So in about two weeks my book comes out.

That’s not scary or anything.


There’s a really pretty page with all things related to the book if you just click over here. It’s also up there in the navigation called “My Book.”

And if you click that link you’ll see where you can download the first three chapters of the book free. No matter where in the world you live.

Because the best part so far – by FAR – has been listening to reactions from weary mamas who can relate. Because motherhood – no matter how we got there – is such a universal journey. And I love sharing it with you guys.

And I love hearing back from you guys.

So far here are a few of my favorite reasons why you’d pass this book along to another mom:

Because I need a reminder that I really don’t want this mothering thing to be over. (click to tweet)

Because you need something to read when you are locking yourself in the bathroom for some quiet time. (click to tweet)

It’s a heart-to-heart from a friend who “gets it”- the messy miracle of motherhood. (click to tweet)

Because Lisa-Jo really gets it… she gets the whole loving your kids and at the same time wanting to throw yourself on the floor and throw a tantrum of your own. (click to tweet)

Saturday April 5 from 1-3pm we’re hosting a book launch party.

Book launch party_Lisa-Jo Baker

And by “we” I mean “my friends with party planning skills.” They’re amazing. And they want to plan a fun, laid back afternoon for anyone who is a mom, knows a mom or has a mom to get a chance to exhale and be reminded how brave they are.

It will be at our church’s cafe in Annandale, VA. Easily accessible by anyone in the DC/VA/MD area. We sure hope to meet as many of you as possible.

If you’re thinking about coming – won’t you click and sign up here through Eventbrite. It’s FREE! But we’d like to get a head count because there will be a candy bar (of course) and we want to be sure to have enough candy :)

And if you pre-order now, the book will arrive in time for me to sign it (insert GRIN HERE). And to sign a copy for your mom for Mother’s Day. And your pregnant best friend. And your sister-in-law and the kids’ favorite baby sitter. And your grandma. On both sides. You get the idea.

OK, so if you’ve read the first three chapters or when you do – I’d LOVE to hear from you one reason you’d pass this book along to another mom.

Go ahead, share in the comments today why you’d give your dog-eared, milk-covered copy to a friend. I’d love to listen in.