Sometimes I’m tempted to turn all the comments you wise, wonderful and deeply funny women leave into a book.

Seriously, you people are smart. And you write hugs that deserve to be passed on.

So, today I give you my 50 favorite pieces of parenting advice for new {and seasoned} moms – as shared in the comments of this blog.

Read, laugh, be blessed and pass it on to anyone who needs a girlfriend to sit with her, laugh with her, cry with her and pass her another slice of chocolate cake.

Advice for new moms – from those who’ve been there and survived that!

  1. Remember that days will often seem slow, but years fly by. Angela Mackey

  2. The best thing you can do is love your children, love their daddy and love yourself. Lisa
  3. It does get easier…sleep does come and you do eventually emerge from the fog and begin to feel normal again. Judy
  4. Date Night: Take some time for a little romance. Despite the exhaustion, postpartum-pimples, and stretched-out Mommy-belly, you are still a beautiful woman! And you need to remind yourself of that. Teri @ StumblingAroundInTheLight
  5. Whenever I forget to ask for help, my little brood and I all suffer. ibebetter
  6. The neat thing about being a mother – is that someday you get to be a grandmother and great-grandmother as I am now and loving every minute of it. And you get the reward of seeing your own kids become wonderful, loving parents because they were taught by the best–you. You can do this! Jo Ann Taylor
  7. It’s OK to cry, actually it’s good, it’s scientifically proven to make you feel better. Jenn
  8. I finally learned to ask the Lord for enough sleep to get through the next day–nothing more, nothing less. Judith
  9. Just breathe, and be…stop trying to do everything so prettily. Renee
  10. If I went back 30 years I would have more of the snowball fights …we had in the house. Chris King

  11. My dad calls this time The Glory Days and I know he knows more about kids growing up than I do so I’m constantly trying to slow these wonderfully imperfect Glory Days down. the nester
  12. Wherever your baby sleeps is fine. As long as you are both sleeping, it doesn’t matter if they’re in your bed, in your arms or on the couch. Mel
  13. It gets better. All of it. It just gets better, so hang in there. The 2am (and 4am and 6am) feedings will pass, you will sleep again, and you will miss those quiet moments in the dark with the baby God has so graciously given you. Dara Shultz
  14. We fight so hard to not compare ourselves to others, and sometimes, what we are comparing ourselves to, is not a true picture of what is really happening. Lynnet
  15. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to others that were feeling overwhelmed. Nicole
  16. Grace: accept it from God and others. Give it to your kids, your husband, and everyone else. Casey
  17. Laugh: when you think your house can’t look any worse and your kids cannot be any less responsive or obedient. Find anything small about which you can laugh every day. Laugh with your kids and laugh at yourself. Casey
  18. Having fun is more important than following the imaginary rules. Natalie
  19. Stressing the small stuff is never worth losing your calm. Katherine
  20. Ponytails are technically a “hair-do.” ;) Natalie

  21. Celebrate the small victories. Have they been fed? Put to bed? Are they clothed at all? {Dirty, clean, matching…it doesn’t matter.} Are they chattering, smiling, maybe even singing? If the answer is yes to any of these, you’ve done something right. Scooper
  22. When I have had one of “those” days hubby has said “At least the kids are alive and supper is made.” Country Girl in the City
  23. I believe that we compare our worst traits to others best traits and that is no way to treat ourselves. micaela
  24. I tell myself, “Someday, I’m going to miss this.” And I mean it. No matter how hard it is. Someday, I AM going to miss this. Alyssa
  25. Failures teach you about Grace. Understanding Grace is foundational to your entire life. Natalie
  26. Say yes to your children as often as possible. Janna
  27. While pancakes for supper may be an easy out for me, they look forward to the switch. Sabrina
  28. As hard as it is to get your head around … don’t ever, ever forget: your kids (and God Himself) think you’re beautiful. Natalie
  29. I would say not to fret over letting them watch *another* movie, especially on those hard days. Kristen@Chasing Blue Skies
  30. Cry whenever and wherever you need to. No shame. Liquid Prayers. Natalie

  31. This is thee most important job you will ever have…please enjoy it..enjoy them and know that God has made you a mom and will always be there to listen. Vonnie
  32. It’s okay to ask for help. Emily
  33. Choosing kisses and book reading while the laundry is around us waiting to be put away was way better. Rachel Bowen
  34. Your worst critic is yourself. No one is judging you as much as you judge yourself. Natalie
  35. Messy house, messy kids makes for messy but delightfully happy family. Estelle Emond
  36. They won’t care what the house looked like or what kinds of meals they ate. They will remember how they were loved. Cheri
  37. Keep on encouraging each other – it makes all the difference in the world to really know that you’re not alone. Diana Trautwein
  38. Anyone giving advice about surviving the toddler years, and making them sound neat and pretty, is no longer in them. (Or has a personal assistant.) Seriously. Amara
  39. My children will not be scarred because I am not doing it all. Miriam
  40. There is no Fairy Godmother handing out gold stars to the Super-Mom-Of-The-Week. Stop trying to earn them. Natalie

  41. You won’t be sorry about the drive-through in a few years, but I promise you’ll wish you would have taken your salty, french-fry lips and kissed the baby fat on his neck. Amara
  42. Give yourself grace. God does, and your kids do, too. Cheri
  43. It’s so much easier to just store all the children’s shoes in the van anyway. We can always find a matching pair that way!! Brenda Brough
  44. You are not a bad person if your attempt at scrap booking remains nothing more than a pile of photos, paper and stickers collecting in a plastic bin. Natalie
  45. I would go back and tell myself that my in-laws prefer happy, smiling children to those that have been worn weary by cleaning at mother’s ‘command’ in a clean home. Jenna
  46. Choose your battles wisely. Kim in VA
  47. Including in a routine the things that are important to me (like showers). Alexandra
  48. I would say who cares if they haven’t combed their hair in days. Most other people just aren’t gonna notice! Kristen@Chasing Blue Skies
  49. When you fail to do any or all of the above in a day, give yourself the okay to start again tomorrow. Casey
  50. The Internet isn’t going to go anywhere, but my children don’t stop growing. Stephanie