25 Mar 2013

Giveaway: On being content with where you’re at

This is the longest we’ve ever lived in one place. Its been five years. After moving every two it was hard to get used to the idea of being settled-ish.

And I’ve had a complicated relationship with our rental house.

I’ve talked about it quite a bit over the last five years. How we have been reluctant renters. How I’ve had to learn that your house is only as small as your hospitality. And that it’s really only in this last year that I’ve come to embrace the fact that the size of your house has nothing to do with the size of your life.

It’s taken me eighteen years and three continents to learn that lesson.

My friend Dee is an artist. She makes art with words (my favorite kind) over at RedLetterWords.

She made this print for me. And when it arrived, I cried.

Each city, each street, each country represents so many people. So many memories of places and home comings and shortcomings. Of friends and laughter and loss and heart break. Of roots and rootlessness. Of marriage and each new baby. Of my favorite smells and foods in the world. Of giant leaps in faith and wretched questions. Of three countries and the boy who’s been the common thread in each. From the first apartment we ever shared to the house we are now.

It made me feel a bit like this…

Dee doesn’t often do custom orders. But she’s currently accepting five. Only five. Believe me when I tell you, you want to be one of those five. Or just check out the rest of Dee’s gallery – all Scripture, all meaningful, all beautiful. Perfect for a unique Mother’s Day gift. Here’s how she describes RedLetterWords:

What RedLetterWords is today started as a thought, an idea for Scripture as Art, big and plain for everyone to read.  Bold and readable across the room.  The focal point of my living room. The Art would look like an erased chalkboard. With big text. With scripture that had personal meaning to me. ~ Dee in this interview.

I love Dee’s prints so much, I have an entire gallery wall of them.

UPDATED: GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED: And today along with taking orders for 5 custom prints, she’s offering one reader her choice of a print from the Heart Collection.

I love words.

I love having meaningful words up on my walls.

And after so many years living in between countries, I’m loving roots here for a while.

So tell me, if you could get any of the six RedLetterWords pieces above, which one would it be and why? And you’ll be entered to win it.

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Congrats to Ashley who was the random winner of a RedLetterWords canvas!


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  1. 1
    Elizabeth says:

    I would choose the Loved Really Truly Always print. I liked the simplicity of it, and as someone who is fighting to overcome abuse from my past, the message of God’s real love for me (as opposed to abuse that was often cloaked in terms of “love”) is a message I still struggle to remember.

  2. 2

    She knew she was formed with God’s hands, dreamed up in His heart and placed in this world with a purpose. I love it!

  3. 3

    The “Formed by God’s hands…” print is my favorite. Dreamed up in His heart… sigh. I love this!

  4. 4

    I would chose the “You Are Loved” print. The words remind me that God forever sees me through Christ’s finished work on the cross. He does not see my flesh, my works, my mistakes. He sees Christ. And He loves what He sees. Thank you for the reminder!

  5. 5
    Melissa D says:

    Ooh, the Proverbs 19 one is awesome. I’m just now learning that God’s plans for me might NOT be the same ones I’ve always dreamed of. That His plans might be EVEN better! (Ephesians 3:20-21)

  6. 6

    “She knew she was formed by Gods hand…” For my 2-year old daughters room so she could wake up each day with that declared over her!

  7. 7

    I love the “You Are Loved” version, but the one that ends “for a purpose” is a close second.

  8. 8

    “She knew that she was formed by God’s Hands…” This one almost made me cry. I’d love to have it in my home to remind me each and every day of something I’ve only recently come to know and accept. He, The God of gods, The God of the universe dreamed of me. Many days I feel like nothing, insignificant and meaningless. But even though I still have those days where I “feel” that way, I know and trust that I have a purpose and that God loves me. I’m His princess. <3

    Even if I don't win, I'm sure I'll be buying something soon!

  9. 9

    This is the longest we’ve been in a house, too: 8 years this summer. I’d take either the first one or the last, the ones about purpose.

  10. 10

    I think it’s awesome that you have a friend who knows your heart and gives you a gift that touches your soul. What a wonderful friend. God Bless!

  11. 11

    The “You Are Loved” print is my favorite…blessed, chosen, pursued…my heart needs that reminder each day.

  12. 12

    Oh, these are beautiful! Any one of them would be perfect for my daughter’s room (due date July 26!). Thank you for sharing this artist’s talent with your community!

  13. 13

    I love the one on the top left…God’s purpose would prevail. Know why I love it in relation to this post? Because we’ve just moved into house #14 since we’ve been married. I’d love a custom “location” print like yours, but I’m afraid there just isn’t room for all of our locations! And so many of those times “I just knew” that would be our spot until the kids graduated from high school. (They are only in 7th and 5th grade now.) God laughs at me sometimes.

  14. 14
    Kristi Flieger says:

    I would choose “She knew that she was formed by God’s hands…” for my daughter’s wall above her crib. I have “Let him sleep, for he will move Mountains” above my son’s and I have been looking everywhere for the right saying for above her crib. She just turned a year old and I’m still looking! Now my search is over! (=

  15. 15

    I would choose the loved really truly always print. Lovely.

  16. 16

    I would choose the “You are loved…known…”
    It would be a beautiful way to battle the daily onslaught of ugly and insecure thoughts.

  17. 17

    I would LOVE to have the You are Loved print. That just speaks to my soul!!

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  18. 18

    I would chose:

    “She knew that she was formed by God’s hands…”

    These are so lovely and the one I would choose is so perfect for my 11 year old daughter’s room!


  19. 19

    Blessed, chosen, pursued, forgiven… How I need to remember that this is how my Savior really sees me. These are beautiful.

  20. 20

    “She knew she was formed by God’s hand. . . ” I would love for my daughter to have this hanging in her room. And I need to remember this, too . .

  21. 21

    “You are Loved” is such a beautiful, awesome reminder that daily we are loved. I would love to hang this in our bedroom – to make it a whisper, a mantra, a song of grace to remind me who I am in Christ. Love the artwork!

  22. 22

    Blessed, chosen, YOU ARE LOVED. Each one makes me cry.

  23. 23

    She knew that she was loved… for my daughter who struggles with Aspergers. Who is growing up and realizing how the worlds looks at her. How she feels their disapproval deep. The looks, the head shaking, when struggles with too much input. I would place right over her bed so she is reminded everyday that God created her just the way she is, and she is special. And she has purpose.

  24. 26
    Laurie Gregory says:

    “She was formed in God’s hands…” as a beautiful reminder that I am blessed and each day is a gift and to cherish the two little precious miracles I see in my daughters.

  25. 27

    Oh the Plans in her Heart one. I would put it above my desk to remind me that I am NOT in control! I need to learn that… oy!

  26. 28
    Heidi Hunter says:

    I would pick the one “…she was formed by God’s hands…” For my baby baby girl’s (she’s 9 months old) room so that she would always know that Good made her special.

  27. 29

    I like the print that says ‘she knew that she was formed by God’s hands, dreamed up in His heart and placed in this world for a purpose.’
    On saturday I got some disappointing news and while I still remembered that I had been formed by God and dreamed up in His heart, I felt like I didn’t have a purpose. Things just seemed so bleak and confusing.

  28. 30

    I would choose The day had come to open the door to her dreams.
    My word for the year is brave. This weekend my husband told just one more time in dozens of times…I think you just need to do it!
    I know God has to ordain it but I also know I have to be willing to open the door to the very possibility.

  29. 31

    Lisa-Jo~The Heart Collection packs some powerful words. I love the “She knew she was formed by God’s hands, dreamed up in his heart and placed in this world for a purpose.

    This is my theme right now, both to keep me grounded in the truth that He never wastes a single experience and that He has truly created us for His perfectly fashioned purposes. It’s one of the most important, liberating truths I share everywhere I go to encourage women. It keeps me grounded in His love and His perfect provision.

    Stop the press! =)
    ‘Just read Shelly R’s comment about giving a print to her daughter who lives with Aspergers. Throw my entry in the hat FOR HER! You go, mama Shelly, encourage that beautiful girl. God has purposes created especially for her.

  30. 32
    Shiloh Fairbanks says:

    The “You are loved” wall art, so touching. Love it all! Thanks so much!

  31. 33

    Goodness, they are all so amazing but I think I would go with the You Are Loved piece. I love the reminder and all of the words mixed together. Thank you!

  32. 34

    I love the “She knew that she was formed…” print. It is part of the lesson that God has been teaching me.

    But I would choose “The day had come to open the door to her dreams” print as I am going through that door right now to write and speak for Him.

    Thank you for the encouragement!

  33. 35

    the day had come….

    I can so clearly remember the day, driving down the road, when it was like God spoke audibly.

    Do you want the love enough to risk getting hurt to find it? I had shielded my heart for so many years.

    And as soon as I dropped the bars… the wires… there… there in the mist of the dust where they settled was my husband.

  34. 36

    I love the “She knew she was formed by God’s hand” print. It is my prayer that I can deeply root this truth into my daughter’s heart–along with all of the comfort and confidence that comes from knowing who she is in Christ. She will be turning 8 in a few weeks, and I want her to remember how special she is both to me and God as she approaches the teenage years. Seeing this idea in such a beautiful display on a daily basis would go a long way towards accomplishing that goal. I have been looking for scripture art like this to fill our home. Thanks for introducing us to your friend’s amazing work!!

  35. 37
    Virginia says:

    Oh, wow! Gorgeous work! I would have to say the top middle, ‘blessed, chosen, pursued’. And your wall is amazing.

  36. 38
    Sarah Noll says:

    Oh my! I LOVE these! My favorite is the print “You Are Loved”. I feel like it speaks to my whole family. Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. 39

    Everyone needs a reminder they are LoVed. It is a family thing I try to instill every day.

  38. 40

    My favorite one is the last one – white canvas with blue heart. I believed that message all my life, even growing up and facing lots of verbal abuse from my brother and the few bullies at school. I don’t know if I can enter the competition, because I’m in South Africa. I didn’t know that you had lived in S.A. I’ve been here 17 years, the same amount of time that I’ve been married to my S.A.n husband. I don’t have too many friends here, so I miss the States. But I don’t have any special friends in the U.S. either, because we moved all the time when I was growing up. My dad was in the U.S. Army JAG Corps and he still is, but now as a civilian.

    Tina – American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa
    Amanda’s Books and More: http://abooksandmore.blogspot.com
    Happy Moms, Happy Homes: http://happymomshappyhomes.blogspot.com

  39. 41

    She knew that she was formed by God’s hands…

  40. 42

    I love the ‘blessed persued. ..you are loved’ one. It is so easy to feel like a failure and forget about the grace…really, why would you not want a print on the wall that reminds you God not only forgives but also persues you?

  41. 43

    What lovely artwork! I would choose the “You are loved, blessed, pursued, etc” one, I think, although they are all beautiful. It is so nice to see work that fits in the with the Philippians 4:8 passage, “…whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely….etc”.

  42. 44

    I love the art about gods plan prevailing. It’s easy to forget when you’re in the thick of stress or wondering where you’ll move to next, I’d love to have that print as a constant reminder. Your friend makes beautiful art and I will definitely be checking out her website!

  43. 45

    I would choose a “She knew…” For my daughters to see every day.

  44. 46

    “Loved Really Truly Always”

    This just reminded me of my family. A lot of times you feel alone, but a great reminder that I’m loved is at Sunday dinner like yesterday. Surrounded by my kids, daughter’s-in-law, and my grandson, I really, truly have to step back and see that there is a lot of love in the room.


  45. 47

    I would choose “she knows many are the plans” because I need to remember this! I get so busy trying to make things happen that I need a reminder about the Will of God!

  46. 48

    YOU ARE LOVED… a much needed reminder when He seems so far off sometimes. Thank you from a fellow gypsy mama.

  47. 49

    I’d go for “Loved. Really Truly Always”
    Because no matter what else, I know that I am!


  48. 50

    I love the one about being formed from God’s hands for a purpose. It is hard to remember that especially when I feel like I should be doing more when God has me right where He wants me right now. Be blessed:)

  49. 51

    i love the “you are loved” one. i would hang it up in my dining room or above my mantle in my living room. this way, my family will always be reminded of who we are in Christ. AND it is a great way for the unbelieving visitors (we have many since most of our family and friends aren’t really believers) to see WHO THEY ARE as well. a great way to start a conversation about Jesus. :)

  50. 52

    I like the “You are Loved” because it contains awesome truth that we all need to embrace, daily!

  51. 53

    OH!! I absolutely love the Really Truly Always XOXOX print — mostly because its what I have always told my children since they were tiny babies. Exactly that. I love you really truly always. You are a miracle really truly always. God loves you and has a plan for you really truly always.
    Thank you!!

  52. 54

    I think I would choose the ‘you are loved one’ but it would be really hard to decide because they are all awesome. :)

  53. 55
    janice nisly says:

    I like them all…I would have a hard time picking between the Many are the plans, but God’s purpose will prevail and the one about this is the day for dreams!!

  54. 56


    Thank you for sharing your heart always!

    Blessed, Chosen, Forgiven, You are Loved …. would be the one …. why: becasue it would be a wonderful visual reminder of His love for me and my family!

    In His Arms, B.

  55. 57

    I love the one that say “she knew she was formed…” I’d love to hang it in my girls bathroom. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

  56. 58
    Carri Walker says:

    “Loved really truly always” becasue the biggest battle I fight is that deep down I have a hard time believing that God really, truly, always does love me.

  57. 59

    Love the Blessed and Loved print! Thanks for sharing.

  58. 60

    I would so need the “she had many plans” print right now. I am in a season where I keep saying to God, “this isn’t really what I wanted, where I wanted to be” and while I know God’s plans are for my and His good, I often need reminding. What a blessing of his provision this would be!

  59. 61
    Tan terra says:

    I would love the “Loved really truly”print! Thank You.

  60. 62

    I would choose the last one for my daughter’s room – the daughter I love dearly, and struggle to understand- fearfully and wonderfully made by the Lord, but so completely unlike me… And she’s only 4!!

  61. 63

    I love the one that says “She knew that she was formed by God’s hands…” because that has been my prayer for my daughter lately – that she would KNOW that she is wonderfully made, specifically crafted for God’s purpose.

    Very cool giveaway! I love her work!

  62. 64

    I would choose “blessed, pursued, forgiven, free..” Why does it speak so powerfully to me? Because after a lifetime of feeling unloved, unacceptable and not good enough, after overcoming an eating disorder in my early forties that almost claimed my life, I have finally learned God’s truth and it has set me free from so much bondage. When the world wants to tell me I am not enough, God whispers that He made me and I am His. I would love to have this beautiful, bold reminder on my wall for those days when I can’t see God’s truth as clearly as He wants me to.

  63. 65

    The door. To your dreams. That is the best. My dreams aren’t huge. and may primarily be based in my children right now. But, I can live with that. And work my other dreams around that.=)

  64. 66
    Chrissy S says:

    I love the “Formed by God’s hands” print. I would love to hang it in my daughters room as a constant reminder of who created her, who loves her, and who has a plan for her life.

  65. 67

    I would be happy with any of them….but “she was formed”is my absolute favorite.

  66. 68

    I would choose the last one: She knew that she was formed by God’s hands… I’ve loved this one since the first time I saw it, and it is exactly what He’s been teaching me. :)

  67. 69
    Michelle R. says:

    Blessed, chosen, free, loved…. is my choice. We are in the adoption process — waiting for the call. This print has dual meaning for us in that we hope we can convey these truths to our adopted child as his parents, but also receive these truths from our loving God.
    Thanks for the giveaway (=

  68. 70

    The one about her plans. God is often reminding me of this!

  69. 71

    You are loved resonates with me and raising three girls, I want desperately for them to know who they are in Christ.

  70. 72

    I am drawn to the x’s and o’s in the really truly loved print…
    He’s that intimate– and knowing that is the only thing that will ever really allow us to finally be content.

  71. 73

    I like the She Knew Formed for my baby girl’s room. :)

  72. 74

    The “open door” print, without a doubt. It speaks perfectly to where I am with my God Sized Dreams and is just the reminder I need that God’s timing is perfect. It’s not my timing, but when He chooses, the doors will open :)

  73. 75

    I like the You Are Loved print…what a great reminder :)

  74. 76

    “You are loved”
    yes, yes, yes. words of reassurance and the hope that He gives us.


  75. 77
    Joanne Viola says:

    The top “You are loved, known, blessed, chosen, etc. What a beautiful way to remember our identity in Christ! Thank you for the chance.

  76. 78

    I’d pick the You Are Loved….and everything else ;) I need this reminder when things get hard. That Jesus loves me…always.

  77. 79
    Melissa Torres says:

    I love the Blessed, chosen, pursued…piece because it can take you to so many places in your walk with God and your relationship with him. Also, each person in our family could look at it and have it speak to them and come away each time with a different message. Love it!

  78. 80

    These are beautiful. Yes to your whole post, from a 700 square foot duplex with carpet older than I am in central Kentucky! If I were to win, I’d love the one that starts with “formed by God’s hand….” The reason? After living in three African countries, I’m not where I thought I’d be. After preparing for years to be a forever expat, I’m suddenly here, in the country of my birth, raising babies I thought would be speaking our second language but instead are getting ear tubes in big American hospitals. It’s not where I thought I’d be but it’s just where God’s purpose has brought me. Oh, and the other reason: I just looked up after being in America for over 17 months and realized I don’t have anything hanging on my walls yet. Too long the nomad. It’s time to make this place as beautiful as He is making our family!

  79. 81
    Karen Y. says:

    I would choose the “You are Loved” sign.
    It’s such a great great reminder of how much our Savior loves us and what He did for us is no small thing. It’s The. Biggest thing that has and will ever happen to us.

  80. 82

    I love the last one that talks about being placed here for a purpose. I just had my first daughter, a surprise baby after 3 sons, and every time I look at her I know she was sent here for a purpose.

  81. 83
    Dawn Reinke says:

    The first one. We are currently in prayer as a couple about going into the mission field. So many plans and ideas and worries and fears, but ultimately we want to follow Gods call and bring glory to his name.

  82. 84

    They are all so beautiful! I, too, love art with words. So much can be expressed! I adore the ‘You Are Loved’ that would hang on my wall. Not only for others to see, but as a reminder to myself and my family of just how truly loved we are. Each word speaks to my heart. Such depth! I never want my kids to forget how deeply we are loved by the Father!

  83. 85

    These are beautiful!! I love them all (and your wall!!) but would especially love the black piece with the words of truth about who we are (forgiven, loved…). You can never have too many reminders about who we are in Christ!

  84. 86

    The “You are Loved” print would be my choice, but boy, oh boy would I love a print like your print with all the places you’ve lived. I need that as a reminder when the walls feel like they are closing in on me and we’re getting ready for ANOTHER move. Love your heart and Dee’s gorgeous words as art. Does it get any better? I’ll answer that. No, no it doesn’t.

  85. 87

    I have been working on feeling WORTHY. Worthy of His love, my own love, time for myself, so SO much… So to be reminded that I am loved, known, redeemed- THAT would be a perfect fit for where I am- what God’s working on in me. Here and now. Perfect :)

  86. 88

    I would choose the black one with “Blessed Chosen Forgiven”. These past few years have been a season of growth and I am just learning that those words are TRUE.

  87. 89

    I love them all but the first one, where is saysshe knew his plans speaks to me.

  88. 90

    I would like the candle of encouragement for my sister. She like you has moved a lot. As an army wife…you rise, and go where you are sent. I am visiting her this week…our kids play, we talk, but half way around the world my brother in law fights & works on mission. Candles give hope & peace. As Jesus is our light too.

  89. 91

    I would choose the print “Blessed Chosen Forgiven” one- such wonderful reminders for each member of my family about how passionately God pursues and loves each of us. It also encourages me as a Mom of a girl- I was also terrified of raising a daughter- and I want her to know the true Jesus and how much He loves her. I have grown more comfortable in her 2 1/2 years of life with the idea of having a little girl and all that means………and I can’t imagine not having her. I breathe her and I adore her. I want her to know her Creator, her Heavenly Father does the same.

  90. 92

    I would choose the one that says You are Loved! That is such a wonderful message to read everyday! Love that so much!!!

  91. 93

    I would love “She knew she was formed..”….what an awesome reminder for little girls. This would be perfect for my 5 year old daughter’s room.

  92. 94

    I would want the You Are Loved one in the middle of the first row, because I want every member of my family to be able to look at that daily and be reminded of who they are in Christ. But all of them are wonderful!

  93. 95
    Annette Conrad says:

    These messages are great! My favorite is the second one—“Blessed, chosen, pursued, forgiven, accepted free, loved,….” This is the Gospel that the Holy Spirit has pursued us, God has chosen us, Jesus dying on the cross and taking our sins upon Himself has forgiven us by His love, mercy and grace. We are accept freely through Christ in God’s sight—there are no works by us that can save us. I would look at this canvas daily, along with others who enter my home, and be reminded of this faithful promise from God that He is the only one true Lord and Savior.

  94. 96

    Oh, it would be, “she knew she was formed by God’s hands”…oh my, why- because I have a huge heart for Eve; in the Hebrew, when she was formed it was a literal “hands on” creation- and since we are all “daughters of Eve”, for she would be the mother of all living- well, that’s how He formed me!
    love all of her stuff!!

  95. 97

    I love the one “She knew the plans she had….” I feel like that is my life. I have all sorts of plans…but sometimes I need to sit back and see where God’s plan take me and be happy about that ride!

  96. 98

    The blessed wall plaque, because that is how I feel, I am truly blessed with a loving husband, two loving sons, 2 beautiful daughters in law, 3 adorable grandchildren and a 4th on the way. God has blessed me beyond measure.

  97. 99

    I love them all, and I’d like to have one of all the places we’ve lived, but of the six pictured I’d pick “She knew that she was formed by God’s hands…”

  98. 100

    I would choose the print saying “She knew it was time to open the door to her dream”.

  99. 101

    So lovely! Here’s hoping. :)

  100. 102

    Blessed, chosen, pursued, Loved, Known. That is the desire of my heart to believe those words. I know those words. I know many verses to those words but for me knowing and for it to be a truth settled deep within me is something i struggle with. Believing in all I’ve done that the God who called my name at 5 and innocent still wants me at 31 and broken.

  101. 103

    I would choose the “You Are Loved” canvas as a gift for my mom. She closes every card and email with it, so it’s kind of her signature statement.

  102. 104

    I really like “She knew that she was formed by God’s hands….” What a beautiful and encouraging daily reminder!

  103. 105

    I would chose the one about God’s purpose prevailing. It has taken me 3 years and 2 kids to learn that His plans are definitely better than mine. Never would I have imagined that I would be a momma, let alone a mother of two… Or that I would want family more than a career… Or that I would not be traveling the world and would be settled in one place. I love my existence and it seems so full, but had I been so intent on my plans for my life, I would not have been able to focus on God’s purpose for me. Sadly, it was a rough conclusion to come to that His purpose, plan, and design was SO much better for me than what I dreamed of doing. However, once I realized (and accepted) that His plans are so much greater for me, I have enjoyed joy, love, and happiness that I’d never known before.

  104. 106

    I’d select “The day had come to open the door to her dreams” since right now in my own life I feel like my hand is reaching for the doorknob. Would love this beautiful reminder to go ahead and open that door!

  105. 107
    Alison Rahn says:

    I would choose the one that begins with “She knew that she was formed by God’s hands.” It’s something that I often forget. Life overwhelms my mind and I let it cloud the fact that I was chosen to be made, formed in his image and bring something unique to this life that God intended. As the mom of 3 children, I want them to grow up with this affirmation over their hearts and minds too. Thanks for the opportunity!

  106. 108

    i love her art! I would love “she knew plans” Thanks

  107. 109

    Oh, I love these! I would choose the you are loved one. I was just thinking to myself that I would love to have a canvas with the Ten Commandments to hang proudly in my house for me and my family to enjoy. Thank you for sharing this beautiful collection with us!



  108. 110

    Hi Lisa-Jo! I would like the last one of those six pieces, the one that says: ‘She knew that she was formed by Gods hands, dreamed up in His heart and placed in this world for a purpose.’. The reason is that I tend to go back in the place in my thoughts where I can’t believe that I am loved by anyone, not even by God. Especially by God. I constantly need reminders of God’s love for me, that He not only loved me, but dreamed of me and planned me from the beginning, that He longed for me and still do! That He formed me in His hands, wanting me to be exactly how I am! Because when I don’t get the reminders of this, I unconsciously block out God’s love for me, so I can’t feel it. Not because I don’t want it, but because I feel I don’t deserve it. To feel His love for me I have to consciously accept it, which I easily forget when I don’t get reminders. Of Course God sends reminders to me time and again, but to have such a beautiful work and needed reminder on my living-room wall to be reminded of the blessing of God’s love every day, would be very welcome and appreciated! Love

  109. 111

    I love the one “she knew the plans”. I am a planner and I am slowly learning that God’s plans ALWAYS prevail

  110. 112

    The “blessed chosen” one. I think we all need the reminder.

  111. 113

    These are truly beautiful…and I agree with you about the power of words. I try to surround myself with verses and encouragement, even if they are scratched into a scrap piece of paper. I absolutely LOVE the You are Loved, and all the other great qualities He bestows upon us. When we feel like rubbish, what a joy to look upon the truth of how he really sees us. Thanks!

  112. 114

    I like the top middle with all the descriptive words. p.s. we moved around a lot too – in NoVa primarily – but now I’m ready to stay put!

  113. 115

    She knew she was formed by his hands spoke to my heart immediately….gave me the encouragement I needed right now for myself and or my daughter ….we re both going through a trial.

  114. 116

    It’s a hard choice, but I think “she was formed by God’s hands dreamed up in his heart and placed in this world for a purpose”. So many times I forget that and it would be a nice reminder. thanks!

  115. 117

    I would choose the “You are Love” I can see the perfect spot for it in my home, surrounded by pictures of my babies!

  116. 118

    Dee such great work!! I love them all, but I think my favorite is the “You Are Loved.” One can never be reminded too often of the magnificent love of our Heavenly Father and who He has made us to be in Christ Jesus.

    • 119

      *does Dee DOES such great work. Gah. This is what happens when typing w/ one hand while the other is holding a squirmy baby. ;-)

  117. 120

    I know that a friend of mine would be blessed by “God’s purpose would prevail.” I would love to send one of those to every woman and teen girl I love dearly, and then keep one for myself. I needed those words as a young woman, and I still need them today.

  118. 121

    Definitely the You Are Loved print. It is a wonderful reminder who I am in Christ and not who I (I am my biggest critic at times) or others might say that I am. Sometimes I really need that reminder. Would be wonderful to hang as a reminder to my sons as well. It is all I want them to know about who they are…who He says they are.

  119. 122
    Rebekah N says:

    “Many were the plans in her heart, but God’s plan would prevail”

  120. 123

    Oh, Oh, the first one: “She knew that many were the plans in her heart but that God’s purpose would prevail.” I have come back to God. I have all these plans. I finally get it that God will guide me. I will be OK in God’s love. To have this beautiful piece on my wall, reminding me everyday that it’s OK to have plans, but that to follow God in love and to have faith in his plan is the happiest journey.

  121. 124

    The “You Are Loved” canvas is definitely my favorite. Wish I remembered that truth every moment of the day.

  122. 125
    Elizabeth C says:

    Without a doubt, I would choose “She knew that she was formed by God’s hands….” to put in my 18 month old daughter’s room. I strive everyday to let her know how important she is and how God has a plan for her & this would constantly remind her of that. I think, in this day and time when girls are objectified every where you look, it’s pertinent that we continue to remind our little girls who they are in God’s eyes!

  123. 126
    Felicity says:

    Honestly today they all make me cry, I could do with a big fat reminder of these every day.

    My favourite is the you are loved one though. Who wouldn’t benefit from that every day?

    Much love xx

  124. 127

    “you are loved” print. As i raise my 2 little girls i am grasping at every way to help them see ans remember who they are in God’s sight. My husband and i can always use the reminder too!

  125. 128

    -You are LOVED-
    Because I need to be constantly reminded.
    It would be the first thing I see when I wake up.

  126. 129

    I would choose the “You are Loved…” print. I think everyone can benefit from that reminder each day! :)

  127. 130

    They are all great – but I’ll go with “She knew she was formed with God’s hands, dreamed up in His heart and placed in this world with a purpose”. It really speaks to me at this point in my life.

  128. 131
    Lori Mayes says:

    I would choose the “God’s Plans Will Prevail” print. I am learning this slowly! It’s taken 46 years to get to the point where I know I can say that with semi-confidence! Most recent example… Our China adoption fell through last year after being in process and waiting 5 years. LONG story… But the result was I was mad at God. Really angry! I had planned this so well! Done all the paperwork and then done it again when it all expired. Well, now, a year later, we are going through some difficult times with our 16 year old daughter. She is requiring so much energy and attention! God whispered to my heart the other day and said, “See how much Rachel needs you right now? You couldn’t have added a baby into the family and been able to parent her like you need to right now.” Boom! God knew what was coming and what we could handle. His plans prevailed in spite of mine!

  129. 132

    Oh I ADORE the “You Are” print! It’s absolutely beautiful, and I would love to hang it on our wall in our new home!

  130. 133

    I would choose the “blessed, chosen” print. So often I need that reminder from Him. My house is full of index card scriptures, over my sink, next to my computer….just places where I always am where I can read His truth over me and my situation. It would be nice to have a beautiful piece of art declaring God’s love for me and all who enter my home. Your friend has a great talent!!!

  131. 134

    I know exactly how you feel. After a lifetime of moving I am living on a place for the longest time ever. I love the ‘you are loved’ print, actually, I love them all!

  132. 135

    My favorite is the first. My life was going along fine with three small kids. Then I decided to do what I thought God was telling me to do even though it was very hard and didn’t make sense, and my world fell apart. That was 13 years ago when my son, the oldest, was five. To give you a picture of how long that is, he is already an adult. Every day rejection and pain are still like heavy sustained winds that push on me so hard that sometimes I can barely smile. I pray and I try, and I succeed and fail, but things could always be worse and I’m sustained by one hope—that God has a plan in this mess. I write, so maybe I’m supposed to tell my story one day. I have three beautiful kids so I try not to doubt God’s goodness, but bitterness toward God sometimes sneaks in. The first piece of art reminds me that God’s plan is good and that it will prevail. Love your work, Lisa-Jo. You’re an inspiration!

  133. 136
    Kaya Lien says:

    Beautiful words from you and the artist…

  134. 137

    Loved, really, truly,always, is my fave! I am such a huge RLW fan!

  135. 138
    Hillarey says:

    I would definitely get the “You Are Loved” one. Oh, yes! I have admired her art for so long but never bought anything.

  136. 139

    I love the “she knew…” print! Such a good reminder to trust in His plans.

  137. 140

    What you said about being in all of those places, and the impact that it has had on your life really really resonates with me. I too have traveled far and wide, and I have known the beauty of new cultures and friendships, and the sadness of separation. Through it all, God has been my Rock, and I praise Him for that.

  138. 141

    I would choose the middle of the top row… You Are Loved – known… I like how the word known isn’t as big as the You Are Loved, but the next most prominent word. I feel like we all have a longing to be truly known. And the other words, blessed, forgiven, accepted, etc. They are all such great reminders. Your friend’s art is all beautiful.

  139. 142

    I love the one about the door being opened. I’m in a season where I’m waiting on The Lord and waiting to hear from Him which door will open. It is a beautiful representation of where I am right now. Thank you!

  140. 143
    Jennifer Z. says:

    I would choose You Are Loved because I need to hear those words — such negative ones run through my mind most of the time; I need to be reminded.

    I moved around a lot as a kid and most of my adult life. I hope someday I can order a similar one to what you have with all the places you’ve lived. It’s great to own that instead of being sad about it.

  141. 144

    I love the OPEN THE DOOR TO HER DREAMS one. Its what I’m living right now. On the cusp of stepping into what He created me to be.
    A looooooooooooong time ago God dropped a dream into my heart and it caught fire, ignited a passion I’d never known was there. Then he hit the Pause button.
    Everything to do with that passion came to a dead stop. He told me to wait. So I did. And he told to keep waiting. Then I complained and whined (a lot). He said, “One day.”
    I’ve spent a decade living through what I thought was a cruel detour. Babies. Job loss. Financial hardship. Illness. Loss. Grief. Helping others achieve their dreams. But now… just now… He said, “Its time.”
    And I’m excited and scared and feeling like I’ve got nothing left in me to give. Except that I have everything to give because what I have left is Christ alone. And He’s enough.
    I don’t know how, I can’t make it happen myself, but I know the doors are going to start opening now and I can feel the sparks beginning to burn bright again.

    • 145

      I KNOW exactly how you feel Natalie! I am so empty and dry and I know now that anything I give, do, say,and breathe is from Him and Him alone.

      • 146

        Yes, absolutely. Which maybe is the point? ;) To bring us to a place where we become aware of the fact that its all by grace and Him alone. And every challenge we’ve hit along the way has only served to better prepare us for the dream. From someone who knows all too well those empty and dry places, my only encouragement is… May your heart rest as you trust Him. He is 100% committed to you and will keep ALL His promises. <3

  142. 147

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love ALL the prints, but I think the one I need the reminder of most often is ‘we make plans, but God’s purpose prevails’ one! SUCH encouraging truth from the Lord and what I need to remember when I worry and fret and overplay and forget to listen to the voice of the LORD.

  143. 148

    Love Proverbs 3:6 for my 6 year old’s room!!

  144. 149

    My choice would be the Blessed Chosen Pursued….a great reminder of who we are in Christ.
    Have a great day!

  145. 150

    I absolutely love the “For this child I prayed” print. One of my favorite verses. Would look great in my daughters room!

  146. 151

    I would choose You Are. We all need the reminders of who we are in Him to combat the lies the world tells us – the lies we too often believe about ourselves.

  147. 152

    Your gallery wall is lovely, and I adore the piece she made for you! What a special gift.

    I would love the first one – about how our plans are many but God’s purpose will prevail.

  148. 153
    Gretchen says:

    I LOVE the last one. I have not settled into my purpose yet, and so being reminded that i have been created by God and He has a purpose for me, is everything!

  149. 154

    I don’t know why but this post brought tears to my eyes. I love words and I have Scripture plastered all over my house. I really love all of them, but if I had to pick, it would probably be the one about being forgiven, chosen in the middle first row. What a wonderful gift! :)

  150. 155

    I would choose the You are Loved, blessed, forgiven, accepted, etc. What an awesome visual reminder of who we are every day for my family- of all HE has done for us, and how that compels us to love one another like Him.

  151. 156

    These are awesome!!! I would choose the You are Loved print! Who doesn’t need that reminder!

  152. 157

    You are Loved.


  153. 158

    “She knew she was loved…”

    I continue to find that God’s plans are not my own, and this is such a beautiful reminder of who He is!

  154. 159

    The “You are Loved”. It is such a good reminder and I like all the adjectives. I also like that it has delightful on it, since my blog is called “A Delightful Glow”.

  155. 160

    I would pick the bottom right one for the bedroom my baby girls are about to share!!!

  156. 161
    Mary Ann Stroven says:

    I would choose “You are loved”. Such affirming words!

  157. 162

    I would pick the Proverbs 19. Aside from the fact that I cried when I read it in your email, I have loved this passage so much this past year. I am a planner. A Type A, plan your life a decade in advance, control freak. God gave me triplets 3 years ago. And a husband three years before that. And revealed a dream three years after that. It’s starting to bloom. And Lord knows that “many are the plans of my heart.” What gives me the greatest comfort, and assurance, is that His purpose will prevail. So I’m working on stepping back from my “manys” and letting his “one” prevail……… I’d love the written reminder every morning in family room.

    • 163

      I meet another control freak of whem God challenges to relinguish control! I feel ya sister!

  158. 164

    I would choose the “Formed by God’s hands” print — I have four young daughters and I would love for them to grow up reading that truth every day on our wall!

  159. 165

    I would choose “She knew that she was formed…” because that is my prayer for my sweet nieces. That Jesus would reveal Himself to them, show them that he’s more than the daisies and the roses and the stars in the heavens, that He loves them abundantly and has a beautiful plan for their lives.

  160. 166

    I like the one on the top right (God’s purpose would prevail). Our daughter was not planned, but she has changed our worlds. And we know she has great purpose in her world!

  161. 167
    Kelly Mahalak says:

    I would love the She Knew she was Formed to put in my daughters room.

  162. 168

    They are all beautiful. I’m working on putting up more of God’s words and truths around our home, so we can think on these things and remembering just how much grace we’ve been given. Any of these prints would tie in beautifully.

  163. 169

    I love all of these! I would choose the God’s Purpose Would Prevail art because that’s my current struggle; discerning His purpose for this moment in my life.

  164. 170


  165. 171

    I would choose the “Blessed, chosen…” print to put in between my kids bedrooms!

    But, really, I’d love to have a personalized one with all the places that we have lived. My husband is a minister of music and we have served in 5 churches in 8 years! So we have lots of memories from many places also! What a wonderful piece of art! I love it!

  166. 172

    Love the “she knew she was formed with God’s hands, dreamed up in His heart and placed in this world with a purpose.”

  167. 173

    I love the “Blessed and chosen” one!!!!

  168. 174

    Blessed, Chosen, Pursued, Forgiven…… and so on. This would be my choice as there have been times on the road travelled over the last 12 months that I have needed the truth of each and every one of the words to sink deep in to my heart and soul. I’ve walked steps with my daughter as she’s undergone surgery and treatment for a cancerous brain tumour. My baby girl was diagnosed at 5 years old. I’ve had to depend and cleave to God like never before – each of the words serve as a reminder of His love and sovereignity and for the tough days – remind me to BELIEVE! Thank you!

  169. 175

    I would choose, “The day had come to open the door to her dreams”. We are currently building a house, my dream house that is, one that my husband and I have been saving for, planning for, and dreaming of for 10 years. It is finally almost finished and since I first started dreaming of it, I felt God telling me that this home will be used for serving others and that I must always remember that every time someone knocks on my door. I am excited to see what this new adventure holds and also a bit nervous as my most comfortable place may become a bit uncomfortable to fulfill God’s plans. Thanks for opportunity to win one of these awesome pieces of word art!

  170. 176

    I like the “You are loved” art!

  171. 177

    I would choose “She knew that many were the plans in her heart but that God’s purpose would prevail”. And this is why……………….I was 42 years old, my youngest child left home to join the Navy, I started a new career and we moved to Branson. Just my husband and I with 21 years of marriage and raising kids behind us. Looking forward to nurturing our marriage and pursuing individual interests. We bought a SMALLER house. From 2800 square feet to 1800 square feet. Just right for the two of us. I looked forward to decorating it in a style consistent with Frank Lloyd Wright.
    But, our second daughter had two boys; Christopher and Spencer. We loved on them from the moment they were born (we were there); at first 3 days a week that grew to 5-6 days a week while she worked as a “exotic” dancer at night since they were born in 2006/2007. We left her and the boys to rent our former house when we moved. But, we saw neglect, and then abuse, and we could not look at those green eyes (Christopher)-blue eyes (Spencer) and say ‘Well, tough kid you’ll figure it out”. To my shock, our daughter gave us temporary custody, a pigsty of our former house, and several hundred dollars of unpaid utility bills. We moved those green and blue eyes into our home. Another shock and nerve-wracking experience, the judge granted us guardianship of those little green and blue eyes.
    Death to all of my dreams, death to my husband’s dreams, and everything we had based our marriage on crumbled into an abyss never to be found again. But, they held us together. For awhile anyway.
    Now, I seek God’s face only, and pray for our marriage to be built upon Him and Him only. We grieve the loss of what could have been but know that we wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Our 1800 square foot house and our life is a complete mess; little boy droppings everywhere, scribbles on walls, matchbox cars that we step on, pictures drawn and then taped onto our cabinets, lego pieces in places least expected, potty on/around/behind the toilet, an “office/”toy room, food stuck on furniture, fingerprints on the windows, boys sleeping in our bed in the middle of the night (we WERE solitary sleepers!), temper tantrums, hugs, smiles, stories, giggles, snowmen, picnics, swimming at the beach, smores at the fireplace, bike rides, prayers before dinner, potty training, jumping on Grandma like she’s a jungle gym (ouch!), trips to the park, going to the zoo, vacation bible school, church, and best of all…………………the pitter patter of little feet everywhere.

  172. 178

    She knew she was formed with God’s Hands….perfect for my daughters!

  173. 179

    Good gracious…look at tall these people. :) Yay God.
    What a tremendous vision put into practice that has enriched, encouraged, blessed, soothed so many. Your friend is doing something big and lovely. How wonderful that she wants to share it with others.

    The top row, the middle print. (Blessed, chosen, forgiven,….You are Loved) ;)

  174. 180

    I would choose the “Blessed, Chosen, Pursued” one. I need that reminder daily, if not moment by moment!

  175. 181

    Blessed, You are loved would be my choice. They are days in the hurry that one can forget the truths of God: that I am loved, blessed and secure in Gods love.

  176. 182

    Blessed, chosen,forgiven, cherished.. This made me cry! For so much of my life I did not feel that way by my earth given family. Only through Jesus have I found that true everlasting pure love and acceptance. Now I have found a man and we have a beautiful daughter together, and he is also a God fearing, God loving man. From the depths of disparity to loving acceptance, only because of God. I LOVE this!

  177. 183

    I love the last one – about being made in His image. Perfect for my daughter’s room. They are all so great!

  178. 184

    Yesterday at church, my brother/pastor had each of us who has a testimony of something God has brought is through write it out in a simple sentence on a piece of cardboard. One side should say where we were an the other where God brought us or taught us.
    I said a quick prayer and knew God had done more in my life than a measly cardboard could hold, but possibly the most meaningful was that when I forgot my purpose, he opened my eyes. Now I spend every minute being a wife and a mom first.
    I would choose the God’s purpose will prevail print. It’s perfect.

  179. 185

    i would choose the second one because, really, don’t we all need to be reminded?

  180. 186
    Gayla Purcell says:

    It is a good thing you are doing for your friend. And that’s what all us women should do…lift each other up. Bless you for that.
    My choice would be the print about being formed by God for a purpose and I would hang it in my daughter’s room. A constant reminder of His love and her importance to Him. God is so good!

  181. 187

    I would choose the You are Loved print. I am wrestling through feelings of not enoughness and I think this print would serve as a good reminder that I am enough. Thanks for the opportunity.

  182. 188
    Christine says:

    “You Are Loved” I’ve suffered through a lot of abuse and I need that reminder a lot. I am not unlovable. God loves me, and I can love me, too.

  183. 189

    I would get the “The day had come to open the door to her dreams.” 100%, without a doubt. I’ve been staring longingly at that ever since getting SLU and staying with (in)courage….it’s coming to my dorm room eventually (after a few more paychecks maybe? ha!), because God opened both doors to both dreams and so soon, I’m walking through. EEEKKK!

  184. 190

    Blesses, chosen, forgiven . . . . or Formed by His hand. Both would be perfect words for my sweet daughter to wake up to on her wall every morning as a reminder.

  185. 191

    I am also a lover of words. Words are framed, painted, or hung all over the walls of our country home. If I could I would paint the inside of my eyelids with Truth. I’ve gone through all of the beauty that is to discover on Red Letter Words website, and decided I would like every stitch of it! Here I am entering this giveaway, but have no idea what I’d choose if I won one! :)

  186. 192

    I would chose the Blessed forgiven pursued one. My daughter is getting married soon and lately she has been struggling with her identity in Christ. This would serve as a great reminder to her of who she is in Christ!

  187. 193

    I chose the She Knew Plans. I would give this to either my daughter so that she would always remember that God has a plan for her no matter what the trial or I would save this and give this to the beautiful Sierra Leone daughter that my sister will bring home in the next few months. The struggles that she has gone through in her life need to be replaced with the knowledge that God has a plan and a purpose for her and she now has the opportunity to achieve whatever is in store for her.

  188. 194

    I would pick the “You are Loved” one as well. I need reminding of my identity so often. :) Those things don’t tend to be the names I call myself, you understand. I will say “Five Minute Fridays” is helping with that though. So much encouragement here in this lil’ community.

  189. 195

    I would love to put the one that says “She knew that she was formed by God’s hands, dreamed up in His heart and placed in this world for a purpose.” I would hang it in my bedroom, next to my bed, so that it would be the first thing I would see in the morning. I have a hard time getting up and motivated in the morning; I struggle with Crohn’s Disease and many mornings I just want to stay in bed. I love this sign because it reminds me God does not make mistakes, he formed my body, Crohn’s and all, for His glory. It is empowering to remember this and motivating to remember He has a specific purpose for me! It is empowering!

  190. 196

    The You Are Loved black, white and red sign is my favorite. Love the daily reminder this can bring to ones home!

  191. 197

    I love the “Blessed Chosen Forgiven…” print.
    LOVE it.


  192. 198

    I would pick the one that begins “The day had come to open…” Beautiful!

  193. 199

    “She knew she was formed by God’s hands…” I’d choose that one because some days I need the reminder.

  194. 200

    I would love the one with the candle so I could give it to my friend for her birthday.

  195. 201

    Words are wonderful and God’s Word is best! Thanks for putting His words in such a beautiful format that would bring encouragement to any home. All are so beautiful and have a way of touching a special spot in my heart. But if I had to choose, I would choose the canvas that says “Blessed, chosen…” as a reminder to my two daughters and myself to be encouraged in our faith or maybe I would choose “God’s purpose would prevail” because as a believer, my life has not turned out how “I” thought it would or how “I” planned but I continue to believe that He has a special purpose for my life. Just your story about how God planted a seed in your heart and you were patient and let your focus be on Him – just your story is an encouragement to me to not lose hope and never give up – God does have a purpose for me!

  196. 202

    Blessed, chosen, pursued, forgiven . . . Love it! Reminders of who we are in a world that lies to us constantly.

  197. 203

    I came over for my regular blog reading. I enjoy reading your words and following your story. What I didn’t expect was to be brought to tears by the words found on a little piece of art. “She knew that many were the plans in her heart, but that Gods purpose would prevail.” Those were the words that shook me to my heart this morning and were so relent to my life right now. So if I was to pick a favorite one to put on my wall, that would be it.

  198. 204

    These are beautiful! Blessed, chosen, pursued, forgiven, You are loved is my favorite..a wonderful reminder to those of us with recurring amnesia who need to remember who we are.

  199. 205
    Nadyezhda says:

    My favorite is “The day had come to open the door to her dreams”–it compliments one of my favorite Anais Nin quotes, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”–the perfect sentiment for the card I gave my husband to tell him we were expecting our first child. I’ve spent a lot of my life waiting for the right moment to…live life. I’m finally getting better at being able to walk through the door thanks to my 3 munchkins :)

  200. 206

    You are loved, known, redeemed etc.. So Good!

  201. 207

    Ohhhh I think I would do the one about many were her plans because I am so that girl with all sorts of plans and often in need of the reminder that God’s purposes will prevail and to rest in that!

  202. 208

    Te Formed by God one is my favorite.

  203. 209

    I would choose one that talks about many are her plans but God’s purposes will prevail because that has been the theme of my life. I have traveled many roads where God continually was teaching me to give him my plans and choose to trust Him and walk in his footprints down His path. I’m even writing a book about those moments!

  204. 210

    They are all so beautiful. Dee has been blessed with an amazing talent and she is certainly doing her best with that talent. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would have loved to have chosen them all, but of the 6 the one that spoke to my spirit most was the “You are Loved” print. It speaks of everything I ever craved in my life and what I finally gained the day I ran into Christ’s open arms. I felt that embrace all over again reading those words and I certainly would love so much to display this in our home so cast my eyes on daily. Thank you Lisa-Jo and Dee for the opportunity to be blessed by this giveaway.

  205. 211

    I too have moved a lot – more times than years we have been married, actually, and we are finally going to be settling into a more permanent home this year…just in time to welcome baby number three into our nest. I have all girls, so the print about being formed in God’s heart for a purpose – that is something I would LOVE for their bedroom wall so they can always remember that they are treasures beyond description. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  206. 212

    I love them all, but I would choose the second one. “Blessed, Chosen, Pursued, Forgiven, Defended……” All things I need to remember on a daily basis. <3

  207. 213

    I would choose “She knew that many were the plans in her heart…” because it’s something it’s taken me so long to learn. I was a big dreamer from the time I was very small. Only when I left my first job out of college did I really begin to question my purpose and place in God’s plan. When the events of September 11th pulled me away from what I thought was my dream job, I began praying more than ever to know my true path in life. I still struggle with my plans versus His, but with each new season in life, He has guided me through some of the most difficult decisions regarding my career, including choosing to take many steps back in order to be a better mother and wife. This artwork sums it up beautifully- God’s purpose will ALWAYS prevail, and I can’t wait to see what is next.

  208. 214

    I love the Proverbs 19:21 print. That’s a staple verse in my life because my plans are many, but God’s ultimate plan is what truly matters. I need that constant reminder that HIS purposes will prevail.

  209. 215

    My favorite is ‘The day had come to open the door to her dreams” print, inspirational words that are very fitting for my life currently :)

  210. 216

    I really love the “you are loved” print. It would be perfect to hang near my kids rooms for them to see everyday as a reminder of how Christ loves them and holds them!

  211. 217

    “She knew that many were the plans in her heart but that God’s purpose would prevail”
    Such beautiful art work. The first 2 are my favorites. I have a couple friends who are word artists. It looks like such an easy talent, but it is more complicated than it seems. The words that she has picked for her art is captivating and powerful.

  212. 218

    I would choose the one that starts, “She knew she was formed by God’s hands…”. I just…I like it! What a great reminder to have hanging from my wall each day!

  213. 219

    I would choose the You Are Loved wall print. The words remind me that even though I have made many mistakes and had many struggles in my life I am forgiven and I am loved. This life of single motherhood is the life the God created for me at this time. He hasn’t forgotten me. Even though life is hard he is still there and he does love me.

  214. 220

    I love the one with all of the identity words. I need those frequent reminders of who I am in Christ.

  215. 221

    I love them all – and you know how hard it is for me to pick a favorite… but I would have to choose “The Day had come…” – a gift for my girlie as she leaves home for that Open Door and all the new ahead!

  216. 222

    “Loved” — because we all need that message and reminder so I could put it anywhere!! I also really like the “She knew”… great for my office or my daughter’s room :)

  217. 223
    Kelly Schmidt says:

    I would choose You are Loved. I need that reminder every day. I think my whole family needs that reminder!

  218. 224

    She knew she was formed in His hands….I have to constantly remind myself of this and strive to make sure that the middle school and high school girls I work with know and understand it too!

  219. 225

    I’m absolutely in love with “She was formed by God’s hands” print. My love for it is two-fold: for my ten month old daughter to grow up believing without any doubt how much she is loved by her Heavenly Father, and as a reminder to myself of His great love for me, even on the days when it’s hard to believe.

  220. 226
    Jennifer H. says:

    “God’s purpose would prevail” – such a great reminder!!

  221. 227

    I love the one about plans and His purpose – because at the moment, those are the two I am trying to manage… well, I am trying to make my plans fit into God’s purpose, but it is never easy… (Does it ever get easier?)

    I love the custom print you’ve got because it reminded me of the times when you and Pete were here; of his cute Ukrainian accent whenever he would speak Ukrainian… Wish we could spend more time together, but I am grateful for the time we *did* spend together.

  222. 228

    “The day had come to open the door to her dreams.”
    I’m walking that hardest of mom-roads right now. My daughter, who only yesterday was nestled in my arms, is suddenly nearing 24 and following God’s call to serve as a missionary teacher in Guatemala. She’s been convinced that this is His plan for her for a few years now – and though it’s dangerous – really, really dangerous – in the place she is going, and though it’s dirty and buggy and heartrending to rescue four- or six- or 12-year-old girls from sex slavery and try to patch the remnants of their bodies and hearts, my baby is climbing aboard the airplane in July, and winging willingly to a place where I can’t keep her safe, to do the will of the One who made her. So I’m pledging financially, and I’m humbly asking my friends to join in her support, and I’m giving sacrificially too, because I’m sending the one person on this earth without whom I can’t even breathe.

  223. 229

    The poster that starts with “Blessed” beautiful truth filled words!

  224. 230

    I would choose the Blessed Chosen Pursed piece. These are words that I am constantly trying to impress on the hearts of my children {as well as all the other children that enter our door}. These words have the ability to clear confusion and direct paths in a way that only Truth can do.

  225. 231
    Danielle Medeiros says:

    Definitely: ‘She knew that many were the plans in her heart” It’s exactly what I’m going through. So many plans and asking God for wisdom to know which aligns with the plans He has for me since those are the ones that will prevail.

  226. 232

    “She knew that she was formed by Gods hands…” its so beautiful, simple and yet the words are so profound and speak to my heart. When the world wants to tell me who I am, I remember who He says I am, that I am made in His imagine, that He loves me just as I am… He created me inside my mother’s womb and has great plans for me! It’s beautiful and lovely! We are moving soon, buying our very first house and would love to proudly display this… That I would always remember I was formed by Him! :-)

  227. 233

    Oh I can relate to this post so much. God is really working on me to rely solely on him for my contentment. In every area. Six months ago we packed up our entire lives and moved away from all our friends and family – my comfort zone – with a three month old baby, to a brand new place where we had/have zero connection. The house we gave up was the longest I had ever lived in one place (six years) and was so special to me. We rent a tiny apartment now. Everyday I have to stop myself from looking at everything we gave up – our dogs, the garden, my precious back porch that I had my devotions and coffee on every gorgeous morning, raising my son a mile from his grandparents…all of it is no longer. To say the adjustment is difficult is such an understatement. I miss my friends – the connections over a hot cup of 1-pump-soy-mochas. I haven’t had a real connection with a friend since we’ve been here and my heart hurts…aches. Yet I know our future is here and someday it will feel like an upgrade. Because of this I would choose “She knows that…” Because I need the reminder that my hearts desires need to line up with Gods will and that ultimately his good and PERFECT will will prevail. His grace is sufficient.

  228. 234

    Not only did I NEED this story today (we are currently moving out of our “owned” home into a MUCH smaller RENTAL. Hubby is having a MUCH harder time with it than I……
    IF I were to win one of the six….it would be the first one or the sixth one….talking about my purpose. (note my “bloggy name of “Multi-purpose Mom”)
    For years upon years upon years I have been CHASING HIS purpose for my life……
    Thanks for being YOU!!! {{hugs}}

  229. 235

    I love the one that ends with “carried, secure, known.” How is there any greater gift for a woman, a mother who lives daily in this world that wars against us? HE is our security when we are not…

  230. 236

    I would choose the “She knew that she was formed by God’s hands…” print. I would hang this in my daughters room because that is truly my prayer for her each and every day – that she would come to know her purpose and more importantly, her Creator!

  231. 237

    Many were the plans in her heart is the one I would choose.
    This is a really lovely post Lisa Jo!

  232. 238

    I would choose “You are loved”…it has meaning more so than words right now with 2 teenagers and an almost teen girls…its the rough years ahead and when ever a fight happens it for some reason always comes back to that we(hubby and me) don’t love them…CANNOT figure it out…we aren’t terrible to them..we are strict, but not overly so…i don’t get it and since words are powerful i would LOVE this to hang in the central room of house so its up on the wall for everyone to see!!!

  233. 239

    She knew that many were the plans in her heart….

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! =)

  234. 240

    All of them are precious, but I like the “God’s purpose will prevail” one. Delightful.

  235. 241

    My favorite is You are Loved because it is the one thing that I want my children to really and truly know, something I tell them each and every day.

  236. 242

    “Dreamed up in His heart” Oh, how I want my little girl to know this and what a wonderful piece to put on her bedroom wall!

  237. 243

    I love them all, but especially the 2nd one, Blessed. I truly am with my wonderful hubby, 4 kids and 5 grandsons. These are wonderful and I can see why you have your gallery wall.

  238. 244

    I’m loving the “placed in this world for a purpose” one. What lovely artwork your friend makes and what an awesome giveaway!

  239. 245

    I would choose: “The day had come to open the door to her dreams” because I am currently working on courage, on being brave, on not being fearful and afraid. At many times in my life, I have let other people make deicisons for me, rather than make those same decisions on my own, simply because I have been pralyzed by fear. My fear causes me to do nothing when doing something would be better. This would remind me to always choose courage over fear and to “open the door to [my] dreams.” It’s lovely!

  240. 246

    Oh, yes! “…God’s purpose would prevail.” It’s a perfect one, fitting for our journey. Oh, the plans, the dreams we had, the life we daily grieve. But, certainly, I cling to the fact that God’s purpose will prevail and His promise to make all things for good, is Truth. God bless!

  241. 247

    It’s so hard to narrow down. These are all lovely — absolutely lovely.
    I think I’d love to have the “She Knew Plans.” and let it be a circulating wall hanging to share with friends or family who need a reminder of faith. Kind of like the friendship bread concept in the 80s where you shared a portion of a loaf with someone each week.

    My husband and I have been on a 2 year journey with fertility treatments which has many emotional ups and downs. The one thing that gets me through is Jeremiah 29:11; “She knew plans” reminds me of the verse that has sustained me through the ups and downs…mostly the downs.

    As for sharing with friends – It has amazed me to I look back at our journey. I realize how sharing my story and being vulnerable has opened up the lines of communication with so many women who have similar struggles. So I like the concept of sharing this with women who are also undergoing fertility treatments or really anyone who is at a particular spot in their life that needs a beautiful, bold reminder of faith each day.

  242. 248
    Courtney Lindsey says:

    I love the “She knew that she was formed…” print. It’s a beautiful reminder that I was formed by God’s hands, for a purpose, and that He loves me. Sometimes, we just all need a reminder. :)

  243. 249

    The You are Loved one – I struggle to remember this, what a powerful way to be reminded each day!

  244. 250

    I love the SHE KNEW-RUBIES!

  245. 251

    The being forgiven one I’d love, for it reminds me who I am in Him…

  246. 252
    Laura Anne says:

    I would love the second one – blessed – it describes ways we should think about ourselves – even on the days we don’t feel we are doing a good job. Everyone needs something to give them a little reminder throughout the day.

  247. 253

    I love the print that says – heart, purpose, prevail-. After years of finding my purpose, I have accepted the grace that -daily- IS MY PURPOSE. That God -daily- has great things for me to -purposely-do. And I’m continuing on, -prevailing- through his direction. Also hopeful for chapters yet lived. Big dreams that I know are up ahead. Love these prints!

  248. 254

    I would pick the “she knew she was formed by God’s hands….” for our future daughter we adopt. :)

  249. 255

    I love your post and I can relate to you. Before I got married, I had been on many mission trips and lived in two foreign countries. My heart had always been to be a missionary in an unreached country! I even majored in college in Third World Development and went on to Bible College. Every trip to a foreign country I made left me broken for that country and I would cry the whole flight home. Then, I met my husband and that interrupted my plans in a big way. Love is strong and God’s plan is stronger. I had waited many years for my husband and I knew he was the man God had made for me. He is a pastor and while our hearts for ministry were one, he didn’t necessarily have plans to hop on an airplane headed to a third world country. The mission field was something I have laid down for now believing that He will meet and fulfill every desire in my heart. Meanwhile, I have had three children and God has placed us in one of the most unreached large cities in the U.S. We recently moved from a four bedroom suburban home to a small two bedroom condo right in the heart of this city. I have found that after all these years, God has filled my heart and that His purpose for me is greater than my own plans. And while I do still dream of the mission field, I am content in this season of my life and believe that His timing is perfect and He will fulfill every dream He has given me. That is why I would choose She Knew Plans. That is me! I had many plans in my heart, but God’s purpose has prevailed in my life and it is even better than my best plans. Blessings!

  250. 256

    She knew she was…… bottom row, last one. Love it! Would hang it in my daughter’s room.

  251. 257

    Formed By God’s Hands. And I’d hang it in my daughter’s room. She was adopted, and it would be a great reminder of truth for her!

  252. 258

    I love the one that says she had many dreams but knew God’s purpose would prevail. In this season, HE has given me a dream and I have all kinds of ideas for how to bring it to fruition, but I am finding great delight in waiting and letting HIM unfold it. I have seen some really awesome and amazing things happen.

  253. 259

    “You are loved” would be my choice. Even the title grabs me and declares the truth of our very being, but which is difficult to believe. I am a pastor and immersing myself in the holiest week of the church year – and preparing the sermons and worship to come. For this Thursday, I’ve been reflecting on the dirt and dust that is a part of our lives and our world – and yet Jesus washes the feet of his disciples and calls us to do the same. To share love, to be love, to know love. Thanks for this beautiful post!

  254. 260

    Ok, that is a hard choice because I like all of them – though not really a mug person. My favorite today because of the place I am in is that his purposes will prevail over mine. I want to know that even as I bumble a bit and feel overwhelmed in the seeking at times I want his way most of all and it will prevail. I want the promise that he is directing my path – to know if I have taken a miss step he will guide me back.

  255. 261
    Lori Lehrmann says:

    My favorite print would be “The day had come to open the door to her dreams.” I feel like God has really been guiding me to swing open, no make that THROW open, the door to my dreams within the last 2 months. There hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I haven’t been praying for His guidance, direction & clarity. As soon as I read that one, my heart smiled!!

  256. 262

    Either the second or the fifth: blessed, chosen, pursued,… because I am all of those and would love a reminder on my wall for the days that I forget.

  257. 263
    Joan Caruso says:

    The day had come to open the door to her dreams because I think that day is coming soon. :-)

  258. 264
    Melody Prentiss says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your friends work! They are all beautiful and could really use them all as daily reminders to hang up! The one that touched me most and got most of my attention though was the “She Knew Formed” piece. As someone who has gone through many struggles, like attempts at suicide and, like almost every other girl on the planet, identity, I think it would be an absolute blessing to wake up every morning and see that print! If anything, I’m just completely grateful that you shared this with us! Thanks again!

  259. 265

    I love she knew that she was formed in God’s hands…. That one really jumped out at me and spoke to me. What beautiful work.

  260. 266

    The Day Had Come….it reminds me of my relationship with my girls.

  261. 267

    “Formed in Gods hands” would be beautiful in my baby girl’s nursery. Due in July : )

  262. 268

    I love the “Many are the plans in our hearts, but God’s purpose will prevail” print. We are facing an upcoming transfer that will move us away from family, but we are confident that it is the path that God has chosen for us. I need this reminder in front of me as we begin this journey…

  263. 269

    For me it would be, “The day has come to open the door to her dreams.”

    This post caught me off guard. I go to school in South Bend, and I feel like I’ve been stuck the last few years. Somehow things were just supposed to magically change when I got my Bachelors and I’d get a job and work 8-5 and everything would be great… but the job didn’t come, and I landed in graduate school reluctantly to defer student loan payments I couldn’t afford. I’m half way through, jobs have come and gone, and dream houses went unbought. About a month ago I decided to make my current house my own. Not to save it for market value or some unknown occupant at an undetermined time in the future. I’m painting walls, rearranging, and we are molding it to fit our family.

    Your post about realizing that your hospitality not being determined by the size of your home also made a huge impact on me a few months ago. Thank you for speaking from your heart.

  264. 270

    I would love the “She knew that many were the plans in her heart…but that God’s purposes would prevail,” because as a young bride 35 years ago, I had lots of dreams and my young pastor husband needed college and seminary and I gave up some dreams so he could fulfill his ministry – which was really ours all along, and now as I look back, I see how blessed I am.

  265. 271

    I would choose, You Are Loved, a wonderful daily reminder for me, husband and kids to see.

  266. 272

    Totally the first one “She knew that many were the plans in her heart but that God’s purpose would prevail”! Oh, this is has been so true of my life – I never would have chosen to be a single parent, but I wouldn’t want to trade the experiences our family of 3 have had because His purpose does (& has many times already) prevailed in spite of us. The second one is a close second – It is because of being blessed, chosen and forgiven the first is true in my life.

  267. 273

    “She knew that many were the plans in heart but God’s purpose would prevail” ~ it’s the story of my life wrapped up into one phrase. I’m living it yet again, wondering what this medical testing (and other questions before me) will hold, and at the same time, there is an immense security in this phrase because He holds the whole world in His hands… including my own. His purpose makes my life make sense even when it’s not at all what I planned.

  268. 274

    I would choose the You Are Loved piece so that my family would see it often and always remember what God has done for us, especially during the dark and ugly times.

  269. 275

    I’d have a custom of the first verse of Jesus Paid It All. It reads like this: I hear the Savior say, Thy strength indeed is small, Child of weakness watch & pray, Find in me thine all in all.

    Or maybe the chorus….

  270. 276
    Lorrie D says:

    I would choose the “You are Loved” print…because I frequently forget.

  271. 277
    Courtney says:

    I love the You are Loved print. I would hang it in my daughter’s room (19m old) & read it to her each & every day… My heart wants so badly for her to know this in her marrow & her bones.

  272. 278

    I would choose the pursued/ forgiven wall hanging since I feel that so deeply in my own personal history. Great giveaway!

  273. 279

    I would choose “She knew that many were the plans in her heart but that God’s purpose would prevail.” I sometimes spend too much time making my own plans, rather that searching for what God would have me to do.

  274. 280
    Michelle Lavoie says:

    I would choose “The day had come to open the door” and I would give it to my sister. She is also a very strong believer in the power of words and she is going through a very transformational time in her life – choosing to try to have a baby on her own at 42 as she has not found a “great love of her life” yet to have a child with. She is very brave and it is a dream of hers to have her own child. I want her to have all her dreams come true…this would be a lovely way to encourage her and support her.

  275. 281

    I love words, too! I loved the one that said “She knew that she was formed by God’s hands, dreamed up in His heart, and placed in this world for a purpose.” I have 2 daughters. I want to be a mommy of purpose and share such bold truths with my little girls. Amazing!

  276. 282
    Christy S says:

    I would pick the You Are Loved print. What a great reminder of Christ’s love for us.

  277. 283

    My favorite is Loved xoxo with She Knew Plans a close second.

  278. 284

    Loved. really truly always.

  279. 285

    I read these words this morning. My impulse was to dash off a quick response and then I read the words from Red Letter Art and I decided to take some time to think about what each phrase meant… I kept coming back to the one about doors being opened to dreams… and this one, those words have settled in my heart… It was not too long ago that I didn’t feel like my dreams deserved a voice… I kept them hidden in my heart, closed in tight fists because I didn’t believe that I was worthy to dream… But His grace – it covers and the past year He has been pursuing me, arduoulsy, and I have felt His love soften my heart… but most importantly I have uncupped my dreams and placed them at His feet – in essence returing them to Him – because He placed them in my heart in the first place – and wouldn’t you know it doors began to open… I would be honoured to have to words grace my wall – and have them serve as a reminder of God’s love for me… Oh and by the way – I think you’re pretty awesome {grin}

  280. 286

    “she knew that she was formed…” that is so beautiful. thank you for using your amazing artistic talent to share His word.

  281. 287

    “She knew she was formed by God’s hands” is my favorite. It would be such a wonderful reminder that my life has purpose, even in the midst of diaper filled days. And I love the colors!

  282. 288

    I would choose the You are Loved print because it reminds me of my identity in Christ. Fun giveaway!

  283. 289

    oh, how i would LOVE “the day had come to open the door to her dreams” – it just jumps out at me! i turn 50 in one month (although i don’t feel or act like it :)), and i am in the midst of transitioning my in-person wellness studio into an online business (because my family and i have become global nomads!). i am motivated and determined to go “from transitional to transformational” (my new mantra), and this quote fits my path perfectly. thank you for this fun opportunity, lisa-jo!

  284. 290

    Oohh! I just love them all! These are sold in Christian bookstores, aren’t they!? I think my favorite is “she knew that she was formed in God’s hands…”
    I love your blog so much!
    Thanks again for sharing.

  285. 291

    wow – this is very generous! i absolutrly love the one “she knew the many plans in her heart, but that God’s purpose would prevail? it speks of Jeremiah 29:11 which is my lifeline these days!

  286. 292

    I would choose the Blessed, Chosen, Pursued…because I need to hear/ see it almost everyday. I need to be reminded how much I am loved by the Lord in the midst of my messy life.

  287. 293

    I love the bottom right one!!!!!

  288. 294

    he knew she was formed with God’s hands, dreamed up in His heart and placed in this world with a purpose. I love it! A constant reminder that we have a purpose.

  289. 295
    Jo Richardson says:

    I would choose “You are Loved” for my beautiful 4 y.o daughter, because the night I found out I was pregnant with her (disbelief!) my bible reading was Psalm 139. My husband said to me, “if you don’t believe the test, believe God, you’re pregnant!” xx

  290. 296

    Oh for sure the second one, Blessed, etc…
    A reminder I need every. single. day.

  291. 297

    I loved the “she was formed by God’s hands dreamed up in his heart and placed in this world for a purpose” print. We are expecting our first baby in June- a little girl- and I would put this up in her room so she always remembers that the God who formed her placed her in this world for a purpose.

    Thanks Lisa!

  292. 298

    I would choose “she was formed by God’s hands” for my daughter’s room. She is the biggest blessing God had ever given my husband and me. It will be a daily reminder for her that she is here for a purpose.

  293. 299

    They are all so beautiful and meaningful that it was hard for me to choose a favorite. I managed to narrow it down to two. “The day had come” is for my twenty-year-old daughter, a college junior who graduates next May and will soon be off on her own exciting journey. For my youngest daughter, who’s 8, I’d choose “Loved really truly always” as a perfect reminder of God’s and our love for our sweet girl.

  294. 300

    I love when you write about your little house. Speaks to my heart, just like that last print that says I was born for a purpose. I would hang it on a wall so I could read it everyday and remember.

  295. 301

    I would choose the “You Are Loved” and give it to my co-worker/friend who struggles SO much with feeling loved even by God.

    • 302

      Hit enter too quickly. She really struggles with self-confidence and is very insecure. My heart goes out to her.

  296. 303

    I believe I’d have to pick: “She knew she was formed by God’s hands, dreamed up in His heart, and placed in this world for a purpose.” This is such a strong, beautiful reminder as I find my way back and find my way into His purpose for me. I’ve been three years on a desert journey; waiting to discover what God has next; and as He reveals it, the journey and the revelation are a blessing. I’d like my daughter to see this in large letters around the house as well. A confirmation for Her that her heavenly Father holds her world in His hand and that His timing is everything.

  297. 304

    God’s Purpose will prevail. Why? I would choose it for my wonderful friend. We met online several years ago and then were excited to attend a Mom Heart conference last month and meet for the first time. Listening to her heart through the conference, when I read that one, it just fits her heart to a tee!! I personally like the hymns art :)

  298. 305
    Stephanie says:

    The you are loved print – as a reminder of who we are in Christ.

  299. 306

    I would choose the door one as a gift for my about-to-graduate-from-high-school daughter.

    How on earth did this happen?

    She’s about to leave the country for a year and she feels so anxious to open the door to that dream of Grown Up.

  300. 307

    That God’s purpose will prevail…
    This is exactly what I remind myself regularly as the chaos of life gets overwhelming.

  301. 308

    I would choose the open the door to her dreams print because it would be beautiful to read everyday!

  302. 309
    Mamatwoboys says:

    I adore the last one with the blue heart. Knowing the God made me for His purpose makes me want to great things for Him. Hope I can fulfill His purpose and more!

  303. 310

    I am so touch by “You are Loved”. I too love words and scripture. Your artwork is wonderful and exactly like what I have been dreaming of in my mind.
    I would love to win this piece of art for my 16 year old daughter who so struggles with knowing that she is loved and known by our Amazing God.

  304. 311

    We have 4 boys and recently found out that we’re expecting baby #5. This was definitely not in our plans, but trusting His plans and knowing that His purposes will prevail. I’d love to be reminded of that truth with a print upon the wall.

    I’m really grateful for your blog and the “real life” with God that you share with us. Thanks!

  305. 312

    blessed chosen pursued defended … It’s staggering, all He has done.
    They are all beautiful. :)

  306. 313

    I love the last one, the “She knew that she was formed…” I would put it my daughter’s room so she can grow up reading that truth every day and having it become a part of who she is.

  307. 314

    I would chose the one that reminds me I’m blessed…forgiven…loved…known. Because I need the reminder often.

    I adore red letter words! and you. and Dee…;)

  308. 315

    I would choose “Blessed, chosen, pursued, forgiven . . you are loved” – beautiful! There are many times I ened to be reminded of that and when others in my life need to be. Similar to the the sentiment in this quote: “Behold the One who can’t take His eyes off of you. Marinate in the vastness of that.” – from Tattoos on the Heart, Gregory Boyle

  309. 316
    Christel says:

    I like the first one about God’s plans prevailing despite my own ideas… a good reminder. :-)

  310. 317

    I would pick the “You are Loved” print. It is a beautiful reminder that God sees me, even in the everyday ordinary tasks that I am performing. He sees all the little things that I do that are so quickly undone. When I work for Him (and not for getting the list checked off or being done), it’s ok that the same work returns over and over (clothes, dishes, sweeping). He sees me, my heart, my attitude, and loves me even though my work is like shifting sand. He love me, not for what I do, but because I’m His.

  311. 318

    I would choose the You Are Loved. I love how it helps us to remember who we are in Christ. Thank you!

  312. 319

    I would get the black “You are Loved” print & hang it next to my bathroom mirror, as a constant reminder of who I am because of His love for me.

  313. 320

    i would choose “you are loved” for my husband. I hear him preach that every week from the pulpit.

  314. 321

    The last one – “She was formed in God’s hands” is my favorite. It was an instant reminder of how precious my daughter is to our family after miscarrying twins just a few months before getting pregnant with her. A hard trial, for sure, but she is the joy of our hearts!

  315. 322

    “Many were the plans in her heart, but God’s purpose will prevail…”

    Totally prayed this exact prayer moments before I read this post. Praying for clarity right now, done with sitting on the sidelines in certain situations in my life and quite confident that God’s purpose and desire for me are greater. Love how God breathes life into our hearts and souls through ancient words…

  316. 323

    Your words about moving and home spoke to my heart. We are about to move, again. And I am anxious to be settled-ish as you put it, for long enough to really see God use us in a mighty way.
    Your friend is very talented!! What beautiful pieces! If I could, I would choose the “Blessed, chosen, forgiven, pursued, loved…” Because those are things I remind myself daily! I am redeemed, loved, and PURSUED by my King!! Such beautiful truth!

  317. 324

    I would choose “She knew that she was formed by God’s hands dreamed up in his heart and placed in this world for a purpose.” This is my prayer for my daughter! I hope she always knows that God put her here for a purpose and for such a time as this. She was my surprise baby but the biggest blessing I could have ever gotten!

  318. 325

    I love Chosen . . . Forgiven (words that describe who we are in Christ). Almost 2 years ago my father went to be with his Savior. After 66 years of marriage his death has left my mom feeling bereft and lost and often struggling. I would love to hang those big bold words on her wall where she could see them often and be constantly reminded how much her Heavenly Father loves her and that He is always with her even on the days she feels the loneliest and most lost without her earthly companion.

  319. 326

    The last one – placed in this world for a purpose. A reminder I need.

  320. 327

    You are loved! That’s a great one!

  321. 328
    Danielle says:

    I would pick the one about being here for a purpose. I still remember the day when I told my dad that I truly believed I was chosen to do something great. He wrote me a letter recently and told me that raising 4 children is doing something great.

  322. 329
    Stephanie says:

    I love the “Blessed, chosen, pursued” one. I think it’s a great reminder for me and a great way for me to teach my son that God loves him and he is perfect the way he is.

  323. 330
    Diane S. says:

    I love them all, but I think I would choose the one “Blessed, chosen forgiven” because that is something that my whole family needs to remember!

  324. 331

    “She knew she was formed by God’s hands….”

    A beautiful bit of truth for my baby girl! :)

  325. 332

    I love Red Letter Words! I’d choose the “She knew she was formed in God’s hands” …. I would hang it where my daughters could read it each day!

  326. 333

    I’d pick the one saying she is formed by God’s hands… I have three little ladies who need to grow up knowing that!

  327. 334

    YOU ARE LOVED… and accepted, courageous, and all of those awesome affirmations that God’s Word says about us! I would love to hang that in my home to remind my family and me of these precious truths.

  328. 335
    Megan Martin says:

    “Formed by God’s hands, dreamed up in his heart.” Looking at these words hanging on my wall would remind me of this truth everyday, and who doesn’t need to be reminded of that? Truly believing these words will cause big things to happen!

  329. 336

    “She knew she was formed with God’s hands, dreamed up in His heart and placed in this world with a purpose.” My 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve condition this past year that is slowly taking away her ability to walk. I’ve been collecting scripture and words of encouragement in a journal for her as we ‘walk’ this road of uncertainty. I want her to know that she was truly formed in God’s hands, that he has a purpose for her life. We will run after him together to discover all that he plans to do through her.

  330. 337
    Amy Carter says:

    I would choose the She knew plans <3 It's awesome!

  331. 338

    “She knew she was formed with God’s hands, dreamed up in His heart and placed in this world with a purpose.” Would love it both as a reminder to me & also for my 2 girls:)

  332. 339

    “She knew she was formed … ” These words are ones that we’d do well to remind ourselves of often! Dee does amazing work!

  333. 340

    The last one. “She knew…” This is the truth I hold on to- that through all of the trial by fire, He is holding on to me.

  334. 341

    I like the print that says “she knew the day had come to open the door to her dreams.”. We moved to a new house a month before my daughter was born. I also had a 21 month old son, so needless to say my daughter’s nursery didn’t get much attention before she was born. My husband and I just painted the room last month and now I’m working on a gallery wall for her room. My daughter is now 21 months old herself, and she is an amazing girl, with a whole life of dreams to follow. I think this print from Dee would be a great addition to her wall!

  335. 342
    LaTishia Heaton says:

    I would choose the She Knew She was Formed by Gods Hands print, because I would like to hang it in my diaghters bedroom. Although my husband and I had her as teenagers, she is now 12 and a huge part of my testimony and I know that God put her here and gave her to me with a mighty purpose.

  336. 343

    Oh, how I love your custom print and am dreaming (with tears) of creating one for my home one day. I have lived in three countries and can so relate to your sweet words of people, memories, smells, cities, leaps of faith, streets . . .

    I would chose Loved, Really, Truly, Always!


  337. 344
    Jennifer O says:

    I would get the white one with turquoise heart. I knew God has a plan for me, but I’m still trying to figure out my purpose. What an encouraging sentiment. Thank you for this!

  338. 345

    The bottom right with the blue heart speaks to me. My mom was a teenager when she had me. She and my dad were forced to marry. They’ve spent 41 years totally despising one another. Even as a child before I knew the details of my birth, I felt responsible. All this time I struggle with truly accepting the truth about my existence…that God planned me. I know I have purpose in Him. When my parents hurt each other, I still feel guilty. I fight the lies of the enemy every day. The art is a beautiful reminder of God’s truth about me.

  339. 346

    She knew that many were the plans in her heart, and that God’s purpose would prevail!
    Ined this reminder. day after long soul searching what am I doing day.
    Love Dee’s stuff – it’s always on my wish list!

  340. 347

    Your word art is simply beautiful! I love it. One of your prints would look fabulous in my little office at the church.

  341. 348

    I know that I am too late to win, but I love the one about knowing she was formed by God’s hands. It is so easy to forget who I really am sometimes. All the battles seem to drain it right out of me, but I love the way this one piece of art reminds me exactly who I am. Thank you for sharing today Lisa Jo. This is beautiful.

  342. 349

    Wow. Dee’s prints are so amazing. ….as is she herself! I just adore her new Dream canvas above with the door. Since I’m working on my new God Sized Dream, I thought it’d be perfect!

  343. 350
    Jennifer Rae says:

    I love the You Are Loved print. Perfect for my kitchen.

  344. 351

    I would choose the one of she knew the time had come to open the door to her dreams. Like you-Lisa-Jo, I grew up in Africa-although West Africa. I find that my home is Africa but have made a life for myself in Denver. My husband and I struggled with fertility issues for many years and although it was very painful I now have two beautiful girls. They both have African names-Sevia-the one who smiles- (Swahili) and Asha- Life and Hope in Hindi and Swahili. I like this quote as my dreams have come through by having these two girls which are a blessing to us and are my answers to my prayers. The door has been opened through them.

  345. 352

    It is hard selecting just one. I love Dee’s work! I think though the ” she knew she was formed for a purpose”. It speaks volumes of mine and my daughter’s lives right now!

  346. 353

    Wow, these are incredible! I think I would pick the one all about our identity-You are loved! Sweet!

  347. 354

    I would love to have the middle one on the top row. Those are the things we confessed and prayed over Jossalynn before she was born.l?p

  348. 355

    Oh, I love the “Loved” print!

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