17 Oct 2014

It’s OK to Stop Trying To Fix “Those” Kids


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23 Jun 2014

For the days you got nothing done


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09 Jun 2014

For all the “ordinary, boring” dads, from your grateful daughters


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20 Apr 2014

We are the Sunday Morning People


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19 Feb 2014

In which I give you all a medal

In which I give you all a medal via lisajobaker.com

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12 Feb 2014

How doing laundry together changed 400 lives

How doing laundry together changed 400 lives

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27 Jan 2014

Why I write about motherhood

Why I write about motherhood via lisajobaker.com

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19 Dec 2013

Why it’s always worth going home, no matter how far or hard or late

Why it's always worth going home via lisajobaker.com

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27 Nov 2013

The Tired Mother’s Holiday Creed

The tired mother's holiday creed via lisajobaker.com

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25 Nov 2013

Christmas for Africa: Secret Santas Needed!


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21 Nov 2013

Happy (?) Holiday Photos: The truth behind every plastic smile from an expert with a camera around her neck.


Because during almost every family photo session, I encounter a mother’s apology for her kids “acting out.” It seems as if receiving cards every December donned with perfect grins and matching outfits has skewed everyone’s perception of what’s really going on behind the lens. I see these “flaws” as an opportunity to comfort the parents, play with the kids, and attempt to capture through the camera the thing that we are all loving and hating and trying to celebrate all at the same time – childhood. It’s slipping through your motherly fingers as you comb through his little strands of hair. The jittery feet will soon be stilled by maturity and self-awareness. The squeals of excitement will soon be replaced by more subdued tones and passive comments.

I can promise you one thing – these bursts of energy, the inability to hold still and smile, won’t last forever.

The impermanence of it all is what should grip us. Not the temporary frustration.

18 Nov 2013

For the days you get nothing done


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04 Nov 2013

An invitation for my kids

A battle cry for my kids via lisajobaker.com

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21 Oct 2013

How to feel at home in your house and your skin


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01 Oct 2013

The one where I’m a homesick South African

Homesick South African via lisajobaker.com

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01 Aug 2013

For the ordinary days

For the ordinary days via lisajobaker.com

Motherhood feels a lot different than the baby books suggested. There should have been an entire chapter on the boredom of board games. Or dishes. Or sweeping. Or unloading the dishwasher. Again. And then the next day. Like sleep deprivation it’s hard to prepare for monotony. So I sift through the moments with a make-believe microscope searching for the wonder hidden in plain sight. It’s all there. Once I blink the tired and temper out of my eyes, it’s all there. The glory of the ordinary day.

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