Writing is like the old friend you can always count on to tell you the truth. ->click to tweet.




It’s always there.

You don’t need a computer or a fancy moleskin. You can just tear a corner off that old grocery list and write down a legacy of what you loved today. You can count gifts. You can leave notes to yourself. You can weep quietly in ink and then ball it up and throw it out like so much letting go.

Writing waits.

Writing listens.

Writing teaches.

On Fridays we write together. On one shared prompt.

And we take comfort in each others’ words. Familiar and different at the same time.

If this is your first time – click here for how to join us. You’re so very welcome.

And tonight, tonight I ran out of words like all writers and mothers are apt to do after long days. And it’s then we need our friends.

Seth and Amber Haines sat across the table at dinner tonight. Their words, this broken bread and shared feast.

Tonight Seth offers his as a Five Minute Friday guest post. As we all write together on the word VISIT.


My grandparents lived in Monroe, Louisiana, and their back porch overlooked Bayou Desiard. As a child, I remember how we gathered there, shelled pecans and crawfish and engaged in what the adults called a “visit.” The term was reserved for this particular family time, the time where we’d sit around and swap Louisiana-sized stories under the slogging humidity. We talked faith, and family, and swapped stories about old timey things like hymns, and horses, and guns. It was good time. It was family time.

Last night, some of us gathered at Copeland’s New Orleans restaurant, just a small group. It reminded me of those back porch moments. We were only friends, yes. But we shared right-sized stories about faith, and family, and old timey hymns. There were crawfish and pecans. There was laughter.

Yes, the visit–it’s the special family time. And last night, it was nice to be with a broader family.


SethI am a working stiff who is lucky enough to call the Ozark Mountains home. I am blessed to be the husband of Amber Haines and the father of four boys. I enjoy good sentences, good music, good food, and good fly fishing.

Here, I pen my notions regarding faith, creativity, marriage, culture, and whatever else strikes me at word-worthy. I hope you’ll follow along.

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