About Lisa-Jo Baker

Hi, I’m Lisa-Jo.

I have three kids, a well-traveled passport and a very patient husband who has never run through an airport for me.

And I sincerely believe motherhood should come with its own super hero cape. 

I wrote a book about it called: Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected about Being a Mom. It’s what you can give that mom friend who feels alone, frustrated and failing. It’s my story from never wanting to be a mom to discovering all the surprises Jesus planned to teach me through my children.

You can download the first three chapters for free over here.

And find resources to encourage other moms for free over here.

Because I believe we need each other. I know I do. Most days I can’t find my car keys, my cell phone or my mind. Most nights I think my heart will burst wide open from all the messy love stuffed inside it for those sweetly snoring kids.

And many mornings I want to quit motherhood before I’ve even served the first bowl of Cheerios of the day.

On this blog I do my best not to dress up motherhood. I try to tell it straight. Because trying to survive motherhood while under the impression that other mothers somehow have it all together is dreadfully discouraging.

For me it’s been a great and passionate discovery but also the most all consuming, gut-wrenching, exhausting, roller coaster ride I never could have imagined.


And that I think it’s supposed to be like that. Because I believe in a God who is never done teaching us how to become less of us and more of Him.

“By God’s marvelous design, few life experiences humble us quite as effectively as parenting. …This tiny tyrant is providentially placed in our house with one grand program: to mold his or her parents into the image of our Lord. The way up spiritually, is by looking down physically.”
~Gary Thomas, Devotions for Sacred Parenting, pp. 46, 48.

I love that we can talk about that stuff here.

About what we want our daughters to know about the mean girls or how sometimes you need to show your waist grace.

I love that the Internet gives us a way to share our every day, extraordinary stories.



I’ve shared stories from Guatemala while blogging for Compassion International and love my current full time job as the Strategic Relationships Manager for DaySpring and the Community Manager for their beautiful site, (in)courage – a place for girlfriends to put their feet up on the coffee table and share all the hard, wonderful, ordinary stories that make up life.

I’m South African, currently living in the States after a couple years in Ukraine with travel to Belarus, the Czech Republic, Poland, Egypt, Botswana and a few wonderful years in Michigan. I love how social media can change the world for good, one blog post at a time. How it gives us glimpses into the similar stories we live right there between the cereal boxes and kids’ undone art projects at our messy kitchen tables.




And so I keep coming back here with words about motherhood. I show up with my stories about sleep deprivation, frustrated four-year-olds and my constant wrestle with trying to make a home out of a house that is not my own. This is my truth. And I promise to keep on telling it, this love story. Of how Jesus would have loved me the same whether I had children or not. But how He is remaking me day in and day out through this gift that He saved till last.

So come back tomorrow. And the day after. And I will still be here, unwrapping, unwrapping, unwrapping all this crawling, toddling, laughing, crying extraordinarily sacred ordinary.

I think you are braver than you know.

I think that you are mighty, because you mother.

I helped produce two videos with that message – click to watch them below.

And here are my personal favorite and most read posts on the blog:

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The Story of How We Just Bought Our First House After 15 Years of Marriage, 3 Kids and 9 Rentals

I’m on Facebook. I have a crush on Twitter. And I post fun photos of our everyday life on Instagram.





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  1. 2
    valery evans says:

    Lisa-jo I’m new to your blog but love it already. I’m a mother of two teenagers and am adopting a special needs 3 year old and am a foster mom to an 10 month old (I’ve had both since birth). We should have a superhero cape. Its hard but its the most rewarding part of life.

  2. 3

    Wow, love the new look! Love your passion for motherhood…it rocked my world too. But I do have to say. After reading all that you do with three under foot seems big, super big. Guess grace comes in all sizes. Mine came small with huge ideas and passions that I had to let go or put off. But simplicity is a necessity for my sanity…I chuckle but it is so true. Thanks for writing, loving God and your kids (and your man)…I will stop back often.

  3. 4

    Amen! I love being a mom, but it can be a challenge. I wake every morning determined to hug and encourage my children and then comes the first “MOOOMMMYYYY!!!” and all my good intentions are out the window.

  4. 5

    Delightfully divine! You are right that motherhood is precious and priceless and costs you nothing less than your patience, your freedom, your pride, your wardrobe and your cute hair sometimes- and in return you gain your life! Hugs to you, you beautiful girl! Remember – there is goodness in the goodmess!

  5. 6

    So thankful to have stumbled upon this site. You articulate what I can not. Thank you.

  6. 7
    Holly Brantley says:

    You have come a long way since we sat in a seminar together in Ukraine. We are linked together now through my wonderful daughter in law Kristen, and I am glad to be able to “see” you again. Thanks for mentoring others in this way!

  7. 8

    Where are you from in South Africa? I grew up in Westville, outside of Durban and I live in the States now too. Love your blog!!

    • 9
      Lisa-Jo says:

      Hi Cheryl,

      I’m from Pretoria – but I have family in Jo’burg and all over the Cape. We miss it something fierce!

      • 10

        Beautiful blog! I’m from SA too. My family is from Pretoria (and I know it well) but I grew-up in Johannesburg. Its truly amazing how many of us are in the States now. But I miss sunny SA everyday. Blessings!

    • 11

      Love this blog! I saw your ‘100 things I want to teach my daughter’ on pinterest & as soon as I read ‘gumboot dancing’ I knew you were a Saffa Lisa-Jo! Cheryl, I’m in London but from Waterfall! Are you ladies on many Facebook Saffa groups?

  8. 12

    Wow! Just reading your ‘about me’ section has me inspired and wanting to put MORE into my journey as a mum. I love that beautiful quote that children are shaping US to be more Christ-like. What a wonderful reminder! Can’t wait to take a good look around your blog. Perhaps during a late night nursing session! God bless x

  9. 13

    I have just come across your blog by a friend on Facebook suggesting to read “100 Things I Want to Teach My Daughter”. In some ways I am past “teaching” my daughter. You see, I am now a grandmother of five (3 grandsons and 2 grandaughters). Now I hope I can help my daughter teach her daughter (as well as my daughter-in-law teach her daughter). They are teaching me as well, and I hope that never ends. I hope this blog is not ony for young moms – we grandmothers need the same “community” as we learn our new role in life.

    • 14
      Lisa-Jo says:

      Hey Kathy,
      Come on in – we’re all in this together and what a gift to get to learn from and be encouraged by the mothers who’ve gone before us. There are brownies in the oven…..

  10. 15

    Dear Lisa, I wished I had your blog when I was a young mother. Although, I know God has a purpose and a plan, so hope to learn from your blog what all mom’s need to know weather their son is wearing a size 5 youth or a 13 1/2 men’s shoe.
    * Mom’s do need a super hero cap – The Holy Spirit is mine
    * Being a mom is messy from the get-go – Wearing white is only for models and especially blessed days
    * We all fail – God is there is pick us up
    Mom of Mary -21, Abbie- 19, Johanna-17 1/2 and Ian- 16

  11. 16

    I love the new look of your blog. Thank you for always hosting and for your encouraging posts. I hoep you have a great weekend!

  12. 17
    Amie Sealy says:

    Where were you when my girls were young? Oh yeah, on the playground ina different city! You have wisdom far beyond your years and are a huge blessing to motherhood!

  13. 18
    Elizabeth says:

    Hello! I’m a twenty-year-old, stay-at-home daughter, and I just want to say what an encouragement your blog is. I’ve only just stumbled across it, but the things I’ve read so far are wonderful. I hope to someday soon become a wife and mother, and your passion and willingness to blog about the subject is an inspiration. Thank you so much!

  14. 19

    just discovered your blog from pinterest. thank you for your encouragement. brings tears to my eyes. I look forward to following your blog.

  15. 20

    Just found your blog from a Simple Mom (dot) net email and I’m looking forward to reading more! I love the look and design of your blog as well!

    God bless you in all you do to encourage moms in this journey called motherhood. We definitely need a cheerleader and superhero! :) Thanks for being ours!

  16. 21

    ‘So glad to have found this blog! Great articles. I agree: being a mom really is the busiest yet most fulfilling “job”. My daughter is now 28 yrs. old and is a mom herself; she is really learning a lot ♥

  17. 22

    This was beautiful and perfect!! You managed to sum up most of how I’m feeling each day on one page!! The quote from Gary Thomas is great! I found you through My Freshly Brewed Life, and I’m so glad I did!! I can’t wait to read more! :)

  18. 23

    “you got this. even when you don’t”

    love it.

  19. 24

    Hi Lisa-Jo — Love how much you love children and how much you have traveled, but mostly what I love about you is using social media to change the world for good! So I’m connecting with you on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook and hope you will do the same with me so we can stay connected. Hoping to join your Five-minute Fridays soon. Blessings Terri
    My blog is http://morningdewdrops.com
    FB page is http://www.facebook.com/MorningDewdrop1
    Twitter is https://twitter.com/MorningDewdrop1
    Pinterest https://pinterest.com/MorningDewdrop1

  20. 25

    Messy and marvelous…motherhood! But oh aren’t you so right. Where would I be without my kids to teach me so much. It’s not about me. I can’t do it. Motherhood is so much harder than I thought when I vowed to do it so much better than my mom (watch those vows!). Thank God for God!!! He can do amazing things through me, He covers my multitude of sins, and He never gives up on me. Yay!

  21. 26

    where have you been my last five years of mother-hood? I will share you with everyone i know. thank you for being you and sharing this amazing gift you have!

  22. 27
    Gina O'Neill says:

    My name is Gina….I’ve never responded in a blog before but was compelled by what I read here… I am a mom to two adult children an 11 y.o. & auntie/mom to my neice who lives with me since my sister was murdered 2yrs ago…we ALL Live together with my husband 5 girls & him…I’m also a Deacon at my church & work outside the home… most of the time all is going along while it amazes me when my head hits the pillow that each “crisis ” was averted & at times I am overwhelmed!! Nice to have a venue to share…

  23. 28

    I’m a navy wife. I have three gorgeous kids and my husband is currently deployed. I need all the giggles and coffee I can get. Thanks for the hugs from a distance :)

  24. 29

    Hey Lisa-Jo,
    I love this page. It is very inspiring, and you can tell it’s written with passion. :) I think you know my mom. Her name is Micklyn…she says that your are my Nana’s goddaughter. (my Nana is Charmian Le Feuvre) Anyway, my mom said I should check out your site. And I just want you to know I’m very glad I did! :D
    Tane <3

    • 30

      Howdy Tane – we’ve met, but I’m sure you don’t remember. You were much younger then and so was I :) Lovely to bump into you here in cyberspace. Give your mom and your Nana a hug from me and be sure and have an extra helping of melktert for us over here!

  25. 31

    The butiful amazing world of being a mom. It should come with a built in cheerleader. Moms need all the encouragement they can get. I hope this space might do the trick on your tiredest, hardest, I just-wanna-take-off-after-the-ice-cream-truck days. And nights.

    pretty much says it all – thanks muchly Lisa-Jo

    • 32
      Margaret Polino Nicholas says:

      Dear Lisa Jo, I came upon your blog when I discovered (in)courage. I am even going to step out of my comfort zone and have a meet-up! I am very scared, however everyone is so helpful I am sure to get through it and feel proud? I hope so, because I already took the plunge in and started the process of invites. Pray we have a good meet up. Thank you. God bless. Margaret

  26. 33

    I’m not even a Mom yet – I’m just starting the journey to my own family by getting married in a couple months. I came across your blog thru Pinterest, and I’ve read a few posts, and I can tell you that I’m already so inspired, and I look forward to reading more from you as my new family grows. It’s so great to see your love for Christ in your love for your kids and husband – it almost makes me want to be a Mom already, but I’m super excited about just taking these first steps in marriage to begin with, haha. Thanks for your candid writing and laying the truth out there for other Moms & Moms-to-be! :)


  27. 34
    Rosalie Barajas says:

    I love being a Mom and now a grandmother……..it is a journey that I would never change, the ups and downs of everyday life challenges. I also worked full time, first as a homemaker and then went into the cleaning business but Motherhood was always a big first in my life, I thank my Creator for giving me this opportunity. I was blessed with 2 handsome sons and 2 beautiful daughters, each totally different and unique….then came 3 grand-daughters and then 2 more grand-children from the 2nd marriage of my oldest and now waiting for their 6th child….all these blessings from my oldest daughter…WOW!!! I’m truly blessed, please continue your journey on Motherhood, let us know about your everyday blessings……:)

  28. 35

    I have just tumbled across your site (via a friend of a friend) and I love it. You put into words what I feel most everyday. How being a mother is the most challenging, messy and at the same time beautiful and rewarding thing I have ever done. I too had not planned on having children, but when I met my husband, that all changed. I was an aspiring horse trainer, destined to travel the country training and showing horses. But God has given me a detour. I am the mother of a very energetic, beautiful, sweet boy that keeps me on my toes and gives me more enjoyment than I could have ever imagined. I have not competed at a horse show since my son was born and I struggle daily with the giving up of ” my old life”. I also struggle with the “everyday” stuff. The day to day care and management of my family, as well as my job in a non- horsey occupation, that doesn’t bring much satisfaction but it pays the bills. I cry out to God daily for encouragement to know that I am not alone in my struggling journey of motherhood, and your site is a very bright spot for me. Thank you so much for sharing and being real about what us moms feel.

  29. 36

    I’m new to your blog but I’m looking really forward to subscribing & sticking around.

  30. 37

    Hi Lisa-Jo! I love your blog. It is so inspiring and uplifting. I am a mom of two beautiful children and have thought some of the same things you have said here. It is such a wonderful job being a mother but can also be so hard and exhausting. This led me to write a book of my own called Why Is Mommy So Tired?, a children’s book, also to be enjoyed by parents. I believe as parents we need to find a balance of reading and playing with our kids and also nurturing our own needs. It is not easy but it is something we should be so thankful for. Thank you for sharing your positive thoughts about being a mom! We so often need reminders.

  31. 38

    Basically, your blog is awesome. I’m not even a mom, but your writing is wicked good. Keep it up :)

  32. 39

    I have never read your blog before tonight, but I just read your post about your children’s reactions to the Superbowl commercials. And I just want to say, thank you for telling it like it is. The garbage I saw on Sunday night, between the commercials and the half-time show, and the fact that so many of my friends who profess the same faith in God as I do meerly laughed at these things- it makes me wonder if there is any hope left for our “great” nation. But it is people like you who remind me the Light still burns. :) So, thank you.

  33. 40

    Love your blog. I am a South African living in the States raising a beautiful daughter. Thank you for wise words.

  34. 41

    Thank you for your blog. I can’t tell you how much your words have encouraged me. I’m so very exhausted right now from being the mom of three girls and working part-time (then add a few extra volunteer gigs). I absolutely love my job as Mom, but I often get discouraged and feel I’m screwing it all up. So thank you for taking the time to pen the things many of us need to hear.

  35. 42

    Hi, I found your blog when I was looking for ways on how to help my 13 yr old daughter with self esteem and thoughts about suicide. I read your blog about your mom and your dress and I read the above blog about you and I felt comfort in your words.
    I’m a single mom who is home every day by 3pm, makes dinner, listen to both ny son’s and daughters events of the day, we do things on the weekends and I still MISSED the clues that my daughter was depressed and had suicide thoughts.

  36. 43

    I “stumbled” on your blog through facebook! I always head straight for the about me page and WOW, I love you already! Honesty about motherhood is exactly what people need to hear! Subscribing to your blog now!

  37. 44
    Margaret Polino Nicholas says:

    I loved your blog. I often say motherhood is overrated , so it feels good to know everyone else is feeling the same. Child rearing is the toughest way to spend your life. But the love makes it worth it.

  38. 45

    Hello Lisa!

    I just wanted to stop by and tell you what a blessing your blog is to me. I especially love the 5 minute Friday posts. What a wonderful ministry and blessing you are bringing, not only to those who are participating in the writing, but to those of us who are reading them and feeling a kinship with all of you. Thank you so much for sharing the reality of this life’s journey, but also the wonderful hope we have in knowing that God is in control and in the midst of this often chaotic life. You and your friends are an inspiration. I pray God’s richest blessings for all of you.

  39. 46

    Looking forward to seeing your blog posts in my inbox.
    Mom of 8 ages 25 to 8

  40. 47

    Hi Lisa-Jo, I was browsing my Pineterst page and ended up at your blog. I have lived in South Africa all my life (Pretoria) and spend the past four years travelling between SA and the USA. While working in San Francisco my wife was diagnosed with cancer. She passed away just over a month ago. I have returned to our home in Pretoria and will be continuing to write for children and being involved with Children’s Ministry. I have written seven books and and currently busy with a Bible guide for kids aged 8-12.

    Continue to write with the passion the Lord has placed in your heart – it is one way of investing in the next generation. May the Lord bless you and your family!!!

  41. 48

    I just want to thank you for sharing about the scar we have when our mother’s leave us. My was very abrupt, in an accident in 1987 when I was 26. I was scared to turn 51, the age she was when she died, thinking I might die then too. I waited to have children until my 30’s, so now as they are all leaving home, I see a new adventure ahead. I feel more of God in my life. The Holy Spirit in me has a larger space.
    I have been through a lot in my life and when much is given, much is expected. I expect to have opportunity to help others walk through the dark places I have been and see the Light of Christ.
    Thank you,

  42. 49


    This is one of the most beautifully-written ‘About’ pages I’ve come across. I agree: Motherhood is the toughest, most-important job on the planet. And fatherhood is right behind. Truly, I think parenting is (or should be) “Job One” for all moms and dads.

    I found your site via The Blog Maven. And, honestly, I can’t remember how I found her site! But…I know this: EVERYTHING happens for a reason. : – )

    Your “Five Minute Friday” challenge has piqued my interest. Watch for my contribution on the next one!

    Have a great week!


  43. 50

    When you say that motherhood has been the most transformational of all your jobs that makes me excited to someday be a mom. Thank you for sharing your story.

  44. 51
    charles o kolade says:

    Am new to your blog, it was a real blessing to me. i am a father to three wonderful kids (a girl and two boys). i work out of town and come on weekends . i appreciate my wife so much more after reading this from you.
    God bless
    fond thots

  45. 52
    Michelle Grossmann says:

    Tears! Thank You for sharing!!

  46. 53

    Fantastic blog post, a lot of helpful material.

  47. 54

    bNfIJD Xanax

  48. 55

    Thank you, wonderful job! Exactly what I had to know.

  49. 56
    Isavane says:

    So glad I discovered your site – I am South African as well, living in CA for the past 13 or so years. Always happy to connect with a fellow ZA’er and tired out mama.

  50. 57

    Hi Lisa-Jo,
    I’m also a Pretoria girl, still living here in between the chaos that is South Africa. We live in such a wonderful country with so many highs and lows. But it is my home. Pretoria is een van die voorstede van die hemel, soos ons altyd se.
    Im also a mom to twin boys aged 21 months, and my oh my, what a rollercoaster it has been ,and I’m sure, continue to be.
    Stumbled on your blog today via Momastery. It make me laugh and it made me cry in only 15 min.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us, it is an inspiration.
    Love from a beautiful, cold Pretoria

  51. 58

    So glad I found your blog. I have a background in human rights law too (refugees) and never thought I’d trade that for motherhood 24/7. I love how you point us to the One who designed us and who will carry us through the fog that often fills our days at home!

  52. 59
    ambre rivera says:

    Just read your blog and I’m hooked! I love your in site and I can’t wait to try the books you suggested. Thanks for all your words!

  53. 60
    Natalie Jackman says:

    I came across your wisdom, Lisa Jo, after returning from a hospital trip for pregnancy sickness. I spent five encouraging minutes reading your words instead of lamenting, “How am I going to get through the next 22 weeks until childbirth?” and “I am an awful parent for feeling too tired and sick to bask in my 5-year-old’s every moment.” I feel a bit more justified in my frustration and empowered in my mission. Thank you.

  54. 61

    It seems like such a shame that you gave up a career helping people who obviously need strong advocates. I’m sure you have a happy family but I’m not sure the “job” of a stay at home mom can compare to the work you describe doing in your younger years. It is possible to do both….I think you sell yourself short, since you’re clearly very intelligent and driven.

  55. 62
    Michelle says:

    You had me at Michigan!

  56. 63

    I just came across your blog from a Facebook share of your post, “when you think your love story is boring” and I have to say that your blog is the biggest breath of fresh air I have had since becoming a mother 3 years ago. I have only read two posts and I immediately connected with your words in way I have been for searching for for a long time. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for your way with words. I am thrilled to have this blog to look forward to each day. Thank you.

  57. 64

    Thank you for your blog!

    I am the Mother of a former micro-preemie who was born at one pound. I blog about that and also being a reunited adult adoptee and how adoption has influenced my life…


  58. 65
    Bonnie Stang says:

    I just read your blog today, the one about the husband never running thru an airport for you. i loved it! so true, so real! Young women today,somehow, just aren’t getting what the real important part of a true love relationship is- hard work. it just doesn’t happen, it isn’t all passion, romance, and fun! there sometimes is anger, sometimes pain, and sometimes just plain ordinariness, but a love so deep and encompassing and secure, alove so sustaining that you can get thru anything with that person. i truly believe that to do this you have to put God,Jesu
    s and the holy Spirit first in your relationship with your husband. I have been married come August 7th, 37 years, love my husband,more than i have words to describe, we have 3 grown children, a dog, fish and 2 Russian tortoises. we have been thru many crises, and we have weathered them with god’s help and our faith in God. we are about to go thru another, my husband must have very risky surgery the day before our anniversary to repair a carotid arterial dissection, which has been giving him ministrokes for 9 months, and not healing itself,it is located just inside the brain ,in the skull. to place the stent, there is a 2/3’s risk of a stroke afterwards according to the top NeuroVascularsurgeon at Harper DMC in Michigan, and he is the best in the State. but I have prayed and talked with God and am standing on my faith, that he will come thru this operation with no stroke, and that his health will immediate start to improve for the better after the last awful 9 months. he will also need a heart cath to find other blockages and a possible bypass surgery down the road, but i am confident in that surgeon as well, and God has told me to stand firm in my faith that he will be okay thru all this. i teach First grade catechism, and we tell the kids, trust God. pray to god. believe god’s promises. if i don’t do so now, then how can i teach this to children? so i needed to read this blog this morning, reminding me of everyday, i have loved my husband, everyday we have been together thru the amazing passion days, but also the ordinary days, and the not so good days. but thru everyday, a love so strong, and powerful, and beautiful, that I am a very Blessed woman indeed!

  59. 66

    I have a lovely granddaughter named Charity who forwarded your message: He never ran through an airport for me.
    Bless Charity and bless you. We have an actively intergenerational family. Charity is one of 19 grandchildren of ours. My husband and I have been married for sixty-one-and-a-half years–moments of bliss and a lifetime of challenges. Seven children plus assorted temporary extras, and about two dozen great-grands and counting. And that’s just a hint. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. From the time I was three years old, mothering has been my chosen career. I know about the letting-go years, too, and how to be grateful when they start waiting on us! Thanks.
    The only social network available for me when I was a young mother? Church and PTO. What would I ever have done without faith in God?

  60. 67
    Cheryl Kauffman says:

    As soon as I read the words melk tert I knew you must be from SA, the country I love so! Though I’ve not been blessed with children of my own, there are children I feel thus w as y about who are part of my life. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful words!!

  61. 68

    Hi! I stumbled upon this while on Pinterest, waiting for dinner to come out of the oven! I love this! I will be back! Again and again! As a busy mom of 3 teenage daughters; I seek answers and prayers alot! My girls are great and my hubby is great; but we all have those days where the encouragement is needed!! This blog seems really well grounded and I look forward to exploring!

  62. 69

    I am so glad I found your neck of the internet. I am mom to 12 (yours, mine, ours and 4 foster kids =12) and have 7 grandchildren. Some days, I am questionning my own sanity! LOL Thank yoiu for sharing that motherhood is a challenge no matter how you look at it. :D Love your site!

  63. 70

    Hi Lisa-Jo,

    I just came across your blog (ten minutes ago). It is very interesting to me, one who, as a father, started his own blog almost three months ago to give back to first-time parents out there.

    I like your style, which I’m sure has gained you many followers, and am looking forward to reading more of your posts, after I get some sleep tonight.

    Please, take a look at my blog. Any feed back would be appreciated.


    Thanks, John

  64. 74

    Lisa-Jo, I am so, so glad to have found your blog. You are down to earth, relatable, helpful, awesome! Thanks so much & I look forward to now reading all of your posts.

    • 75

      PS perfectlyimperfectsharon.wordpress.com ~ my new blog… rediscovering writing as an outlet and a way to feed my soul and share God’s love… just started a blog. Looking forward to your writing workshops!

  65. 76

    I’m so happy I came across your post, in more ways than one! I’m South-African also, living in the States and I get so excited when I hear about others over here!

  66. 77

    Lisa-Jo, I stumbled on your site through the Compel community, and it has been a pleasure to read your blog.

    I am just getting into writing and have some fears–and yes that perfectionism is crippling. I want to join your five minute Fridays but I don’t have a blog, and I am just getting into social media. Can I still participate?

  67. 78

    Hi Lisa-Jo, I am a mommy of two and trainee Life Coach living in sunny South Africa. I have learnt that NOTHING you have ever done before prepares you for motherhood. Raising kids is a hard job that’s why I have decided to focus my coaching on moms and kids, we all could use a little help and encouragement sometimes! Thanks for your inspiring posts.

  68. 79
    John Moore says:

    Just discovered you & want to say that as a stay at home ” old” dad I feel you. My first epiphany came when I was being strict with our boys about not leaving train/race car tracks assembled throughout every room in the house. My sweet & ever patient wife said “it’s their house, too”. It reminded me that I wanted our home to be remembered as a comfort zone for our children. That meant giving up on the idea that our home had to maintain the appearance of a “House & Garden” photo or we would be bad parents. It immediately lowered the stress level in our home & gave us all license to relax. I surrendered

  69. 80

    A friend posted a link to your blog on Facebook. I am so glad I found it! And since I am a South African living in the US too, makes it even a little more special.

  70. 81
    Jamie Saltzman says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Great article in huffington post. I love your honesty and willingness to share your good and bad. That is what I try to do with clients and other mom friends so they don’t feel alone in parenting. You sound like a cool person who I’d love to know more about. Have a great day!

  71. 82

    I discovered your blog “accidentally” and enjoy your writing style immensely – it is honest and brave and I wish you were around when I was raising my two boys! I have two beautiful grandchildren and so your observations and insights are relevant to me even as a sixty-three year old grandma. Your “Making peace with the Princess” yesterday was so touching and special to me, and threw me back to my own childhood – I was never a princess then; I am so glad that my granddaughter is, outfits and all, and I’ll never stop reminding her that she is beautiful. I may even find a fancy dress to wear next time we are together!

  72. 83

    Love your insights on parenting. Keep up the great blog :)

  73. 84
    Mauriah Yeager says:

    Hi Lisa-Jo! I am new to your blog, and I was brought to it by my friend Sam. I love how you write! you should really write a book. its very inviting and relaxing. and very relate able. I have a 13 month old son named Liam. He is my first child and definitely not my last! thank you for doing this!

  74. 85

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  75. 86
    Stephanie Narron says:

    I cannot believe I haven’t found you….but in God’s perfect timing, I found you today. I have wept and wept watching the video at the end of your blog post. I feel like the biggest loser of a mom ever as I’m struggling daily/hourly at times with a teenage son. Thank you for giving me new courage, new hope and a reason to let go of all this weight of guilt that follows me daily!! You’ve helped me to take off my limited-sight glasses and be reminded of the reason that God blessed me with my children…..I love you sister!! I look forward to reading more on your site. Thank you for the sacrifices you make in order for women like me to find such encouragement. Many blessings to you, Lisa.

  76. 87

    Hi Lisa, I somehow stumbled upon your blog a few years back and when the words flooded over me it was like a little release valve had been pulled and I was able to laugh, and cry and breathe for the first time in my journey of becoming a mom.
    Surprised by motherhood couldn’t be a more accurate title for all of the emotions I felt in the daily joys and struggles of having a colicky baby and your words brought such encouragement that I was neither alone nor a failure.
    I’ve been reading your blog ever since that time and I always look forward to reading your posts. Thank you for allowing the Lord to flow through you so beautifully to encourage and unite the lives of so many women on similar journeys. I truly look forward to that day in eternity that we will all meet and share a heavenly brew of coffee as we swap stories about God’s faithfulness. xo

  77. 88

    I never realized your family lived in Ukraine! We were stationed there twice with the AF; we’ve been back in the States for 1.5 years….still not quite over that reverse culture shock! :) Looking forward to reading your book.

  78. 89

    my soul is worn, your words like water.
    thank you

  79. 90
    Stephanie M says:

    Lisa-Jo, I just found your blog a few days ago and wanted to say thank you for writing the way you do! My husband and I are about to celebrate our one-year anniversary, and I’m a proud mom to our two-month-old first baby boy. Needless to say it’s been an adventure of a year… :) Almost all good, but still, I have felt very drained the past few weeks. It is so refreshing to find a fellow dreamer/romantic/believer in the good side of life!! My heart and faith have been refreshed by your words. I think it’s possible that God allowed me to find this blog to encourage me right at this stressful (but wonderful) time in my life. Thank you for keeping the light and maintaining an optimistic outlook, which is so incredibly important in the world we live in!! God bless you and your family. :)

  80. 91

    Hey Lisa Jo!
    I found your site 2 weeks ago and have been so encouraged! I am South African too – wooohoooo! And an author. Do you ever visit the Cape?

  81. 92

    AWESOME..simply that.

  82. 93
    Julie Kaufman says:

    Hi Lisa Jo – I just read your book and was so deeply touched! And I just want to tell you – your mother would have loved your book – I feel sure. I loved how you wrote about her – how you didn’t hide the ugly and yet still pursue the beautiful! God bless you many times over for all the early mornings up to write – something I feel daunted at! – and all the sacrifice you put into the book..and I love your dad! I long for more in my relationship with my dad and God is slowly healing me…I’ve found we have to keep asking, begging for the healing and He wont be put into a box as to how He brings our healing..but He keeps bringing it! O praise Him!
    Blessings, Julie, mother of 6

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  87. 98

    Hi Lisa,
    I’m a mom of 7, three girls and four boys. Their ages range from 27 – 12. Two of our boys are marines (the oldest is now out) and married to beautiful girls and one is engaged to an equally beautiful girl. We have homeschooled all 7 graduating 5 so far. I can’t say I have ever felt completely capable of the task The Lord gave me and my husband, more often than not I am completely overwhelmed. But, I have always felt blessed to be given the awesome privilege of parenting these precious gifts.
    Lisa, you sound alive and joy filled in the sweet messiness of parenting and that is critical to enjoying it. Be blessed Doll as you live these nascar speed minutes. Don’t blink too often and try to enjoy at least a lap or more each day. It promises to be a sweet ride.

  88. 99

    Terrific post however , I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this topic?
    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more.
    Thank you!

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    I just stumbled upon your wonderful site, from a Pinterest link. Love this topic! Love all that I am seeing here! It’s 6am on Sunday morning, here at my place- where I am hiding from my children who insisted on getting up at 5:30. I gave in and let them get up & play, but I grabbed my coffee & laptop and searched for a quite corner- a little something for myself before I give it all up for them. Thank you for this!

  90. 101

    “And I will still be here, unwrapping, unwrapping, unwrapping all this crawling, toddling, laughing, crying extraordinarily sacred ordinary. ” Wow! Now thats a sentence! what a beautifully written sentence! i keep rereading it. Please write a novel, I want to read it!

  91. 102

    I just stumbled across your blog for the first time. And I love it! Thanks for all the effort you’ve put in. Looking forward to reading the first few chapters of your book!

  92. 104
    Anne Kinley says:

    Hi Lisa Jo ~ love hearing your story on Focus on the Family. You mentioned a church in North of Boston where God spoke into your life through a man there ~ was it Hillside Evangelical Church in Medford, near Tufts University? My husband and I were saved there 35 years ago ~ just wondering if it was the same. Thanks, Anne Kinley

    • 105
      Lisa-Jo says:

      Hey there Anne,

      Thanks for tuning in today. Our church was actually on the north shore – it was a Vineyard church in Melrose. But I love hearing from others who lived in the area too. Thanks for saying hi!

  93. 106

    Hi Lisa- Jo,

    I’m fairly new to your blog but I absolutely love it! I just finished your book, I got it on audio because God knows that’s the only way to get a good book in. :) I work from home and I spent a few nights after everybody was in bed working and listening to your story. It was so encouraging. My 3 year old son is extremely spirited and very much like your Micah. There are days where I feel like a failure with him, not quite sure how to get through to him. I was encouraged by the part of your book of how you were praying over your son as he slept. You are indeed a blessing to moms who feel all washed up and worn out, who don’t know how to get through the day sometimes, who wonder if they’ll be able to handle all the years ahead. I thank you so much for sharing your story :)

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  107. 120

    Thank you for being so real about the challenges and joys of motherhood. As a first-time mom struggling through fatigue and nausea, your words encouraged me so much.

    Knowing things won’t be perfect lifts me up, because I’m so far from perfect. Knowing God can use our many mistakes to grow us as moms, and to grow wonderful kids — what a blessing!

    Thanks Lisa. Please keep writing. :)

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