I don’t want to live in a world where the Mileys, selfies and twerking videos are our heroes.

I don’t want Photoshop to tell my daughter what is beautiful and what is not.

I want brave to be one of her favorite accessories. So I’m always on the look out for heroes.


I’m so over being afraid of Facebook and Instagram and what they mean for her generation.

I’m done with trying to plastic bubble her away from the world. I want her to grow up fiercely secure in her name – and her name means LIFE.

I want her to live big and bold and armed with wonder.

And I want to give her examples of what brave looks like to light her way.



I want to raise a courageous daughter in an age that believes the sum of her appearance must fit into a teeny, tiny, little size zero box with its edges tightly, perfectly manicured shut?

So I’ve been looking for the opposite. Examples of what living, breathing, change-the-world courage looks like from the women who’ve come before us.

Women who weren’t afraid of their wrinkles or their gray hair. Women who laughed so loud they spit out little bits of broccoli. Women who took careers and challenges and journeys that made the eyes of their family and the men around them bug out.

I want to learn about the women who make brave look ordinary because they don’t know any other way.



And then Michelle DeRusha wrote this book: 50 Women Every Christian Should Know: Learning from Heroines of the Faith.

And I will be book-marking its pages for years to come.

Fifty women who teach us that famous isn’t about how many people know your name and that brave often looks like pressing on even when you’re afraid.

Fifty women who weren’t intimidated, limited or silenced by being assigned to “women’s work.”

Fifty women who preached, lived, and often died for the Gospel.

Doctors, lawyers, midwives. Teachers, preachers, wives and mothers. Translators and scholars. Women who faced obstacles I can only just barely imagine. Women who were undaunted by the most daunting horizons.

Women with stories that sometimes hurt to read.

Women who challenge us not to try and “tidy up reality.” But instead to “go forth without fear.”

These women – they have me shaking with a desperation to be so bold as to write and live without being afraid of getting my hands and my heart and my family dirtied up in the process.

Because this world is broken and all we have is the promise that it is full of trouble. And the equally important guarantee from Jesus that He has overcome the world.

We see both the brokenness and the victory in between these pages. A testimony to the hard cost of courageous living.




I need that reminder when I watch the latest viral video, the news, the inside of my own mind.

That “the call doesn’t stop with these fifty women. God asks us to answer Him as well.”

“God calls us to go forth without fear – into the unknown, into the unfamiliar. He calls us to go forth without fear, right where we are, with exactly what we have. God doesn’t require perfect skills… God doesn’t demand flawless character…God doesn’t expect immovable, unwavering faith…”

He simply asks for our yes.


Click here to pick up Michelle’s beautiful, hard, disturbingly challenging book. Read it for yourself and for your daughters. And then answer yourself the questions –

Where is God calling me to go forth without fear?

And will I answer yes?