29 Jan 2015

What my 9 Year Old Taught Me About Being Willing to Follow God Into Uncomfortable Places


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09 Sep 2014

When You Don’t Like What You See in the Mirror


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03 Jun 2014

Why every mother needs to learn to say, “I’m sorry”

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18 May 2014

When parenting looks like a 5K race


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24 Mar 2014

How to fall in like with your kids

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08 Jan 2014

When you wonder what you got done today – a check list of ordinary glory


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30 Oct 2013

How to have a temper tantrum

How to have a temper tantrum via lisajobaker.com

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28 Aug 2013

For my boys as they go back to school

For my boys as they go back to school via lisajobaker.com

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06 Feb 2013

What mama’s doing about it…

Warrior Prayers

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29 Aug 2012

On (not) raising deadbeat dads. {An open letter to my sons}

Deadbeat dads

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25 Jun 2012

Because most of the time our kids hear what we do and not what we say


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08 Jun 2012

Five Minute Friday: Expectation


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25 May 2012

Five Minute Friday: Opportunity


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04 May 2012

Five Minute Friday: Real

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20 Apr 2012

Five Minute Friday: Together

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27 Mar 2012

When they ask you what you did today

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