31 Jul 2014

Five Minute Friday {my last week hosting}: Begin

I’m having all the feels about this being my last week hosting Five Minute Friday. In case you missed the announcement, I’m handing Five Minute Friday over into the tender and very capable hands of my friend Kate Motaung starting from next week, August 8th.

There will still be a sacred space for five, focused minutes of writing.

It just won’t be at my blog anymore.

And I’m grateful and sad and ready and sure.

It’s time for something new to BEGIN.


Yup, one last time together, let’s do this.

Let’s write on one word for five beautiful, sacred, unrushed, unedited minutes —-> the word is BEGIN:


Because something new always does. Something unexpected begins here in five, shared minutes online. In your living room, there behind your desk and in the dry and dusty streams in the desert of our hearts. Behold, He is always doing a new thing.

He begins again and again with me in my small, stubborn head that forgets over and over again how big and how infinite He is. How the Christ is never limited by you and especially not by me with my small vision and my cramped heart. How He is relentless in His willingness to begin again with me each new morning and each tired and crabby afternoon before dinner. How He is never tired of my tiredness and how He makes beauty out of broken down moms and their whiney kids.

And every time we open the blank page with that cursor winking at us we get to begin all over again. A fresh canvas to cover in the paint of our ordinary nooks and crannies that become anything but ordinary when we offer them up like so many little loaves and fishes for our hungry friends. Hungry to know they’re not the only ones whose kids decimate their bedrooms, who forget to plan anything for dinner, who get tired of clocking time in cubicles, who are called to math or science or teaching or etsy or that night shift in the ER.

And when we put down our five minutes of truth, when we aren’t afraid to live un-edited, even if only for glimpses, we feed the hearts of our neighbors – down the street and online. We feed them and we feed ourselves and we discover that there is always more left over to begin again tomorrow.


And if you missed it – you can check out the live Q&A I hosted with my three kids to celebrate our last Friday with you all! Click here to watch. (And promise it will make anyone who has wild kiddos feel infinitely better – heh}.

{Photo credit: Mallory MacDonald}



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  1. 1

    Tonight was truly precious…wild kids and all! Thank you so much, Lisa-Jo, for being an amazing hostess. Your words have inspired so much! And this—> “And when we put down our five minutes of truth, when we aren’t afraid to live un-edited, even if only for glimpses, we feed the hearts of our neighbors – down the street and online.”
    Yes, that’s it. That’s what these Five Minute Friday ladies are doing, and it’s incredible!

    • 2

      Hey Jen – thanks for being such a faithful encourager in this community. Thanks to you all I feel welcome – crazy kids and all. It’s such a blessed relief.

  2. 3

    I love you, too!! The end.

  3. 4

    My kids thought yours were a riot. Nehemiah kept trying to show his art work too. I just let him think he was on camera. He’s been saying my fwend Micah and my fwend Jackson. He claims people easily. I love that about him. Lovely to see your whole clan on this last night and I’m so butt smacking thrilled you’re onto new and wonderful things and I can’t wait to see what that looks like in the years ahead. All the feels tonight, friend. And bacon. SO it’s truly a beautiful thing.

    • 5

      BACON! Let there be BACON FOR EVERYONE BECAUSE ALL THE HAPPIES TONIGHT – love you all to the moon and back! (Micah will be glad to made a fwend – he is also all about claiming people his own).

  4. 6

    Thanks for stretching me, Lisa-Jo. 300 seconds at a time.

    Enjoy the next season of your journey … and know that this NY girl surely appreciates the role you’ve played in unfolding a bit of a writer’s heart I never knew I had …

    • 7

      oh what a beautiful thought – to have been able to be a small slice of someone finding the writer in them? Bliss!

  5. 8

    I haven’t been FMF-ing long, just about seven months. But each month, each Friday was a gift, and I am so grateful you would open your door to even me. In all this beginning and ending, may you know His love more and more. Thank you Lisa-Jo.

  6. 10

    Oh, Lisa-Jo, thank you for sharing this space with me…all of us! Thank you for challenging me and the perfectionist that I am. I have only been doing fmf for about 6 months and not every week. I watched for months before I started, so afraid of the product that I might produce. The truth is this exercise has truly helped me to grow as a writer, to trust myself, and start to build community. I lead a bible study on Thursday nights from 8:00-10:30. On the nights I had energy left, I would rush home and write. I loved it. I can’t wait to begin the next chapter in fmf with Kate! I am on a blog break this month and I am having to hold myself back in obedience to this Sabbath. I want to unleash myself and write…but I won’t until next week. Thank you, friend!

  7. 11

    I’m also fairly new to FMF and haven’t always been able to participate – but it’s my favorite part of the week! Thank you for all the sharing and encouragement and baring of your heart and showing of yourself and your family – unedited. You are brave. And blessed. And funny. And grace-full. I wish you the best, knowing that you are in good hands. I know you will never stop giving out the fish and bread because that’s just who you are; here’s to your new beginning! Joy!

  8. 12

    So much truth here in these words, Lisa-Jo. Thank you for opening up your heart and home and life to all of us these four years. I’ve only been around for the last six months, but this place and these words have changed me. Given me courage to keep writing. Given me the ability to believe maybe what I have to say matters. Thank you, friend. Thank you…xoxo, Meredith

  9. 13

    I will miss reading your five minutes writing and wish you the best with what you are going on to do now. Thank you for all the years of hosting – and I look forward toreading our new hostess.

  10. 14

    Thank you for hosting Five Minute Friday.
    I haven’t been a very diligent participant, but I can tell how great this community is.

  11. 15

    Lisa-Jo, thank you ever so much for starting FMF. What an incredible vision you had and a pure gift you’ve given us, allowing for authenticity, community, and even motivation, too!

    Many blessings on you!

  12. 16

    Lisa-Jo, thank you for this graceful place, this creative place, this heart spill place, this judgment free place, this Jesus place for women to do what women do best…talk about it. :)
    Thank you for baring your heart that we might bare ours and also bear the burdens of others. Thank you, God bless you and your wild and wonderful beginnings!

  13. 17

    How faithful He is to begin again with us! Once again, and it feels like always, you inspire this community to stay true to what ever is going on in our heads and hearts. Thank you, Lisa-Jo. Your vision to bring together women who question their daily worth, the question that sires of their hearts, and too long for more was born out so beautifully in this place. I look forward to the adventure continuing over at Kate’s blog! (And I can’t wait to see what newest adventure awaits you here, in this space!)

  14. 18

    So beautiful, Lisa-Jo! Thank you. For everything.

  15. 19


    I haven’t been able to show up here in this place for months. I’ve missed it. I refused to miss your final day graciously hosting brave writers.

    You press on and inspire others to press on. You are real and others realize they can be real, too. You write authentically and awaken others to write wide open and raw.

    Thank you. We will miss your words on Fridays.

    And I wonder what you are about to begin!! ;)


  16. 20

    “He begins again and again with me in my small, stubborn head that forgets over and over again how big and how infinite He is. How the Christ is never limited by you and especially not by me with my small vision and my cramped heart. How He is relentless in His willingness to begin again with me each new morning and each tired and crabby afternoon before dinner. How He is never tired of my tiredness..” <– oh my goodness, amen. Thank God for that.

  17. 21

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. The patience and long-suffering of our God astounds me. The truth that His mercies are new every morning comforts me. Thank you for this reminder. I needed it today.

  18. 22

    Lisa Jo, thank you for hosting FMF. I look forward to your future posts and to a new beginning. God bless you and your family.

  19. 23

    Lisa-Jo, thank you for today’s post and for all you have given to each of us who met you here. Thank you.

  20. 24

    If this was real life I’d bring you a bunch of big fat blooms and cheer you on into a future of new beginnings.
    Thank you for your brave steps and this beautiful community.

  21. 25

    Hi Lisa-Jo, I haven’t been very consistent with my FMF’s, but I still wanted to come visit and say thank you. Keeping your place open here for so long has been such a blessing and encouragement to me. I’ll definitely miss you. Praying for you at this new beginning. Much love, Jacqui Bennett

  22. 26

    Thanks for sharing this chapter of your life with us and for allowing The Lord to point us to a new FMF buddy. And thank you for helping me be unafraid to write. For encouraging me to keep it up. For providing a forum for me to find myself. Love you sweet friend, and close-ish neighbor :)

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