to talk to someone…and what touched my heart the most…half time…(I think beyonce is one talented lady…but no male should watch woman dress liked that move like that.) My son’s…and all the young guys(late 20 early 30’s) got up and played corn hole…in the dark…outside. No mother telling them…no wife…just what was put in their hearts at young age…and what they continued to choose as they grew. It saddens me for you young moms…my own children now starting to raise children…how hard purity…not awakening what doesn’t need to be awakened will be so hard. But it is worth being called a prude…and be ready for this one… legalist…I grew not to care…because I knew what was more important for my children…my sons…to be a gate keeper when they were still young and innocent. well done Lisa-joy….blessings~

  53. 86

    Well said. Here is a suggestion for people with young children: Record the show on DVR and then start to watch it a little late, from the RECORDING. Speed through ALL the ads as well as the half time show. Yes, we now DO have to treat all the ads and the half time shows as likely to be R rated.

    • 87

      Well said. I’m not even a parent and thankfully I only saw the after effects of the GoDaddy ad on Twitter from enraged parents… it broke my heart for families that had to sit through an inappropriate ad.

      Glad you wrote this LJ… well done!

    • 88

      I love this idea! I do this with anything else I watch and since we watched the super bowl with our small group from church I think they’d have been up for this idea as well. At least the kiddos were downstairs watching Veggie Tales and playing with toys and didn’t see any of the game/commercials. Next year for sure!

  54. 89

    You know what’s really sad? They have all this sex in the commercials and the half-time show and the Super Bowl is the single largest human sex trafficking annual incident in the U.S. Here’s a link to an article on it: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/03/super-bowl-sex-trafficking_n_2607871.html

  55. 90

    Bravo, Lisa-Jo. Thanks for this.

  56. 91

    THANK YOU for your honesty and bravery in this post Lisa-Jo! As mommy to a 5 year old son I couldn’t agree more with your words.

  57. 92

    Powerful post!! Thanks so much for writing what was burning in your heart. We sat with remote in hand and turned the channel to a blank screen when the commercials came on. It is ridiculous to what “entertainment” has been reduced. Thanks again!

  58. 93

    Vote with your dollars! Is it smart to only market to half the population while grossing out the other half. When choosing a hosting service, my first thought was anything but Go Daddy. I also create websites for a small amount of clients and recently switched them from Go Daddy to a service called FatCow. If you own a GoDaddy make a switch to another hosting company!

    • 94

      Amen. And here’s an awesomely simple tip for how to make the switch. I’m all over it! This is NameDotCom but there are tons of other great services out there http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-Ec-pt5rFA

      • 95

        Not trying to attack you here. I agree with everything that you said. I really liked your post, until I looked up your registrar info for your domain. There are a lot of people out there who will read your blog and call you a hypocrite because your domain has been registered with GoDaddy since March 2012. My suggestion is that you spare no expense changing registrars. As we fight these wars with advertisers over the hearts and minds of our children, then we need to make certain that we aren’t giving them the money to do so. If people refused to purchase services from GoDaddy, then they wouldn’t have the money for raunchy ads.

        • 96

          My blog is switching over today. I’ve filled out all the epaperwork. And crazy as it sounds until last night I literally did not get the extent of the GoDaddy sleaze. It was my first Super Bowl in probably a decade and since we don’t have cable and only do Netflix and Hulu I’d never run into a GoDaddy ad before. But believe me, the very first thing I did last night was start researching other options. I’m going with NameDotCom but I know there are plenty of other great options out there.

          • 97

            You are a class act.

          • 98

            I appreciate that you’re switching and being public about your decision. I’ve seen some GoDaddy ads over the years and found them generally offensive, but even before I had seen any of the ads, my brother had warned me away from them. He handles my website hosting and registration and told me he refused to do business with GoDaddy. Good for him, and good for you for putting your money where your mouth is and urging others to do the same.

  59. 99

    We don’t watch anymore. We have actually turned “regular” TV off in our house. If something is coming on that the boys want to watch we have Hulu and we can watch it the next day with “safe” commercials. Or we DVR it at my in-laws and skip commercials. We own a lot of DVDs now and that is their primary TV time. It is sad that we have to do that as parents now. But if the TVs were turned off and networks told why by all us moms they may actually change some things.

  60. 100

    Absolutely! Thank you for posting this. I am so sick of the commercials and the signals they are sending to our children. This world is so messed up. It is really sad when you can’t just sit as a family and watch a football game and we love football around here!

  61. 101

    First of all let me say WOW! Thank you for this post. You may not realize this, but you are a role model.
    When I was growing up we experienced an outraged father, a pair of wire snips, and a black television screen. My father was outraged at the situations broadcasted across the television for his children to absorb. Launguage was getting worse, teenagers in sexual situations, blood and violence the norm; and most of the time this was the six o’clock news. He cut the cord, literally. At the time it was the most horrible thing. Now I am a mother, and I understand his actions; over 15 years later- media has gotten more revolting.
    Again, thank you for writing from your heart. Sometimes we need a reminder that while our children are in our home, we are responsible for forming them into moral adults.

  62. 103

    My husband and 12 year old son went to a friend’s house to watch the game, leaving me at home with the 8 and 6 year old boys. While I would have liked to watch some of the game, I knew the kiddos wouldn’t be interested, and I knew that I did not want to deal with watching the commercials. The first year I remember being horrified at what my kids were seeing was probably 5 or 6 years ago. Even the “funny” ones in years past have been more crass than funny. Since then, I’ve watched less and less of the game. I still love football. I don’t love everything that surrounds it.

    We watched “Up” and I don’t regret one minute of it.

  63. 104

    Do not feel bad about getting on your soap box as a Mom of two little boys. I too had a little boy somewhat watching (not really) that is only 2.5. He just likes the horsey commercial and I like it too. Most of them disgusted me. I only cared about the Jeep, Dodge and horsey commercial. We also caught some of the Beyonce-in-a-onesie show and thankfully our son was in his room or we would have changed the channel. I told my husband that what makes me so mad is that there are millions of young boys watching this game (just for the game) and they have to see her and her dancers girating like it’s a pole dance. It made me so mad. I just hope there were parents of those young boys with enough sense to turn the channel or make them leave the room until it was over.

  64. 106
    fullhouseandblessed says:

    Awe. I appreciate your honest post. We personally made a choice years ago that porn-in-a-box (tv) would not be present in our home. Our children have grown up without it as did my husband…we have flipped on the tv when at a hotel and often quickly shut it off as what is often on the screen is only fit for the holy marriage bed, not the viewing of the world. There is enough in this world that we have to protect our sweet ones from. Their innocence seems to be taken earlier and earlier and it is so sad. Blessings to you.

  65. 107

    We don’t watch the Super Bowl, mainly because my husband is not a “sports” fan, and neither am I. So it just works out that way. Plus, we got rid of “TV” a long time ago, so internet and Netflix is what we have when we feel the mood to watch something. I’m kind of glad after hearing of all the things that happened in the commercials on FB. My son is 11. The World has already completely attacked and torn away his innocence. He was introduced to something far far worse than those commercials at school. And it has broken our hearts. So we pray over him. We speak truths to him and try to teach him the lies satan is using. I hear your mother’s cry for her sons. My heart often cries out for my son and what the World is throwing at him daily.
    We also spent some time in prayer yesterday because Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest weekends of the year in the US for Human Trafficking. We talked about that. We prayed about that. All day, that lingered in my mind as well. That a crime so absolutely horrible is happening all around us, in all countries, and yet, these are the kind of commercials they want to spend millions on making?
    Sigh. Sorry. I feel the fire in my own heart wanting to burn a blaze.
    I’ll be praying for your sons. For my son. I’ll be praying for the end of Human Slavery. And I’ll be praying for the people who are out there, who want to make these kinds of commercials, who participate in Trafficking, because what has happened to their souls that these are the choices they are making? Praying for God’s love and grace and truth to shine in all darkness.
    Thank you for writing this Lisa-Jo.

  66. 108

    I admit I was only half paying attention last night, I was mainly playing around on Pinterest while my two boys slept. I vaguely noted the hyper sexualized messages. The nakedness does not bother me at all. In fact, I want to see skin and curves of REAL women, not the over exercised, eating disordered women (or men for that matter – Calvin Klein ). For example the dove commercials with fairly normal looking women.

    I find the violence and sexual violent themes so much more disturbing then the nakedness it’s self. We are right to be angry that this is how the media lures us in. I guess we just need to say “no” more often and find better ways to spend our money. It’s too bad about Carl’s jr/ Hardee’s because their Mexican food is decently healthy for fast food. I really need any easy way to stop giving godaddy my money. Advice anyone?

  67. 110

    I watched with my two girls and was too shocked and embarrassed myself to even know what to say. My girls don’t tend to speak up which is scary for me so I can only imagine what they were thinking. Then there was my hubby watching while on duty at the fire Dept…he himself doesn’t buy into the smut but most of his co workers sure do….so hard for us moms and wives, who are trying to do right, so hard to plant strong enough hedges around our family to keep the evil world influences out.

  68. 111

    Yes! What you said. Commercials are THE reason we turned off cable/dish/direct/etc. We have Netflix, live streaming, and Amazon as our primary tele times. Those stinking commercials (think excorcist/horror-type movie ads, sexy underwear ones, or some “new” vulgar t.v. show ad!) that’d pop up during our good wholesome family shows did us in! Thank you.

  69. 112

    OUTSTANDING! I feel your fire and I so agree. Too bad we have to combat all the nonproducitve, negative, ilicit, contemptible images our children and our own eyes and ears see blarring from our television screens, magazine covers, headlines, internet, just every where. To think you could sit down with your family and enjoy a wholesome experience is always somehow violated with some subliminal media imposition. Parents have to continually be on guard to protect, teach, and contest what the world is presenting and it is a tough battle that we must fight. We have to keep exposing them to Christ, positive, meaningful and empowering images. One thing is really great here is that he shared it with you so that you could respond to it. God bless you Hero Mother.

  70. 113

    You just earned yourself a fan. Bravo!

  71. 114

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. My son is only 3 1/2, but I fear for the day he does watch. It’s a scary world out there and I am terrified my son will be exposed to the evil and disgrace in the world. I want him to grow up to be a good man, but with so much temptation it is difficult.

  72. 115

    I *LOVED* this post. You so eloquently described the battle we MUST fight for our children’s purity and innocence. Keep fighting, mamas (and papas)!

    And as for our family we choose to turn it off and step away from society’s view of entertainment. We haven’t seen a commercial in years. And obviously, we haven’t missed anything…

  73. 116

    I have never been so thankful that we went to a superbowl party as I was last night. My seven year old is starting to get interested in football, and if we had been at home, he would have watched the game. Since we were at a party, he was downstairs playing an indoor soccer game in the basement with other kids!

  74. 117

    Just remember as a consumer you do have power. Last year when we started up our new website, we deliberately chose anyone besides GoDaddy to host because of their inappropriate commercials.
    On the other hand, networks need to remember that during daytime hours and even early evening, children are watching. Commercials should match the rating of the show. If the show is for General Audiences, such as the Superbowl, then the commercials also need to meet the same standards.

  75. 118

    So absolutely well said. I’m going to have my husband read this post, too, because we’re already starting to cover our 6 month old’s eyes when she’s in front of the tv, and we’re shocked more than usual at just how much horrible is out there. We were discouraged last night to see the ads you mentioned, but then to realize that young kids are seeing the same…….it breaks our hearts. Thank you for posting this.

  76. 119

    I did not watch the Super Bowl, however my husband did. I’ll have to ask him about the commercials. I hate how everything is over sexualized. It makes me sick.

  77. 120
    Kimberly S says:

    THANK YOU. God bless you! …and let’s just all pray. Us mommas, we need each other. :)

  78. 121

    Lisa-Jo- I so appreciate your post and your heart and my heart breaks for your boys and the conversation that you had. On the flip side, how do we teach our children that this world is depraved, that we all desperately need a Savior if we always protect them from what they might see? My parents were super vigilant in what they allowed us to watch- and we were good girls. But we were so curious and would sneak TV time. I distinctly remember being at a friend’s house when I was 7 and her Dad was watching a movie. I happened to walk by when an actress turned on a shower and blood came out. I had nightmares for 10 years. I didn’t know how to handle it and because my parents were so strict, I was scared to tell them.
    My husband and I have made a different decision- we too only use Netflix, because commercials are never good- even the ones that are perfectly tame. We don’t want our kids being dissatisfied because they don’t have the next big thing. But we also don’t overprotect what they see- especially when they see things at friend’s houses. Rather, we encourage discussions about all things.
    I am a huge 49ers fan, so we had a party and my kids had friends over. They may have watched 10 minutes of football and I had to call my son in for the commercial with the wolves, because he LOVES wolves. As much as I want them to love football, I too have learned that the Super bowl is not the time to encourage that!
    We encourage them to talk to us about things that are confusing or concerns and we seek to find truth in scripture. As hard as it is, they need to be able to wrestle with the world and with the ugliness and awful. The challenge is figuring out what is age appropriate.
    Oh, this requires so much wisdom, but what I cling to is the truth that Jesus has overcome the world. No matter how bad it gets, we know who wins!
    Thank you for your post!!!

    • 122

      Hey there Becky,

      We ask ourselves the same questions. And I’m pretty sure there’s no easy answer. But age-appropriate seems vital, yes? That’s the line I think commercials like this cross. And I wish I’d done my research, known what was headed my way because I would have been certain my boys are way too young to process this kind of content. But we will talk through it now, they will learn and so will I.

  79. 123
    Christie Smith says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I was appalled by the Super Bowl. It was disgusting.

  80. 124

    Fortunately my kiddos were in bed before we turned on the SuperBowl in our home….and I missed just about all of the commercials (SO not interested in the “Stupid Bowl”!). At any rate, I DID see some of the halftime show….now Beyonce and her dancers are beautiful women, no doubt. But I found myself thinking “Ummmmm, does she KNOW that she’s on stage in her UNDERWEAR?!” Sad. So very sad that this is what we have come to accept…and, in some cases, expect.

    Thank you for this post!

  81. 125

    Oh thank you for writing this! Thankfully my sons (12 &9) were not watching the Super Bowl. They were off in a cousin’s room playing video games, which sadly was a better choice. I avoided watching the first half of the game by focusing on conversation and a live-streaming event on my laptop. However, the half-time performance left me feeling very unhopeful (not a real word, I know, but exactly how I felt). We left the party during the power failure so we missed a large portion of the second half.

    How are we supposed to raise godly men who respect women when those women “perform” in front of an audience of millions, bumping and grinding their way through a 15 minute “peep show”? My husband was as disappointed as I was, actually bringing it up for discussion first after we got home and could reflect on the evening. Time after time I expect so much more from these forms of entertainment and I’m almost always made to feel the fool. I think next year we will begin a new tradition of doing something counter-cultural that will not involve the Super Bowl spectacle.

  82. 126

    Hey lovie,

    1) I like it when you write hot and bothered. You’ve (obviously) articulated well how a bunch of people feel, putting intelligent words to their emotions.

    2) THANKS for the primer on how to switch domains. I’ve reluctantly continued w/GDaddy for years because I’d be at my deadline for a domain expiration and pay for it out of laziness to find alternatives or mostly because there wasn’t time to research by then.

    3) I’d love to see this conversation with the same readers 10 years from now….

    4) GDaddy was tearing up the internets last night (and again today). All I could think then (and still, now) is “Is there such thing as bad press?” I’d hate to have a business where I was proud of lechery.

    • 127

      Yea, I’m so tired of the old schtick “Any press is good press,” when what I saw last night was a call to action and people voting with their money and their domains -walking away from the ick.

  83. 128

    “We are the warriors who will battle for our children’s hearts…” Yes. This. It is a battle and I’m beyond thankful to be fighting alongside you. As a mother of girls, I was hard pressed to explain commercials and costuming that showed little respect for women. We are a strong, intelligent, beautiful, courageous bunch and your words reveal the truth of this. Thank you for standing up for your boys who will become men and your daughter whom they will shelter with all of their big brotherness. Thank you for guarding their hearts and encouraging us to do the same. Thanks for being you, dear one. I’m praying daily for your Mama story. It is beautiful and I’m privileged to watch it unfold. Love you.

    • 129

      YES! I kept thinking of my Zoe Grace and the messages these commercials would send her? That it’s OK to have a man value his SHIRT above you? That a million dollar commercial is worth selling your integrity? Appalled. And currently research Amazon for child sized plastic bubbles :)

  84. 130

    I could not agree with this post more!! My sons are 6 and 3, and their little innocent eyes went wide, accompanied by questions like, “what are they doing?” (to the nasty suck-face commercial) and “why is that man in his underwear?” (to the Calvin Klein ad). By halftime I’d had enough and thanked God that it was bedtime. They had been looking forward to watching the Super Bowl with their daddy for weeks, yet I wonder which images are seared into their minds– the plays in the game or the sexualized advertising that describes a world I want so desperately to protect them from? I, too, prayed over them last night.

    Thanks for posting this. If I hadn’t already planned a post on my blog for today, my post would have been about this topic and much, much the same.

  85. 131

    As a parent, and now grand parent, I was appalled at the ad. I watched it the 2nd time it aired just to be sure I didn’t miss some grander theme or message … nope. Nothing of any redeeming value whatsoever. I am appreciative to my daughter for posting on FaceBook her reaction the ad, and for sharing this blog, as I had for the most part just blanked the whole disgusting thing out of my mind. For the future, we will more assiduously record programs and zap commercials, especially when the grand kids are around. As for Danica Patrick and Go Daddy Dot Com … two thumbs down, and goodbye to letting them host our website. Her common sense and appeal as a race car driver have been overloaded by her desire to make money, in disgusting poor taste.

  86. 133

    I appreciate this with all of my mamma-bear heart. I am incensed at the trash that our children (and my boys) are subjected to, honestly I can’t even walk through the mall with them in tow without trying to avert their eyes from the gigantic, nearly nude supermodels calling them forth with their spilling cleavage and come-hither stares. Last night we did watch the Super bowl as a family, but we had recorded it so we fast forwarded many (many) of the commercials while we had the kids cover their eyes.How ridiculous is it that we NEEDED to do that?! None of my children witnessed the half-time show (thank God) but as I watched it all I could think was wow- this is the best we’ve got to offer? Don’t get me wrong, Beyonce has tremendous talent but really? Half naked gyrating across the stage, that’s all we’ve got, America? Such a colossal disappointment. I don’t know how we will manage to raise our children in this world without constantly having to explain the levels of depravity we have reached. Praying with you for wisdom and words to protect and guide these young souls.

  87. 134

    As a father who was excited to watch the Super Bowl for the first time w/ my 5 yr old son I found myself finding other things for him to do while these ignorant commercials played. I knew the commercials would come & I anticipated the stupid ones, but I still wanted to have the experience w/ him. Unfortunately commercials & Beyonce made that experience smaller. It’s not just the Super Bowl. my son loves to watch sports, but even during regular televised events I patrol the commercials that are shown. It’s awesome to watch sports w/ him, it’s sad to have to turn it off so many times. Did I watch the commercials onthe Super Bowl? No! Well, i did see one. Let’s just say that I applaud Dodge for putting the focus on farmers.

    • 135

      Hey Coby, yes my husband is the same – loves watching his little guys start to learn the language of sports. And I think tonight we’ll all be watching the farmer commercial again for a good old cleansing of the mind :)

  88. 136
    Michelle Geiger says:

    Thank you! I have boys 11, 13 and 17 and have had to have so many of these conversations. They seem to happen at a younger age as we get to each boy. All 5 of us were very uncomfortable while these commercials were on. CBS refused to let Sodastream’s original commercial run that had Coke and Pepsi in it because they were afraid they would offend those companies. Whew! Thank goodness they didn’t let that happen!

  89. 137

    I always live in fear of commercials, even when they’re not hyper-sexualized, b/c they’re almost always selling some idea or insecurity I don’t want for my family. AND Lisa-Jo, I hope you take great comfort that your boys, your future men, know to listen to that holy part of themselves which sees clearly what is wrong and what is right, especially when it’s all jumbled up in football/Super Bowl. It’s hard for those of us with more life experience to do that, so BIG kudos that you’re helping them hone that most important life skill! (Ditto for all you amazing, strong mamas here standing between their families and this darkness!)

  90. 139

    Amen, Lisa Jo. Amen. As a mom of 4 boys, I am revolted by the display of inappropriate images and messages. What a job we have. I will be in prayer with you over these sweet souls.

  91. 140

    I am a working mother of two almost grown boys. We watched the Super Bowl last night and discussed it. We too were appalled with the horrible ads and unnecessary need for selling of sex. As my boys grew up we had constant discussions because you can’t shelter them from everything. You can only give them your values and morals and hope they follow them. I applaud you and hope we can make a difference by boycotting products. Thank you.

  92. 142

    Sweet Lisa Jo…it was one of the very reasons we decided not to attend a Super Bowl party we were invited to…because the standards for what’s ok are so tolerated and because we all should be simply aghast at what we saw. I adore your intolerance mama. I applaud you in it. And I’ll stand with you against a world that wants to steal our boys and fight for their hearts. Whatever that looks like.

  93. 144

    First of all, this is VERY well written (angry or not)! Your words paint a beautiful picture of an ugly truth. If you’re not receiving an income for writing you should be!

    And the (ugly) truth of the story……….well………..I don’t know that it could be said any better! As a parent and a pastor, thank you!

  94. 145

    “we are in fact a shelter from the storm . . . the warriors who will battle for our children’s hearts, souls, attention, innocence, and memories.”

    i certainly don’t trust the media with my child’s mind. when i weigh the pros vs the cons, it just doesn’t compare. even for myself. in fact, just the other night i was planting a seed in his 8-yr-old heart, sharing about different times my husband & i have walked out the theater in the middle of a movie. i want him to know well the freedom of walking away.

  95. 146

    I was so thankful my kids chose to play with the friends we had over instead of watching the commercials…er, game, and do NOT even get me started on the halftime p*rn show. Appalling. Simply appalling. I enjoy football, and I even liked some of the commercials (go dodge! :) but can NOT endorse the filth. I was so thankful when I heard my teenage son who was invited to a friend’s superbowl party did not even watch the 1st half of the game cause they were having to much fun making domino mazes and other such activities! You are not alone. Many of us agree. Many of us saw red.

  96. 147
    K.K. aka Alice Nelson says:

    So refreshing to read this well written, heartfelt piece. I know I am not alone because of Christ, but often feel alone in this society. Thanks for fighting the good fight.

  97. 148

    AMEN!!!! I am so thankful that I didn’t watch the Superbowl this year. I have a 9 year old son who already struggles with what he sees in the media. When I bought my townhouse about 8 months ago we didn’t get cable or satellite tv. A big part of the decision was financial, but an even huger blessing is the absence of advertising. We do have network tv but rarely watch it, instead we stream Netflix.

    Thank you for sharing when you were still “hot” it is so important.

  98. 149

    “While others might hear, “diaper-changer, food-maker, car-pooler, bottle-washer, laundry-doer, sweat pants-wearer, no-brain, mushy, washed up, life-on-hold” wanna be doing anything else woman, the Truth, whether it feels like it some days or not, is that we are in fact a shelter from the storm. We are a Cape of Good Hope. We are the warriors who will battle for our children’s hearts, souls, attention, innocence, and memories.”

    So thankful for your words! Spent last night heartbroken over words with my beautiful 14 yr. old. It feels like failure, inadequacy and wanting to run and hide until these teen years are through! This morning the Lord has used you and the lovely Ann V. to encourage me and remind me to continue the fight for my children’s hearts!

  99. 150
    Jennifer Wright says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I have to say I’ve never been more distressed & disgusted by what I subjected myself to last night. I can’t tell you how GRATEFUL I am that we were busy & decided to dvr it & watch later. We ended up fast-forwarding (thankfully!) through most of 1/2 time & I’m still trying to scrub my brain of the sickening godaddy commercial. While I’m sure that in comparison to some of their past commercials it wasn’t “that bad”, it was still such a disgusting display of gross-ness that I wish so badly I could un-see it. Above all, as a mother of a 2 year old daughter & a son on the way, I’m thankful that we put our daughter to bed before watching the majority of what we recorded.

  100. 151

    Thank you for writing this. You articulated what I was feeling so much better than I could, or have been. After the GoDaddy commercial I was thankful my 8 yo boy decided he wasn’t interested in the game. I had already made up my mind that he wasn’t watching the halftime show. I put him in my big tub & let him play for almost an hour, tucked him into my bed & let him watch Disney movies until the game was over. He missed some of the more offensive commercials. As I watched them from a mom’s perspective though, I was horrified. It’s a sad state of affairs when I am tempted to spend my money on Budweiser (I don’t like beer) & buy a Dodge truck.

  101. 152

    I have a 10yr old, sheltered one or so I’m learning. However, I pray the protections over his precious mind, body, and soul as well. It’s good to hear I am not alone and the feelings that this uninhibited world is overwhelming sometime. I am putting all my bets that the prayers I am do fervently praying will be answered. The war for our men is a fierce one and one that I will fight hard and long for.

  102. 153

    I, too, so struggled with all this, Lisa-Jo. I am ticked off and am thankful for the words you put to all this crap and feelings of frustration and powerlessness. We are not powerless. Thank you for your woman and mama bold. AMEN!

  103. 154

    You could watch the superbowl and turn off the TV or change the channel during commercials – the game is still fun. :)

    I’m going to see about switching to something else as well, I have so many domains with GoDaddy and hosting and, it sounds like quite a job to switch, but I just finally might.

  104. 160

    Frankly I think this is all ridiculous. I agree with you, the show was full of smut. I don’t get how it’s surprising. We have the ability to fast forward and we spent a few years with only Netflix because the commercials are so bad. I especially hate the ones for crime shows. So it took me a while to figure out what people are up in arms about. We watched the show last night and we missed te garbage by the power of a little button with two arrows on it. Shouldn’t this be the rule for all television? If you aren’t able to control it then don’t use it. This is nothing new. Covering your child’s eyes is really silly because it makes what you are hiding more interesting. Why are all these parents hiding their children’s eyes? It’s insane. Take control. Turn it off. Talk about it. Don’t give it power or allure? Im truly baffled by the eye covering bit. It’s making me crazy.

  105. 162

    Wow. Great post! I saw the first half of the game last night and couldn’t believe the commercials. We all sat in awkward silence during that Go Daddy commercial. Blah.

    I think it’s time for us, as mothers, to take a stand. If that “stand” is shutting off the TVs then so be it.

  106. 163
    Mitch Mosler says:

    I also found this years Super Bowl commercial outrageous and very vulgar. It was like immature teenage boys had put these together. The only notable one was “The Farmer” narrated by Paul Harvey. It is hard to shield our kids from this but we are there first line of defense and I will defend.


  107. 164

    As a single man, heterosexual and enjoying the company of a lady. the Go-Daddy add made me sick. and Beyonce, or “Bouncy” had one dance move and it is for the bedroom. After about 60 seconds of it I had to pause the show and go get my snacks refilled then come back and skip her stuff.
    But the game was great! Used to be people had parties and even non-footballers watched the superbowl for the adds and 1/2 time show, well now you better enjoy football – its no longer a an acceptable social event.
    Sorry for the stuff your boys saw,

  108. 165

    I, too, want to say ‘thank you’ for your post. My sons are 16 and 13 years of age…while I am not under any illusions that they are completely unaware of the filth that can be found on t.v. I do monitor the programs they watch. They know which programs are appropriate and which ones are not and I can trust their judgement. However, I do not believe ‘filth’ should be an issue when watching a sporting event, unless of course that’s the type event you are watching which would not be the case with my family. I know that each year the advertisers think a bigger, better, more controversial commercial will be just the ticket to a record breaking sales year, I got that. But where does it stop stop? I completely understand your discouragement, frustration, embarrassment, anger and yes, even shame, while trying to give your precious children an explanation for the filth. I have prayed over my boys everyday and every night, that God would guard their hearts, their eyes, their minds and their ears. I do not think, nor want, my teenagers subjected to that type of garbage either. Everywhere they look they are bombarded with sexual messages. Do my teenagers really need to watch Beyonce’ and her dancers shake their business all over the screen? No, they don’t and they didn’t because they turned it off during halftime, that was their choice and I applaud them for it. But really, it was FOOTBALL… had I wanted to see that type of entertaintment I would buy a ticket to her concert. It is really sad to me that even if we had not watched the Superbowl and witnessed the premier of these commercials, they will still be subjected to them during regular programming. Something needs to change and we as parents need to stand up and be counted.

  109. 166

    Lisa-Jo, praying that prayer alongside you today!

  110. 167

    The Lord has not blessed my husband and me with children but I am more thankful than ever that we didn’t even turn on the Superbowl this year. I get so tired of the in-your-face violence and sex that we invite into our homes via television. Thank you for your post. Fight the good fight with your little ones. You won’t be sorry you did. Thank the Lord everyday that He has trusted you with their care.

  111. 168

    The one that bugged me the most was the Audi one, but I didn’t even watch the GoDaddy one since theirs have been so appalling in the past.

    I totally agree with you here, Lisa Jo, I just wanted to add that those of us who are work-outside-the-home moms care about this stuff, too. I care about the messages my kid gets, and I strive to protect him even though I leave the house to go to work every day, usually in non-sweatpants. :)

    • 169

      Oh girl absolutely, absolutely. I’ve been a work outside the home mom and a work from home mom. And I still work full time. Totally my bad if it sounded like only stay home moms care about this stuff. Just chalk it up to unclear writing. Thank you for grace,

  112. 170

    I quite agree with you about the “suck face” commercial. _I_ was embarrassed to watch it.
    Beyonce is a talented performer; it’s a shame she had to so sexualize herself in the half-time show.

  113. 171

    I am so glad you poste this. I can not read it an not say the obvious. Why were you even shocked? yes,it was horriffic. But really ladies? In love, I have to say that you all should of known better. Unless you have been really out of the loop the past few years, , it is well known that the commercials and entertainment are not appropriate for children during the supersbowl. I don’t even think it is wise for men to be watching either. ( neither do women need that in their brains) So, please, Think before you turn these things on “hoping” for the best.

  114. 173

    What a great reminder that we as parents are the gatekeepers of the home. What we allow does impact us and our children! I missed the football joy the super bowl, but now am more then ever glad that we kept the TV off and preserved our home from a breach of the gates! May God’s wisdom, grace, and strength guide us as we seek to combat the influences thrown at us that do not line up with our values.

  115. 174

    Amen! Just like you, I am very upset at how naive I was in letting my 6 year old son watch the game last night. Thankfully, though, I am pretty sure he was distracted thru most of the commercials (we don’t have cable or DVR…just good old fashioned t.v. antenna). I was appalled by most of the ads as well, and am so glad to read your post and all of the other comments letting me know I am not alone! I have learned my lesson, and next year we will not be watching!

    I also applaud those of you leaving GoDaddy!!!!!!

  116. 175

    A friend posted your blog and I have to say that this makes me feel amazing. By boys are 2.5 and 4 and all I could think after the half time show was the questions I am going to be answering in the future and if we will even be able to watch things like a football game in ten years because of the commercials and sexuality they will see. I am so confused on how to teach them that the sex they see on tv is not love and marriage really is. How we will teach them what is important and how to value a woman. Fortuantely they have an amazing example as a father of how to love a woman the right way. Your blog helped me confirm that I am not a prude or old or crazy to be bothered by what I saw. Thank you for sharing.

  117. 176

    Well said; Keep writing.
    Yes, it was pretty sad.

  118. 177

    It is interesting to me that I have read so many mama’s upset about the controversy with the ad’s and the halftime show. As a mama of a 6 and 7 year old boys my plan was always to monitor those and turn if necessary. The larger issue in our house was that of the un-sportsmanlike conduct between almost all plays. Here these “MEN” make million upon million upon million and acted like street rats. Trying to get into physical altercations when the plays were not going their way. Both my boys are adopted from Ethiopia in the last 2 years and all they kept saying is mama why are they being so mean it is only a game no one is going to die if they do not win.


  119. 178

    A family friendly game of football shouldn’t have the words, “Avert your eyes!” in it. at all. Since when is football just for middle-aged men anyway?!

  120. 179

    You said what I felt better than I could ever say it.

    Thank you!

  121. 180

    The trying to take the shirt off the lady was the commercial that my son was upset by as well. He’s young, so he only got to stay up until 8, but it was early enough for that commercial. He was angry at the bad man for touching someone when they’re sleeping, because it’s not nice to try and make people naked when they’re asleep. I didn’t know what to say, and felt annoyed at being put in the position of trying to explain it.

    My only disagreement with your article is the turning the channel one. I get that it’s an option, but turning the channel doesn’t solve the problem. It’s like telling women not to dress like sluts if they don’t want to get raped. The problem is the culture that tells advertisers that these ads are acceptable. I shouldn’t have to shield my son from ads during a sporting event. It’s not a late night movie or a program that comes with a viewer discretion warning, it’s a football game. A game at which children were involved in the opening, children were in the stands and on the sidelines. The NFL markets merchandise to children.

    I do agree with expressing my feelings with my wallet, however. I have a domain name (not one I currently use) registered and parked with Go Daddy. That will be changing, and I will be registering it elsewhere.

  122. 181

    Preach it! I’m not surprised by these nasty, ugly messages and images, but that doesn’t make me any less horrified and disgusted. My job as a mom is to protect my children – physically, mentally and spiritually – so our rule is close your eyes during commercials, any commercials, even during kids shows or on the retro channels. And sometimes we mute, too. These days, I even turn down the volume during radio commercials. We all need to let our wallets do the talking along with phone calls and emails. All too often, we let those who support these degrading exhibitions be the only voices heard.

  123. 182

    Between the commercials, which are banal and insipid, to the game itself, which is violent and harmful to the athletes, to the obsession and money our culture throws at it, which is blatant idolatry: I’m done.

    I appreciate that it’s a national arena, that it’s something cultural that used to be fun. But I asked myself yesterday: Would I watch the gladiators kill each other with my friends and neighbors just because it’s a popular pastime?

  124. 183
    Wendi Burchart says:

    I have no idea what commercial you are talking about and I can not tell you how glad I am to be saying that! The kids and I did not watch last night, whew! God gave me a horrible migraine for a reason yesterday! Kids and I went to bed instead if staying up to watch. Sadly, it is everywhere:(. We encountered Victoria’s Secret commercials while watching the Brady Bunch online. My girls couldn’t figure out why women would walk around in their underwear with wings…uggggh!

  125. 184

    Amen and amen.

    Thank you. THANK YOU for saying what I’ve been thinking and feeling for a very long time now. I will be subscribing and “stealing” this today to direct people to your blog.

    If we won’t fight for our babies, who will?

  126. 185

    This was so well put! I agree with what one person said, even since the Janet Jackson half time show happened, things have seemed much more adult and of sexual nature. We changed the channel for commercials and half time show, as we do not watch tv any other time as well. This world has become so desensitized to evil, and my heart hurts for what our children will have to grow up in. We can only do our best in instilling in them what it is to live clean lives where the Lord is the center focus, and pray that the Lord protects their eyes and hearts from the world around.

  127. 186


    While I completely understand the outrage felt by mothers of young children at the content of the commercials, I do feel the need to offer some gentle counter-points. Please do not take any of this as an attack; merely observations from a fellow mother of three (ages 21, 19, and 17).

    First and foremost: Please stop beating the snot out of yourself for “failing” your kids or being “naive” at watching the game. As parents, part of the example we need to teach our kids is that sometimes we make decisions based on what we think is right at the time. If that decision is a mistake, then we own the mistake, figure out where we went wrong, learn from it, and most importantly, forgive ourselves for it. Wailing and whining over the fact that a kid got scared or upset accomplishes nothing. Instead, use this opportunity to teach your child whatever religious or social mores you embrace. Your kid was tweaked by the guy trying to take the woman’s shirt off? Reinforce that with him that it was completely wrong for him to do that. Talk to your kid, on whatever age level they can comprehend, about what we *should* do. Refuse to let fear reign in your home and in your hearts. It’s counterproductive.

    Second: While protecting your kids is never a bad thing, keeping them sheltered from reality is. Your child is going to encounter bits and pieces of media simply by being in society. And no, I am not advocating for a 4 year old to be shown an R rated movie here. What I am saying is that if you want your kids to turn away, or refuse to watch certain content, then you need to have the discussion. You need to sit with them and overcome your own embarrassment and your own fears for their sakes. It’s called parental sacrifice. Sending an unarmed child into society having no sense of direction is as bad as a parent making a child petrified of dogs simply because the parent is petrified of dogs. It’s irresponsible.

    I commend Lisa-Jo for her words, and for her extremely helpful alternative to GoDaddy for ISP/web-hosting services. But instead of simply stalking around the house, outraged, we as parents should communicate with our children, and arm them with the values and morals we hold sacred based on a true understanding and acceptance of them, instead of simply shoving them down their throats without explanation.


  128. 187

    We didn’t watch much of it-downton abbey was on :) but, we’ve seen the commercials and the performers before and it makes me sad for your boys, sad for our girls, and so grateful that we know this world is not our home. As hard as it is to battle through these issues knowing Christ, where do you even begin if you are without Him?

  129. 188

    We have lost our shame.
    We just shake our heads and turn our eyes away?
    The images don’t go away; pornography is addictive to our young sons. Look at the stats.
    So groups like the AAP tell us to take back the family by controlling our kids’ access: but it doesn’t happen. It’s too hard to take that TV out of the room and control our kids’internet use. Really?
    The Super Bowl is the number 1 annual event in the United States for human trafficking: that’s in our country and with our girls!
    It’s about time we Mommas stand up and say, “It is enough”.
    The mothers in Africa did… against much diress; against men with big guns staring back at them. Why can’t we? NO MORE APATHY.

  130. 189
    Stacey Werner says:

    oh dear sister, my heart goes out to you and those young boys. As we watched here in Mexico on the Spanish Fox Sports channel, I realized oh we are seeing commercials from Mexican television and won´t see any of the so talked about commercials in the U.S., for a moment felt like something was missing from the event, but didn´t think about it again until you eased my mind that God´s ways are mysterious for blessing me. My son, who has no father figure and little male influence was able to spend a few hours mixing with a few other men talking the lingo, feeling the adrenaline, not having to be exposed to the rest. Just when I am having such a difficult time being on this little island after all of these years, you have helped me find a bit of acceptance and peace about where God has my dear 13 year old boy Jacob and I. May God´s peace wash over your feelings. He is sovereign. And He will reign forever, regardless of what the world does.

  131. 190

    Yes, yes, yes. I am right there with you on this. We had to send our kids (ages 7, 5, 3, and 1) out of the room. The GoDaddy commercial was really upsetting, even for me as an adult. It was so uncomfortable. I was shocked that something like that could be aired during a “family” event. It is about “sheltering” my children because I don’t think that is a good thing, but, even more, I do not think it is good for young children to exposed to crude, adult-themed commercials during something that should be appropriate for young people. Now I know why I only let them watch Netflix and PBS. When they are older, they can make some of these decisions for themselves, but for now, we, their parents, can decide what is appropriate for their eyes.

  132. 191

    For the very same reasons and unfortunate experiences, we decided when our boys were small to not have television any more at home. But we kept the tv for watching wonderful movies together as a family (rented from the dvd store or ordered from amazon). Now our boys are 12 and 15 and have no interest in tv at all. They are also not fans of movie halls, (even though their Dad writes film scripts!) But as a family we still get a great kick out of watching a great film together cuddled on the couch…and not a single advertisement to worry about. Thank you so much for bringing up this hugely important topic.

  133. 192

    Thanks for this; a wake-up call for me, a mama to an 8-month-old.

  134. 193

    After reading this and several fb posts from friends who were very disappointed at all of the garbage during the Superbowl, I am so very thankful for my husband’s wisdom in the decision he made for our family last night. He set the DVR to record the game & suggested we wait an hour or so before we start the game. Kickoff was at 4:30 our time, so we waited till about 6pm to start it up. That gave us a great deal of freedom to enjoy the game & the creative, clean commercials at our choosing & skip the raunchy stuff. We got to enjoy the experience & protect our hearts, including those of our little boys who are almost 4 & 7 yrs old.
    We were just at home so it was easy to do that. You don’t have that same luxury if you go to a Superbowl party at someone else’s home, unless they are on the same page as you. I say we create a new phenomenon, “The Family-Friendly Superbowl Experience” and refuse to let the TV & ad execs determine what we are going to put into our minds. Next year, I think we’ll have to share it with our friends & invite over any of them who would also like to enjoy a clean Superbowl experience with their family.

  135. 194

    Thank-you. I’m glad to know I’m far from the only one that feels this way and is saddened by what our world is letting itself become. We don’t have tv, but we do enjoy watching football online or at my brothers. The commercials make me mad though. They’re ruining what could be family fun of just watching a game. Even during the season. So many are so focused on sexuality or they’re advertising some horrific show or movie.

    I sent my kiddos out of the room during the half-time show and washed dishes myself. {We weren’t at home either.} And while we need to be teaching them why we have values and we have choices to make all through life, I am frustrated that we can’t just enjoy a football game.

  136. 195
    Apryle Rubio says:

    Hi Lisa-Jo,
    Thank you for posting this!
    It is so very disturbing that the Superbowl ads & show have become so overtly sexual!
    I’m so thankful that my husband did not care enough to watch it on the big-screen in our livingroom, but instead was completely content to watch it in our bedroom, and let the children watch what they wanted on that tv!! But I’m even more thankful that we go to a church that has an evening service that he was way more excited for- not even caring that he would miss the second half of the game!! (conveniently the first-half ended when it was time to get ready & go to church!!)

  137. 196

    Thank you so much for this post! It really leaves me with a dilemma right now! Fortunately, I missed the Super Bowl. I was too busy trying to keep my 2 little guys out of a pool at a backyard Super Bowl party. They were too busy to even notice the 3 screens set up outside. We didn’t stay long due to bedtimes. I wanted to look into this commercial after someone mentioning the company. My husband and I own and operate a screen printing business to help support me being home with our kids. This commercial that you mentioned was for our main shirt suppliers. We do about 85-90% of our work on that brand of shirt. I will definitely be writing them a letter and my husband and I have to consider whether or not we can continue using them. I am SOOO beyond disappointed in this company! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. It’s time for us to start taking business elsewhere and showing these advertising companies we won’t put up with this garbage any longer!!!!

  138. 197

    Did you realize that your blog is hosted by GoDaddy? I shared this article on Facebook (because I was disgusted a lot last night too, and I have a 7-month-old boy whose innocence I fear for), and a very tech-savvy friend pointed out that your blog is hosted by GoDaddy.

    • 198

      Gah, Kayla, I do. Blech and blech and in about 15 minutes it won’t be anymore. I’ve been researching and working to make the switch over today. And as crazy as it sounds I honestly had no clue up till last night that gross is pretty much the brand standard for GoDaddy. No one is more horrified than me that they’ve been my host. I’m on hold with NameDotCom as I type this and they’re making final tweaks to get everything moved over stat.

  139. 200

    THANK YOU for your post, and for being brave by standing up for your family. Based on past superbowls (well, really any television now), we were prepared. Candyland with my young son was a great distraction from the commercials. He was allowed to watch the game, but as soon as it went to commercial, we had him turn away from the television, the volume went down, and Candyland took over.

    ANY time we watch t.v., one of us sits with the remote in our hands, ready to turn the channel at a moment’s notice. On top of that, we have taught our son that there are things that are not good for “little eyes” (“Oh, be careful little eyes what you see” – anyone remember this song?) both on the television, and on billboards as well as magazines. You can’t avoid it as much as you try. We feel it’s best to teach our children while they are young that this stuff is NOT good for your eyes or brain and it’s best to just look away until it passes.

    Thank You for your ministry!

  140. 201

    Luckily, my kids are too young or even care about watching TV unless it is PBS. The Superbowl was and has always been overly exaggerated with the commercials and performances for quite a few years now. They glorify everything that is wrong for “entertainment” or fiscal purposes. When did morals get pushed back for “entertainment”?

  141. 202

    I appreciate this post so much. You stated exactly what I feel, and did it far more eloquently than I could. Thank you!! I posted a link to your blog, this post, at my blog. http://itsthelittlethings4.blogspot.com/2013/02/super-bowl-clean-up-please.html

  142. 203

    Amen and AMEN! Well said, sister! I’m glad for moms like you who aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right. And what we call “entertainment” today is FAR from it. I didn’t watch much as I was distracted by cooking and caring for little ones, but I was appalled when that kissing commercial came on at the exact moment my four year old daughter and three year old son walked in the room and stared mesmerized at the screen. I wish I could wash that memory from their brains…because even at three and four, they remember far more than I give them credit for.

  143. 204

    Thank you so much for such an eloquent post. Every word rang true, and your prayer brought tears to my eyes. Bless you.

  144. 205

    Oh MAMA! I have one foot with Jesus and one foot with the world and you just kneed me in the inbetween. I didn’t think of it with my 2 & 4 year old girlie pies, but I talked with them today about how the things we say and hear and think stay in our brains, how magical that God created us this way but that we must be careful. I was motivated by my veryownself singing Veggie tales songs moments after my eldest had stopped singing them. The words catching in my ears, GOOD words….but then there are the bad songs I listen too, the moments I am unguarded….Your post is painful and moving. THANK YOU.

  145. 206

    May there always be mothers who get “hot” and defend the minds and lives of their sons and daughters. “Defense! Defense!” (Just had to make football a metaphor!)

  146. 207

    What has our society come to? Lisa-Jo, all I can say (with tears in my eyes) is that this world is so far from what God intended that it makes me sick. I long for Heaven. Our boys don’t stand a chance without the hope of Jesus, without the light of the world. I’m heartbroken that so much of what should be a fun and normal part of growing up as a boy (or girl for that matter) has become an r-rated version that young eyes must be shielded from. It saddens me so much. Thank you for writing this. Hugs from Nashville, my friend.

  147. 208

    Thank you for writing this; for taking a stand and leading by example; for encouraging young women like myself, who will one day find themselves being mothers and praying hard to raise children after God’s own heart, to be strong Godly mothers.
    “We are a Cape of Good Hope. We are the warriors who will battle for our children’s hearts, souls, attention, innocence, and memories.” I look forward to being this kind of mom some day!! :)

  148. 209

    I just got a chance to sit down and read this post (its monday evening, 6:00 est) and I wanted to cry. I feel the burning heartache of what our boys and girls have to grow up with….and even though we can change channels and shop differently, it’s the world we live in. It’s disheartening. We came in on the game late, saw a few stupid commercials, none that were inappropriate and then caught the halftime show, I don’t know why I sat through the first song, but by the time the second one started, I realized I had only one choice….turn it off. When did music artists stop being “artists” and become sex objects. Lord save our young women and men from the lies that media feeds them and give us mommas and pappas the strength to always fight for their little hearts and minds <3 Thanks Lisa-Jo for not letting the words cool!!

  149. 210

    Imagine watching the halftime show with your 5 year old girl, who loves music and performances and sees what beyonce was doing. I wish I could bleach that out too. Nobody cares that children are watching. We are an r rated world now. and it makes me sick.

  150. 211

    So good and well-said, Lisa-Jo!! We watched the game with friends. Fortunately, they were friends who share our “prude and outdated” morality so a blanket was thrown over the muted TV during commercials. (We were old-school.) My heart aches for the scene your boys endured and for your mama’s heart that is called to respond. Thank you for your voice…and your soapbox!!

  151. 212

    Thank you. Thank you for having the words to articulate the very thoughts going on in my head and heart last night when I turned off the tv in absolute disgust.

  152. 213

    Thank you for writing this Lisa-Jo. I didn’t see it and neither did my boys but I will remember this when the time comes for them to watch–I probably wouldn’t have even thought of it otherwise. That’s what I get for living without commercials for a while. Thanks for reminding us of our call to be a shelter…. I’m sorry you had to experience this unlovely bit of America and that your boys were exposed to it too.

  153. 214

    I switched from GoDaddy years ago because of its disgusting advertising. When I called to cancel, the customer service guy asked why I was leaving. I said, “I find your advertising offensive and don’t want my site or my money associated with it. ” He made fun of me and said, “You know you can change the channel, right?”

    Great company, very responsible and community-oriented.

  154. 215

    We have been media free for about 4 years and I can’t even imagine what took place, but its a great thing you are drawing attention to it through your platform.

    If we are God’s children, he views me like you view your boys. Why would I not feel just as protective of my own innocence, just like my sweet son and daughter?

  155. 216

    I see so many comments here complaining about commercials and media. The simple answer, and the most profound and easy way to protect children in our home, is to to turn the tv off completely. There are plenty of wholesome movies, tv series to rent, and books to read. The trade off for having a few favorited shows or channels available is not worth it.

  156. 217

    I’m so sorry. This breaks my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your “hot” words, Lisa-Jo. They have added a necessary sobering to my dreams and plans as I think about mothering the little boy growing inside me. I find I’m more worried about how just to handle this little one’s heart than I am with my daughter’s.

    It’s also helped me start processing some of the ugly aspects of home in America. We’re returning home from the mission field this summer, and it’s very easy for me to idealize the land of goat cheese and t-shirts from where I sit.

  157. 218

    I so agree. I was trying to find the remote when that commercial came on! My third grader was tuned in for a school project to see what the ads targeted. I was going for Oreos, Pepsi, or milk….and got that. I did like the God made a farmer Ram commercial. Sadly the kids were in bed then

  158. 219

    I totally agree. You couldn’t pay me to watch the Superbowl with my kids. We are also a commercial free home. We rent from the library or watch shows on Amazon Prime. We also screen movies through kids-in-mind.com before watching together. Some things, I cannot prevent. But what I can prevent and don’t, those are the moments that make me sorry.

    Thanks for putting it so eloquently.

  159. 220

    I understandd your frustration but if you were seriously concerned about your children you would not have let them watch the commercials and asked the host to turn it off or you could have left. Don’t whine about the depravity after allowing your children to watch it.

  160. 221

    Have been boycotting for a while. I don’t use GoDaddy, don’t drink beer, don’t buy the t-shirts in question, and enjoy driving by Hardee’s on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I believe it will take not only boycotting the businesses but turning off the game completely. It pains me for our young men. It is sad when the Budweiser commercial has more family values than a Kia commercial.

  161. 222

    I am not your mother. But if I was your mother I would tell you how proud I am of you. Proud of you for saying what is truth. Proud of you for caring so much what your children see and hear. Proud of you for going to God and asking for that hedge of protection. We have all been silent too long, so we won’t offend anyone, because of their freedom of speech. You can call me what you want if you disagree – but what I am is a child of God and it is Him, and Him only, I am accountable to. Thank you Lisa-Jo.

  162. 223

    For those who love sports stories, ESPN has a series called “30 for 30” and our family loves watching them together. They take famous games or players and tell the back story. We have all learned about some really interesting events and people. They are well done and clean. We have enjoyed almost ever single one.

  163. 224

    amen. our boys aren’t allowed to look at the tv during any football commercials and we have them leave the room even until the game restarts. we pause the tv or turn. it is ridiculous and was especially this year. my out loud remark to my grandma when the half time show started was, “no wonder so many have a problem with pornography.” we turned it off.

    • 225

      my the way, we have never owned a tv and simply watch football at my parents’ house with my extended family. because we don’t own a tv, we are especially careful about commercials anytime we watch football with them. i am glad they agree and are willing to pause so we can fast forward the commercials or just turn half time off so we don’t have to watch it.

  164. 226

    My husband and I didn’t watch the superbbowl so we didn’t see thhe commercial. You described, but I am certain my 16, 18, and soon to be 20yr old sons who were with their Dad (myex) did, and it breals my heart!

    I thank you for posting this. The world needs women to stand up for what is right and true. We are the guardians of the hearth, and the keepers of our childrens hearts. They need us…thhe world needs us…God needs us.

    I cried hearing off your story, and I pray that God will healwhat has been hurt. May God bless you and your sweet family.

  165. 227
    Sandra Skevington says:

    What a wonderful blog. Thank you so much for sharing. As a fellow mother it warms my heart to hear words so close to mine.

  166. 228

    We did not watch the Super Bowl this year. A big reason was because of the rauchy commercials and shocking half time shows that seem to be the norm now. Unfortunately things keep getting worse & worse. Commercials have been horrible for a long time. I clearly remember 12 years ago when my oldest girls were 4 & 2. (They are now 17 & 14.) We would be watching ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and I would have to turn it off when the commercials came on. Sometimes when distracted I didn’t grab the remote soon enough. Then I would have to yell out, “Eyes!” and my girls knew to immediately shut & avert their eyes. I was shocked even back then that watching a family show at 10 in the morning I still had to protect my girls from seeing things that would either give them nightmares or were so inappropriate I would close my eyes as well. I don’t ever remember that happening when I was growing up.
    We need to start standing up and demanding morals & values again. We’ve been quiet way too long.

  167. 229

    We happened to watch some of the game on the internet and missed most of the commercials. Most of the time, I think the commercials are worse than the programs they show on TV anymore. We haven’t had cable for over 1 1/2 years now and I sure don’t miss it!

  168. 230
    Hallie Doyle says:

    Thank you SO much for this. I stewed in bed last night wanting to post on Facebook how appalled I was. I finally did write that post. Many of the ads were really fun and creative. I gotta say, though, that I was appalled at the indecency of many. I know, I know…I don’t have to let my 10 yr old sons watch, and I can turn the channel for the ads…it’s a free country. But, what about this…what about the fact that 2 very talented, highly respected therapist friends have told me in the last month that 60 and 80 percent of their practices involve porn addictions? One friend told me about the 12 year old son of a friend who is at a rehab for porn addiction. Obviously, it’s my job to screen what my boys see–and I do with VERY limited screen time–bummer that I can’t do a redo on this one! The research on how easily influenced a boy’s brain is by porn is frightening. I loved the ad about where babies come from. I can handle (already had long ago) that conversation. The ad brought up a good conversation. But, I can’t wipe clean the vision (just like you mentioned, Lisa-Jo) my boys got of the young pimply boy “sucking face” with the model (sound effects and all)–YUCK. Maybe I’m not esoteric enough, but was that gross or what? I grew up on football…such a bummer that it has to be sexed up to sell.

  169. 231

    Right on the money. I teach about media influence in college and with every passing year, I’ve become more convinced that it’s a superhuman feat to resist the values of sexuality, violence, and materialism that are cultivated in us, day in, day out, across the media show. For example, did you all know that about 80% of all kids’ cartoons contain acts of violence? So in 2004, I sold my TV. Now that I have a 3-year-old and another one on the way, I know that was one of the best decisions in life. It’s nearly impossible to control kids’ exposure to insanity on TV. My kid still watches some cartoons but we use online video and Safari Ad Blocker or we download things to our computer. Above all, we read, play, and go outside instead. Now when a big sporting event happens, we’ll usually stream it.

  170. 232

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! You put into words everything I have been trying to say to so many. I cried, you read my heart! With you 100% I am sorry that you had to have that conversation with them, but so thankful that you love, honor, and teach them how to to be men of integrity, respect, courage, and love, real love! I will be praying for you! A few friends and I started fasting and praying on Mondays. We call it MOMS No Munch Monday. We believe that God is calling us to pray for their hearts, their emotions, their wills, their very existence. We are on fb if you would like to join us, we would be honored!
    It breaks my heart, that so many do not see, that these images shape who our boys will be when they are men. When they see these things, will they question a woman’s no? Will they remember that image, that told them, “if it feels good, do it!” Will they lead their families in truth, will they been men that are courageous to stand up for what they believe, or will they cower down to what the world says they are. As the mother of 3 boys, and one princess, I am convinced that God is calling us to rise up an army of young men that will fight the fight of honor, truth, and love, in the name of all that is good, Jesus Christ.
    I am reminded of a show my husband and I watch, “The Next Great Baker” on TLC. Last night, the show revolved around mother’s and the influence they have had on the contestants. Their challenge was to make a cake, that described what they felt was a good reflection of their mom. It was a wonderful example of how we, as mothers, have such an impact on our children’s lives. As they created these cakes, Buddy brought out his mother, and his wife, to judge the cakes. He spoke about how he wouldn’t be where he is today without her.
    Lately, I have been looking for what other’s have to say about their mothers, the relationship that they have with them, and how they feel about their mothers. I have found that the correlation between the mother and the child, and the relationship that they have as an adult and the character of the child, is a direct result of the mother’s intent to instill purpose, honor, LOVE, respect, gentleness, protection, etc into the child. What the mother gave, the child (grown child) is.
    When you hear you are just a baby bottle washer, diaper changing, laundry doing, boring house wife, you rise up, with your chin held high, and know that you are doing the most courageous job known to man, the job that changes history as we know it.
    Thank you, again!

  171. 233

    I was just talking with one of my friends about how we fear what in the world the ads and halftime show will be like when our children are older and able to understand. My heart breaks for what your sons saw, but they are blessed to have you to lead and guide them through this dark world, pointing them to the only Light.

  172. 234

    I can’t even imagine what it must have felt like to watch the superbowl as a family with young children because as a 25 year old I watched it with my parents and we had way too many awkward moments. It was such a shame because I remembered when the commercials actually used to be funny instead of all about sex. Beyonce’s performance was also just as bad a Janet Jackson’s performance the year that her breast popped out of her outfit. She was on stage practically naked and I’m pretty confused as to when moaning, oohing and breathing heavy became the same thing as singing. She sounded like she was having sex on stage. At that point I changed the channel.

  173. 235

    Hi- I didn’t read through all your comments, so maybe someone has already suggested this, but I taught my kids from a very young age to put their eyes down when necessary. I just say, “eyes down” and they look at the ground. That way, they can still see enough to not trip, if we are out walking around without seeing the offensive object. This works in the car with offensive billboards, in the mall with offensively dressed people, and in front of the TV. It gives us time to get the TV off or change channels. You can even teach it to them using some kind of signal so you aren’t drawing attention to it.

  174. 236
    Brenden Taylor says:

    Thanks for the post! We just don’t watch TV on Sunday, (or any day, really. We don’t subscribe to any cable, dish or online service because we just got tired of all the trash) there are just too many other worthwhile things to do. Sometimes we might put in a movie on Sunday evening if it will help them learn something gospel oriented or supplement a principle, but the general rule is the TV stays off. We don’t go to places where it will be on, either. The kids know Sunday is a day to stay home and interact with family. Once the meetings and duties of the day are done, we read together, talk together, play games, have family council, etc. It isn’t for visiting at a friends house, having sleep-overs, doing a cook-out with neighbors in the back-yard, or other extensions of our social life. As much as I like sports, the Superbowl, or any sporting event on Sunday, is not part of our family’s life, and never will be. Isaiah 58:13

  175. 237

    Mrs. Baker, your writing is true. i cannot think of a higher compliment to give. thank you for sharing.

    -a future father

  176. 239

    I’m not your mama either, but if I was I would be shocked that you are so shocked! The Super Bowl hasn’t been for children for YEARS!! And neither is regular television….at the very least you would want to tape it and play it later…but no, it’s not for children.

  177. 240

    Personally, I did not write about it. Not on my blog and not on facebook. There were simply no words that I could come up with that would do justice to all that I was feeling. But, you spoke for me and I thank you. I shared your words on facebook and I will link them to my blog (let me know if I shouldn’t.)

    I couldn’t be more grateful that you allowed your fingers to pen the truth. Well done, Sister, well done indeed!!

  178. 241

    Wow. Read all the posts. Possibly missed something due to the volume of comments. Didn’t see anyone mention that their church cancelled service for the game. Our church did in order for small groups to “fellowship” in houses while watching the game. It instantly struck me as wrong
    when I learned of the cancellation. Not because I watch the game or tv for that matter. I remember 20 something years ago that many churches would host a big screen viewing of the game as a fellowship time. Needless to say times were indeed different.
    What a shocker after reading all the content posted here! Who in their right mind would want to fellowship around this?
    Did I mention that in the prior Sunday night’s service an articulate female minister in same denomination advocated for human rights presenting the eyeopening issues to many unaware
    people including the new film Trade of Innocents? Her inclusion was planned and welcomed by staff.
    I will pray strongly about how to handle discussing this with the senior pastor. I definitely am convicted not to remain silent. Many well articulated words are in the posts above to carry with me.
    Any of your thoughts are appreciated and I realize I am in on the end of this day’s comments.

  179. 242

    So glad to read this and see so many comments! Its so discouraging that there is SO much to guard our children from. I am encouraged that so many moms are feeling the same way i do. My boys are just 3 and 8 months and I worry about how bad things will be when they are older. Thank you for standing for truth and being a great example of a Godly momma!

  180. 243

    I have an 11 year daughter and a 16 year old son. Two seconds into the 1/2 time show my daughter and I left the room . . . after I peeked back in a couple of minutes later. . . I turned off the TV . . . we are teaching our 16 year old to abstain from sex and we thought he could watch the 1/2 time show . . . hmmm. . . what were we thinking? He thinks it’s sad for girl to exploit their bodies . . . he won’t even look at a girl’s cleavage when she has on a low-cut top (which is all around him at school) . . . he looks in their eyes when he talks to them; he comments on amazingly beautiful eyes are :). How can we teach our sons to respect girls and our daughters to not advertise their bodeis, and turn around and let them watch crap like that???? And why would a husband want to sit through that porno show? I understand that to some extent boys will be boys, but it’s our job to draw the line!!! Our society is in a sad state these days . . . we as parents need to pray harder than ever before!!! An innocence has been lost.

  181. 244


    “Studying them as I become a student of the men they are growing into.”

    As a grown-up man who wishes to the good Lord he’da been protected a bit more (yeah… I said it), keep studying. I think your instincts here are spot on here.

  182. 246

    Thank you so much for this thoughtful post. We need to keep the conversation going in our families and with our children. Thanks for the encouragement!

  183. 247

    My family unplugged from the TV probably 23 years ago. BUT, watch movies and some I wish we never watched (like “Seven” and ‘The Stand”) and I get frustrated sometimes because I think its gonna be relatively harmless (the movie) but then..even the kids movies are all harping on “everything is wonderful because you found the girl/guy”. What a crock of you know what……
    Thanks for the encouragement Lisa I need to forge ahead and keep climbing uphill even though I’d rather just lay down.

  184. 248

    UGH! I didn’t watch most of the commercials and DVR’d the Super Bowl. I love football and basketball, but hate those commercials.

    A resource I have used in talking about sex with my kids is a series of books called God’s Design for Sex. The first book is for 3 – 5 year olds. It is very age appropriate and helps start discussions so kids are comfortable asking the embarrassing questions. It has been such a good resource for my family.

  185. 249

    Howzit fellow South African. You would know how crazy everyone is about sport back in SA but I have never really caught on to the the sports in the USA (We moved here in 1998). I have watched 2 Super-bowls one in 1998 and one when the New Orleans Saints played (We were living in Louisiana at the time) and then it was a recorded version on a big screen at church. We watched it after the evening service and all the commercials had been edited out. We tossed out the TV a good few years ago and after some withdrawal symptoms we haven’t looked back. When we first came to the US we lived in Los Angeles and were a bit shocked at the public school system so we ended up Home-Schooling our boys. Two have graduated and we currently have another in 3rd grade (laat lammetjie).

  186. 250

    I did not watch the Superbowl, to be honest, I would rather get my news of the internet. There is so much anger and negativity in the world; I am not burying my head in the sand, but I just don’t want images of terror etc., thrown at me!

    9/11/2001, my son was 10. I was still watching TV, I had gone to pick him up early from school because everything in Chicago shut down that day. I was trying to figure out how to talk with him about what happened, the news came on showing the twin towers, being hit and falling down….my poor innocent son, said. “Cool, what show is this”. I almost died. And trying to explain that this was real, vs what he had seen on TV. HARD HARD HARD!
    Bless you and I love your posts.

  187. 251

    Oh, I am SO glad I am not the only one to feel this way. I sat at my computer in dismay the next day reading all the posts on Facebook about how incredibly funny and clever the commercials were and how amazing the half time show was and all I could wonder was if they had watched the same channel I had? My father-in-law pretty much summed up the half-time show perfectly – a great big, Victoria’s Secret ad. I was so happy my kids weren’t watching, that they were in another room happily oblivious. I don’t understand how we can stand by and applaud the vulgarity, or the appalling thought that millions were paid for the debauchery we witnessed while babies are starving. Sigh. I’m so glad you wrote this.

  188. 252

    I read through most of the comments and I, like them, fully appreciate and agree with what you’ve said. I was disturbed and appalled. My daughter was watching Dumbo on Netflix on the family TV… my hubby and I were watching the game in the office. My son, however was watching with his grandparents. 9 years old and he looked at his Nana with wide eyes during the halftime show and said “Nana… I think this may be a little too s-e-x-y (spelling it out) for me.” LOL… so they changed the channel.

  189. 253

    My wife linked me to this and it 100% reflects how we both feel. We have a simple rule in our house- if it’s not appropriate for our children to watch, it’s not appropriate for us to watch. We honestly practice what we preach. As the father of two boys and a girl, I have the primary responsibility to teach my boys how to treat a woman and to teach my daughter how to dress appropriately in front of men. While talking to them is important, they will mostly take their clues from watching me. My prayer is when they get older they will remember how their daddy only had eyes for mommy…how he would turn his head when something inappropriate came his way…how he would flip the channel and not go back to it if something bad came on…how he never flipped the channel when they walked in because he was hiding something.

    The world may say it’s harmless fun; but it’s not harmless when my daughter feels she is worthless because she can never live up to what’s on tv…it’s not harmless whrn my sons have images seered into their memories that make them think there is something better than the woman they married. It is not harmless fun.

    My boys and girl will know from as early as necessary that Jesus meant what He said…”I tell you the truth- any man that looks upon a woman lustfully has committed adultery with her in his heart.”

    Adultery is not harmless and it’s not fun…and my children will know this.

    God bless….

    Bob T.

  190. 254

    I have long been convinced that it is foolish to open my home to secular, ad-driven, selfish consumerist, sex focused, twisted worldview material like just about all on tv and then to be surprised that it counters everything we are trying to teach our children.

    Why are we shocked about this? Quite frankly, if we are so addicted to amusement that regularly assaults biblical values (from children’s shows on up), then something is really wrong with our brand of Christ-following.

  191. 255

    Thank you so much for these words!! Very well put and said! And I totally agree!! We will not just lie down and let them trample us. We will fight for our children!!

  192. 256

    I see a number of commenters address this from a christian viewpoint but it is definitely a parenting issue, whether christian or not. As a parent I don’t want my daughter exposed to overly sexualized women nor do I want my son to see women objectified.
    And it is everywhere, not just Superbowl! But I hope that there is enough objection to turn the tide on the superbowl commercials- after all if sponsor content is causing people to tune out the event, rather than the event drawing viewers to sponsor ads, the almighty dollar will have spoken.

  193. 257
    June Combs says:

    I totally agree with you! We watch a little TV the Superbowl when they know small children will be watching! Have u heard of One Million Moms ~ she does a great job discouraging advertisers to not run ads on inappropriate TV shows!

  194. 258

    I may be the only “male” in the United States that doesn’t like professional sports especially when it comes to the “Big Games” like the Super Bowl or the World Series. I don’t understand the mentality of the people who go all-out crazy with the paint and decorations the food and “the commercials”!
    I would much rather see a good “chick flick” than to get tied up in that madness and that is what I did again this year.
    My dad told me about a year before he died he didn’t understand where he went wrong in bringing me up, I told him to put his mind at ease, it wasn’t anything that he did or didn’t do it’s just some people are wired up differently than others! I think he was ok with my answer.


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