13 Jul 2015

6 Helpful Ways to Respond to Hard Conversations

6 Helpful Ways to Respond to Hard Conversations via lisajobaker

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24 Feb 2015

Lame Compassion International Sponsors of the World Unite!

Compassion International Lame Sponsor letter writing

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16 Jul 2012

When you think you have to leave home to make a difference


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02 Nov 2010

A Christmas Card Drive of Epic Proportions

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26 Sep 2010

Something I’ve been meaning to tell you

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20 Sep 2010

Why I Sing in the Dark

guatemala  1543_1

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16 Sep 2010

You can’t make this stuff up


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14 Sep 2010

The only virus worth catching

Outside Pretoria_1

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12 Sep 2010

Sunday reflections from Guatemala

guatemala  1530_1

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11 Sep 2010

Lame sponsors of the world unite!

guatemala  986_1

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10 Sep 2010

On discovering a South African song in Guatemala

guatemala  586

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09 Sep 2010

What all kids and mamas have in common


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08 Sep 2010

On a sense of perspective

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06 Sep 2010

How to take your home with you


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31 Aug 2010

How to feel connected instead of guilty

Guatemala Vision Trip

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29 Jun 2010

Time to get the passport back in the game

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