It’s ridiculous really how much of our lives we consider “ordinary.”


My oldest crept into bed next to me the other night because Wednesdays are the nights we offer an open call in our bed. This is mostly to try and keep them out of it all the other nights.

So Wednesdays are holy nights because Peter crams himself into the bottom bunk next to our middle boy – the one who shares his name. And our oldest, the one who has mine, comes and crawls into the big bed next to me.

Of course, though, they never go straight to sleep.

Because under cover of darkness and twinkle lights are when boys will spill all their secrets and their secret worries.

It’s there under the blankets that they’ll ask you if their breath really does stink – or if you’ve ever flown through the Bermuda triangle.

Their questions will surprise you and if you’re not careful you’ll find your mind wandering to the sink still full of dishes or the emails you haven’t returned.



But if you pay attention you’ll find that you’re living the extra part of your ordinary. Right there at 9:15pm on a Wednesday night.

I’m sharing how to spot your extraordinary in your one so-called, ordinary life over on (in)courage today.

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