So you know how I told you that 25% of all sales from my friend, Crystal’s new Make Over Your Mornings course that launched on Tuesday would be donated to South Africa? And you know how her big goal was to raise $14,000 so we could fully fund a two-classroom facility and two Enviro-Loo toilets at the Reagoboka Centre (read more about our visit there here)?

Well, guess what?!?!

Thanks to each and every one of you who purchased and donated, we raised $15,127 on Tuesday!!!

Money Saving Mom Make Over Your mornings

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Make Over Your Mornings Course

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Yup, so because thousands of women are starting their days feeling productive instead of discouraged, hundreds of kids in South Africa are going to have more classroom space and sanitary toilet facilities.

You guys! Just thank you.

Thank you for showing up, for commenting, for sharing, and for trusting us and diving into the Make Over Your Mornings Course.

All day there were text messages flying back and forth between the South African team and the Money Saving Mom team and we are BEYOND thrilled in several different languages about the work we can continue to do to serve South Africa!

Money Saving Mom Make Over Your Mornings

This is the staff and leadership team of the Reagoboka Centre – the classrooms and Enviro-Loos will be built on this property.

Money Saving Mom Make Over Your Mornings

Jackson and I could not be more thrilled to know that his friends from home will also have brand new classrooms this fall!

Money Saving Mom Make Over Your Mornings Serve South AFrica team

And the Take Action team that helps manage the Serve South Africa project told us yesterday that the local chief will be attending the official ground breaking ceremony for the new classrooms.

Money Saving Mom Make Over Your Mornings in South Africa

And even more exciting – in October Crystal, her three awesome kiddos, and her husband, Jesse, are all headed BACK TO SOUTH AFRICA to go and show you all the progress that’s been made as a direct result of your kindness, support, and generosity.

I’ve already pretty much packed my whole heart in their suitcases. And this is what I wrote in an email to Crystal yesterday:

I crazy love that you’re doing this and that I got to be the bridge and that now you can walk/fly your way over there without me and (hopefully) feel totally at home.

Your kids will LOVE it :)
So delighted at how God has criss-crossed all these stories.
And isn’t that what we’re all called to do? To lay our lives down as a living bridge – inviting people to walk across and into relationship and joy and opportunity and new stories. Stories that they can eventually live out without us? 
What an honor to be a bridge. What a gift.
And I can be a bridge here from my cluttered kitchen table at a blog or by boarding a plane or writing an email. And you – you get to be a bridge too. You can be a bridge by making your mornings a productive spot in your day and in so doing create opportunities for moms a world away.
You build bridges with your choices every time you support the work other women are doing, every time you help your kids with their homework, every time you say, yes, to a neighbor in need. Down the road or around the globe.
Thank you for being living, breathing, generous bridges with me and Crystal this week!
I see you and I am so so grateful.

A Few Helpful Notes about the Make Over Your Mornings Course

1. Did you have any trouble with your order? If you had any trouble downloading your course or didn’t get a followup email or have emailed in and haven’t heard back, please do us a favor and submit a ticket here.

We are almost all caught up on emails as of now and are answering them as promptly as we possibly can. We had very few glitches yesterday — which was practically a miracle considering the thousands and thousands of orders that came through — but we so appreciate your patience for those of you who did experience issues.

2. Want to go through the course with others online? Be sure to sign up for the Facebook Group here or follow along with hashtag #MakeOverYourMornings on Instagram.


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