29 Jan 2015

What my 9 Year Old Taught Me About Being Willing to Follow God Into Uncomfortable Places


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26 Jan 2015

If Motherhood has You Feeling Defeated and Alone Today, Read This


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30 Dec 2014

The Only New Year’s Resolutions I Think Are Actually Worth Making


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16 Dec 2014

What Christmas Says About Your Body as a Woman


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30 Nov 2014

If You’re a Mom of Littles Stressing All the Christmas Traditions it’s OK to Make Like Elsa and “Let It Go” This Holiday Season


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20 Nov 2014

How To Feel Productive On Your Most Unproductive Days


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17 Nov 2014

In a World Where Doing Something “Like a Girl” has Become an Insult Let’s Teach our Daughters {and our Sons} a Different Definition

14788857758_80c5d71314_z (1)

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12 Nov 2014

In A Culture of Fast Food Sex Let’s Give Our Children Healthier Choices


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06 Nov 2014

Why You are Not “Just” a Mommy Blogger

Mom and me

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03 Nov 2014

How Not To Be Defensive During Parent-Teacher Conferences

How not to be defensive during parent-child conferences

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30 Oct 2014

Why Women Don’t Need to Be Ashamed of Needing to Feel Beautiful

Why I Tell My Daughter That She's Beautiful

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28 Oct 2014

How I Do It All (Not)


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22 Oct 2014

To all the heroes – yes you, the ones up to your elbows in ordinary


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17 Oct 2014

It’s OK to Stop Trying To Fix “Those” Kids


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09 Oct 2014

10 Things To Do Differently *Before* You Lose Your Temper


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07 Oct 2014

When We Are All So Much More Than The Cliche of Motherhood

The cliche of motherhood

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