When I was pregnant with Jackson I was constantly worried that I would not be able to love my second child the way I loved my first. I mean, I was passionately in love with Jackson and all things Jackson related. Pete and I both were. He was our world. Our first. How could there ever be another baby in the world that was ours but not Jackson?

It seemed inconceivable.

I should have known. Most of the greatest moments of my life have started that way. And it was no different with Micah. He came screaming into the world at 8lb 5oz with a ferocious attachment to me and finally a face that looked like mine and suddenly the inconceivable seemed natural. How could I not love absolutely, wholly, utterly this new person who -so definitively- was not Lil’ Buckaroo. He was my Buster. My eyes, my grandfather’s face, my brother’s smile. My Buster.

And turns out it was true what a wise mother of seven told me during my fretting pregnancy days –

“It’s just as magical when the seventh one rolls over, sits up and walks for the first time as it was with the first.”

Boy, was she ever right! I mean, Micah just started reading the newspaper (wink wink) and we are about as proud as two doting parents can be! Naturally he started with the comics:

I Love Micah with my whole Micah Heart – turns out it was growing in me the whole time he was – and now it beats just for him and loves him in so many just as wonderful though completely different ways than my Jackson heart loves Jackson. Ain’t motherhood grand?

Here’s a last pic of My Micah – let’s just call it:
“One For the Road”

– photo credit: my friend Darko and his nifty i-phone

A boy and his bear are not easily parted! And this little teddy comes all the way from Woolies in South Africa! Funnily enough, Jackson’s favorite toy – his overly loved and now somewhat bedraggled “baby” – comes from Texas. Each boys’ favorite toy comes from the other’s homeland. If that ain’t precious, I don’t know what is!