16 Feb 2015

What a 9 Year Old Girl Taught Me About Love on Valentine’s Day

What a Nine Year Old Girl Taught me about Love on Valentine's Day

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10 Dec 2014

If This Whole Year Has Felt Like Wasted Waiting And You’re About Ready to Give Up – Read This


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08 Dec 2014

What if We’re Supposed to *Be* the Good News We’re So Desperate for When it Comes to Race Relations in America?


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02 Dec 2014

When You Need to Remember That Waiting Isn’t a Waste of Your Time or Your Life


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24 Nov 2014

When Your Holidays are Having a Hard Time Keeping Up With The Joneses

The Greatest Gift Christmas Advent

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12 Nov 2014

In A Culture of Fast Food Sex Let’s Give Our Children Healthier Choices


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11 Nov 2014

If Only All Christian Children’s Books Were Like This

God Made Light via lisajobaker

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06 Nov 2014

Why You are Not “Just” a Mommy Blogger

Mom and me

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22 Oct 2014

To all the heroes – yes you, the ones up to your elbows in ordinary


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17 Oct 2014

It’s OK to Stop Trying To Fix “Those” Kids


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02 Sep 2014

A Life and Death To-Do List


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19 Aug 2014

When you’re trying to make sense of R-rated days


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18 Aug 2014

A prayer for when the whole world feels like an upside down Monday

Thy Kingdom Come via LisaJoBaker

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28 Apr 2014

A prayer for fighting the fear of missing out

A prayer for fighthing the fear of missing out by lisajobaker.com

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20 Apr 2014

We are the Sunday Morning People


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24 Feb 2014

What you think you’re not good at is *only* half the story

What you think you're not good at is only half the story

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