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Sometimes it’s baseball and apple pie. Sometimes it’s summer under Fourth of July skies and Traverse City cherry festivals. It’s little league and Labor Day and leaning into a country that’s offered me more family and memories than I ever could have imagined at 18. But sometimes home is a line of gumboot dancers stomping their way along back streets of Gold Reef City. It’s a Southern Cross serenade and my own three ululating with the shrieks and wails of glee of bursting through those Jo’burg airport doors. It’s dad with his glasses misted up and Wanda wrapping her arms around all three of my kids. It’s Jackson and Karabo reacquainting across balloons and toy cars.

Sometimes home is a Spur mushroom burger and a tall, cold glass of Appletizer. It’s the boys pushing off as high as they can feet stretched for a purple sky under the Jacaranda tree at the top of my father’s driveway. It’s tea at four in the afternoon, melktert and koeksisters and in the late evenings when kids have finally exhausted themselves asleep it’s droe wors and a glass of Amarula around the fire.

Home tastes like Ouma’s rusks and Five Roses tea. Smells like dry Karoo dirt and jasmine climbing up the outside of our thatch roof cottage. It’s the sound of Joshua and Luke swapping stories and their wives laughing with our kids. It’s Dutch accents and all these syllables of welcome wrapped around us in more languages than Pete would like. It’s a house full of kids in so many different shades of family – all these relationships winding themselves around my sinews and walking me back into a time out of time where I know my people and I speak the language.