Treat Yourself

I re-read books. I binge watch my favorite shows over and over again. And I like a cuppa coffee in a mug that makes me feel better about my day. Everything on this page comes to you with love and the reminder that you are much braver than you think. And that taking time to rest and treat yourself is ultimately a gift to everyone around you.


No matter how many times we move, boxes and boxes of books always move with us. Books have been some of my best friends over the years. And I still have all my mom’s dog-eared favorites sitting on my own bookshelf now.

Here are some of my favorite reads. They have changed how I parent, how I understand friendship, faith and fiction, and how I laugh at myself. I hope some of them might do the same for you.


Every time you reach for that cuppa or pull out that TShirt or apron, here’s a little something to help remind you that what you do is heroic because — repeat after me —  “I save lives daily. I’m a mom.”


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