20160424-Sunday-Scripture-Prov27-652x897I want to be the kind of friend who gives the gift of guilt free friendship. In a world where we women are so good at guilting ourselves over our weight, our workout routines (or lack thereof) the state of our houses, our kids, or our spiritual lives. I want to create safe spaces for my friends to know that my friendship is one thing they can count on to come without a side of guilt.

Guilt free friendship says that anytime you get back to me is a good time. Guilt free friendship says that I will always assume the best about your motives. Guilt free friendship says that I won’t keep score when it comes to emails answered or phone calls returned.

Guilt free friendship focuses on the friendship and ditches the guilt. Guilt free friendship loves any chance and any slice of time to catch up, it isn’t about criticizing how much or how frequently that happens. Instead, guilt free friendship is generous and forgiving and creates easy space for reconnecting because it doesn’t have any conditions for how or when or how often that happens.

Guilt free friendship is the gift that women secure in their own sense of acceptance can give each other. It’s an impossible gift when we’re taking our worth and measuring our validation by the frequency with which we hear from each other.

So how is it possible? Click here to read where I’m sharing more about guilt free friendship at (in)courage.