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I want to get lost with you this weekend.

I want to climb into your hand and lose all the rest of this week, this year, these 18 months in the whorls and swirls that make your fingers your own. And also mine. I want to bury my nose in your neck and inhale two days away from our kids, our grown up responsibilites and pretend we are 21 again.

I want to get lost in some side street in Beverly where we used to drive your Ford Tempo to Singing Beach and feel my feet in the sand again and all these years between now and then fall off my shoulders. If only they would fall off my hips too. But in the meantime I’m happy to just get lost in the back of coffee shops or libraries or under the covers.

Slowly. Remembering all this you and me without three kids in between.

I want to get lost in conversations that don’t get interrupted by somebody who needs more water or milk or Ketchup.

Lost in a book and your arms and the eyes of that bride walking down the aisle to her forever someone.

Lost in two long days of just you and me and when last did we do this? When last did we do all the planning to step outside our nine to fives to find our way back to the beginning of being lost and found together?

I’m ready.

I packed all the suitcases this morning. A whole 24 hours earily. Because it takes planning to get lost when you get to our age and responsibilities. When did we grow up? I blinked my eyes and missed it. I think it happened in a Costco aisle one day.

Let’s unmake it for a day. You and me.

And tomorrow’s airplane.