As a full time working mom of three kids 11 and under I’ve basically been stretched too thin for a decade. And I’ve lost track of how many weeks have ended with desperate calls to my husband to tell him that I just can’t take it anymore! The thing that’s gotten me through has been his support and the encouragement of fellow moms who could relate. (Also, ice cream has helped SIGNIFICANTLY).

So, to me it feels like a God-send that my friend Jessica Turner, the one I told you about last week,  put all the encouragement and advice she’s given other working moms over the years into a video course. This course, like Jessica herself, is the kind and practical friend that tells you you’re going to be OK.

With tips, stories and encouragement from her own life as a working mom, Jessica reminds us of fresh ways to find margin in our days and joy in our callings.

For every working mom who’s ever asked me how on earth to do it, I will now point her to this course.

If you’re like me, then mama pretty much always comes last. And then wonders why her head feels like it’s going to explode at the end of the week.

For the sake of our sanity and our families, sometimes it’s worth investing in help, encouragement, and support for ourselves.

The Stretched Too Thin Course comes with that in bucket loads.

Now listen, I get asked to promote a ton of stuff. I say no to pretty much 99% of it. But this course? I’ve been DYING for it to be available. Because I don’t know anyone else who gets what it looks like to juggle ALL THE THINGS better than my friend Jess.

The 10-day video series costs $39.00 and includes a TON of bonus items (worth over $200!)

Bonus items:

working mom encouragement

  • Cozy Minimalist Mom course from The Nester
  • Grove Collaborative Method product bundle
  • One Bite at a Time ebook from Tsh Oxenreider
  • How to Create Fruitful Friendships ebook
  • Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World video series from Emily P. Freeman
  • Make-Ahead Meal Plan
  • 5 Days to a Better Morning ebook
  • (in)courage Motherhood ebook
  • Planner Bootcamp course
  • Staying Rooted in Community: (in)courage video

It’s just worth it, you guys. Investing in your mental health and support network as a mom is worth it.
In Stretched Too Thin, you’ll get instant access to the online video series and a supportive online community of working moms on the same journey (private Facebook group).

Stretched Too Thin is only open this week and closes October 17, 2016.

We all need practical tools and encouraging community to help get us through those, I just can’t take it anymore days.

So, click here now to order Stretched Too Thin.

And yup, I’m delighted to be an affiliate for this course.