26 Jul 2013

Five Minute Friday: Broken


My site has been having troubles on and off for the last two days. I guess you write a post about how Hollywood has jaded our love stories and how you’re reclaiming yours and so many others arrive to say, Amen, that the server can’t quite handle the traffic.

And while we’re working to get things running smoothly again, I’m not sure I trust the poor blog to host Five Minute Friday this week. So come and join us over on my Facebook page – we’re sharing our five furious, wild, desperately true minutes over there this week.

The prompt is “Broken.”

Click here to read, link up, and join us.


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    Virginia says:
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    This is my first friday, love the idea!

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    Heather Bea says:

    I think many things break a person throughout their life it’s how we piece our life back together that counts. Sometimes this is easy and sometimes it is terrifying. I lost a lot in my younger years, I’m 37 now and both sets of grandparents are gone and my parents are gone too. I am an only child. I lost my mom when I was 23 and my dad when I was 35. This broke me. What I want to repair is how I will be a parent to my son and daughter. I do not want to break them. Heartache and suffering are part of life, it makes you truly appreciate what you have. But for me the fear of loosing my life or my husbands or children’s is paralyzing me. I know what goes up must come down and I’m so high and happy I can touch the sky – but I sadly know the only way to go is down from here and this breaks me. How do you fix something that’s broken after years of not knowing I had this fear once I had the joy of children in my life? I don’t want to break my children from smothering them, telling them I love them so much? I wish they knew the love that I feel but we all know they won’t know this love until they have their own children. My son will be 4 in November and my daughter 1. I want to fix this broken part of me before they get much older.

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      God bless you! Praying that you experience the beauty of blessing with an open hand and an open heart. We can never say “I love you” too much. Those words last forever.

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      Gwen Barnett says:

      Hi Heather: I have 5 childrren (they are 10 now with spouses, 1 autistic nephew living with us, and 3 grand children). I remember when I first left them over night, I thought of nothing but dying and leaving them behind. (they were all 12 and under then). But I lived through the night and learned to start enjoying part of my life without them. It’s hard to realize that the God of this universe loves them even more than we do. My parents both died when I was fairly young too. I really miss them and wish I could have shared my kids with them more but what I realize now is that God gave me a wonderful family of my own and a wonderful church family….people who help me, lift me up in prayer and care. So, if possible, hook up with others that are living life well, care for their kids, and have faith in God. None of us can do this alone. God really does care no matter what we think when we are confused, or down, burdened, or sad. And he promises a a future day in which we can all be reunited and whole. I hope this helps and if you want to write me, please do. We all have many fears but God can help us through those. Keep seeking.

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    First timer. That was harder than I thought. I didn’t get much out in five minutes. Fun tho!

    Looking back I can see that it was broken. Or maybe I should say it was breaking. Talks were the same. Days were the same. It’s hard to imagine that something could be whole one moment and unrecognizable the next. But that is what happened. I question all that was said and I don’t even know how you actually feel about it all. It was so easy for you to walk away from all the history. All the life moments, big and not so big. It’s a chore; trying to move on. Encountering a brick wall was not in my plans.

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    I don’t see the blue linky tool at the bottom of this post to link to my FMF post today so I’ll do it here: http://iamwhoiamnowblog.wordpress.com/2013/07/26/broken-as-i-am-mended-i-can-be/

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    I’m not really on FB, so I’ll link here if that’s okay. (Hope your blog keeps working well!)

    Broken But His – http://www.undergodsmightyhand.com/2013/07/broken-but-his.html

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    I don’t see the link-up (that happens to me sometimes so it might just be my computer?). Here’s my link: http://sarasamomx5.livejournal.com/8402.html

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    I was delighted to see so many of my friends sharing your running-through-the-airport article on FB! And now, I’m utterly verklempt…totally unbrave…not ready to announce the reality of my blog by FB. FMF is such a nice safe community where no one from real life even knows I blog! Killing me, Lisa-Jo, killing me! But congrats on taking the world by storm with your love story. :-)

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    I linked up on FB, but since others are posting I will do it also…it is my first week doing this and I loved it!

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    My first comment for you yet I have been playing along for a few weeks. My five minutes are very simple and I am not ready to share but I just had to say how beautiful I think your post is. I have been married to a man who has never run through an airport for me, but he has been running with me, holding my hand, for 30 years. xx

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    I didn’t really want to leave a comment on facebook due to privacy issues and such, so I’ll just leave my link up here like everyone else. :-)

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    I’m linking My Five Minute Friday post here this week! Prayers for a quick website fix :)


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    I laugh-because I know God is talking to me and is making it so incredibly obvious, that really it’s funny. Good one God, make Lisa Jo’s blog broken, so she will have the writing prompt this week be just that…broken. So, allow me to reflect on this word, and in my life. Oh God -you are just making it as clear as day. I get it.

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    So, I think I’m a little late to the party, but I just found out about Five Minute Friday late last night (technically, very early this morning). This is my first time participating:


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    Dear Lisa-Jo,

    I hope that you are able to resolve your Blogger problems. I’ve been struggling with them for several months. It’s served me well over the years, but the as of late there have been many problems. Thank you for your faithfulness each week in encouraging fellow bloggers to write. Each week I am blessed by the posts from other bloggers.

    Blessings in Christ…Susan

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  28. 34

    First time for me too! :-)

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    I loved your post on love and airports – I am glad I have a real love that is bigger and more beautiful, more enduring than anything Hollywood can come up with:) Your word choice had significant meaning this week:) Wishing you blessing and no fighting over new toys!

  31. 37

    Hi, thanks for all the positive support. I award you the Blog Sgn on award. The rules ae simplier and keep Lily from barking. Thanks again for your support.

  32. 38

    My first Five Minute Friday! http://arrangedbygod.com/broken/

  33. 39

    Hi Lisa,

    First, I couldn’t find today’s writing prompt and after a lot of searching, I found the on 3rd October post, you wrote on this week’s prompt, rather than on Friday night at 12.01 AM. (Correct me if I’m wrong). And, like someone else told, I too couldn’t find the blue linky tool. I hope it is okay if I’m commenting here about my today’s post and that the prompt is the correct one. Here it is:

    My First Five Minute Friday Post – “Write”

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