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All four of them come to meet me at the airport. Zoe is wearing Giraffee patterened pants and her faces is a riot of ketchup and paint. She can’t stop shrieking in excitement, “We come get you at the ‘port, mama.” The boys are asking about the coloring books I got for them and the sun is setting across I-395. The car is its usual riot of wrappers and pretzel sticks and someone’s crocs and someone else’s rugby ball. Everyone is talking at once and I lean over to hold onto Pete’s arm as he steers.

We come through the front door and there are a few dishes out, the shower curtain pulled back and the potty has clearly been put to good use. Shoes and pool bag and coloring books and life everywhere. So very ordinary and so very good and this is my home and my people and they teach me how to take every day and turn it into a rich rhythm of catch up and school news and summer events and that left over bratwurst. It comes naturally now. It didn’t for a long time. But now? Now I rock and sway with the wonder of it’s ordinary glory.

Kids out on their bikes and scooters and Zoe chasing down the side walk after them in only her socks and when did I grow up and discover that it’s the evening ritual and the rites of homecoming that make a life great. Not the degrees or titles or travel. But the small moments of re-filling the pink water bottle and listening to my two year old say, “tank you, mama.”

We know the steps by heart and when one of us trips or trods on someone else we know how to pull apart and come back together and sometimes that requires letting the boys build tent forts at ten o’clock at night.

Later I will load the dishwasher and wipe down the counters and leave the crayons out for tomorrow.

And the music will whisper over us while we sleep and the beat keeps thumping through it all.


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