Some days I just can’t fathom that I am the mom to 2 little boys. That I am responsible for all their woes, whims, wonders and wows. It seems to have happened overnight. One day I was hanging out until 2am watching Friends marathons with Pete and the next we were up until 2am cleaning you-know-what off carpets, blankets and rocking chairs. But on Valentine’s Weekend we had two special friends come and visit that are like mile markers for us; we know that we are for them. Because they told us so. They told us we are “family friends” – you know, like the kind your mom and dad used to hang out with after church on Sundays or plan camping trips with. Amazing; we have grown up and now have our own family friends: Darko and his lovely wife, Miss M.

We were there when they met and started dating in Ukraine. They were there when we celebrated 5 years of being married while in Kyiv. And on Darko and Miss M’s wedding day in West Virginia we found out Micah would be joining the Baker family. This last trip of theirs to see us in DC marked another milestone – 10 years ago on a snowy Notre Dame eve Pete and I got engaged.

We have shared countries and weddings and work. We have shared stories and laughter and tears. We have shared faith and doubt and a whole lot inbetween. We are firm family friends! And I’ve got the pictures to prove it!

Only Family Friends “play” outside with boys suffering from cabin fever in freezing weather:

Only Family Friends follow your kids around on a forage for bits of sticks and broken off bricks:

Only Family Friends get these kinds of smiles:

These are our special Ukrainian, Canadian, West Virginian, Bostonian Family Friends!

Amazing to look back and see how our paths have criss-crossed in so many ways. And what other array of beautiful friends and places we have met along the way. It’s been wonderful to bump into so many of you again through this blog. Feel free to drop me a line or a comment to keep us updated on your goings on. We never get tired of hearing how our far-flung international mish-mash of family friends are! And we sure are proud to call ourselves YOUR Family Friends!