Hi, I’m Lisa-Jo

I have three very loud kids, a well-traveled passport and a very patient husband who has never run through an airport for me. And I sincerely believe motherhood should come with its own super hero cape and that friendship is an act of courage. It’s so nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Lisa-Jo.

I have three kids, a well-traveled passport and a very patient husband who has never run through an airport for me.

And I sincerely believe motherhood should come with its own super hero cape. 

I wrote a book about it called: Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected about Being a Mom. It’s what you can give that mom friend who feels alone, frustrated and failing. It’s my story from never wanting to be a mom to discovering all the surprises Jesus planned to teach me through my children.

You can download the first three chapters for free over here.

And find resources to encourage other moms for free over here.

Because I believe we need each other. I know I do. Most days I can’t find my car keys, my cell phone or my mind. Most nights I think my heart will burst wide open from all the messy love stuffed inside it for those sweetly snoring kids.

And many mornings I want to quit motherhood before I’ve even served the first bowl of Cheerios of the day.

On this blog I do my best not to dress up motherhood. I try to tell it straight. Because trying to survive motherhood while under the impression that other mothers somehow have it all together is dreadfully discouraging.

For me it’s been a great and passionate discovery but also the most all consuming, gut-wrenching, exhausting, roller coaster ride I never could have imagined.


And that I think it’s supposed to be like that. Because I believe in a God who is never done teaching us how to become less of us and more of Him.

“By God’s marvelous design, few life experiences humble us quite as effectively as parenting. …This tiny tyrant is providentially placed in our house with one grand program: to mold his or her parents into the image of our Lord. The way up spiritually, is by looking down physically.”
~Gary Thomas, Devotions for Sacred Parenting, pp. 46, 48.

I love that we can talk about that stuff here.

About what we want our daughters to know about the mean girls or how sometimes you need to show your waist grace.

I love that the Internet gives us a way to share our every day, extraordinary stories.



I’ve shared stories from Guatemala while blogging for Compassion International and love my current full time job as the Strategic Relationships Manager for DaySpring and the Community Manager for their beautiful site, (in)courage – a place for girlfriends to put their feet up on the coffee table and share all the hard, wonderful, ordinary stories that make up life.

I’m South African, currently living in the States after a couple years in Ukraine with travel to Belarus, the Czech Republic, Poland, Egypt, Botswana and a few wonderful years in Michigan. I love how social media can change the world for good, one blog post at a time. How it gives us glimpses into the similar stories we live right there between the cereal boxes and kids’ undone art projects at our messy kitchen tables.




And so I keep coming back here with words about motherhood. I show up with my stories about sleep deprivation, frustrated four-year-olds and my constant wrestle with trying to make a home out of a house that is not my own. This is my truth. And I promise to keep on telling it, this love story. Of how Jesus would have loved me the same whether I had children or not. But how He is remaking me day in and day out through this gift that He saved till last.

So come back tomorrow. And the day after. And I will still be here, unwrapping, unwrapping, unwrapping all this crawling, toddling, laughing, crying extraordinarily sacred ordinary.

I think you are braver than you know.

I think that you are mighty, because you mother.

I helped produce two videos with that message – click to watch them below.

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