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It’s the default that runs through my head when I’m tired or worried or under a mountain of deadline. How ordinary I am. How small and incapable and full of the run-of-the-mill narrative that a hundred hundred mothers have all shared before me. I have a burn mark on my forehead from the curling iron and didn’t grab a belt when I snuck out in the pre-baby awake darkness this morning so my jeans keep needing to be hitched up.

I left all the make up at home.

And my reflection in the rest room mirror tells me that I’m not the 26 year old that lives on the inside anymore. My oustide is a very ordinary car pooling minivan driving mom and I wonder if my stories are necessary. My friend Christie writes about bread and paint colors and gardening and motherhood and I hear God.

I clean the kitchen late at night and I see Annie’s art print – Be Small. Hidden there behind the stack of apples and not-yet-ripe nectarines. It’s a blessing. Be small. I exhale. My smallness, my ordinary makes room for something else. For someone else. For the Spirit of God to sigh through me and change me and I keep coming back to the keyboard because He writes me stories and I am compelled to share them.

Crazy bangs, burned forehead, old sneakers with the comfortable hole in the toe and all.


{Speaking of great words, one of my dearest friends, Holley Gerth, has an amazing book that releases today. Anyone who dreams of being a writer (or has any big dream for that matter) should read You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream. Seriously.}