My boys love them some manly man time, for sure! They love to dig, plant, scrape, dump, tackle, wrestle, and manhandle everything. But, I tell you what, our Jackson also likes to get his gab on. That boy can taaaaallllkkkkkkk. And I have absolutely no idea where on earth he could have inherited that trait!

Exhibit A: Jackson getting all manly with the “digger” – note the profound concentration and the manly grunting expression on his little face:

Exhibit B: Right after these pictures were taken, Jackson joined the other boys in building a “volcano”, i.e. piles of stacked sand. Each boy was focused on the task at hand. Each boy was piling up mound after mound of sand. What was my boy doing? He was narrating.

“Look, mama, we’re building a volcano!”

“Hey guys, this is a great volcano we’re building!”

“Great everyone, let’s keep building. Let’s build MORE”

“Good job girl (said to the boy with long hair)”

“My name is Jackson – don’t you just love that name?” Smiles wistfully to himself, “I just LOVE that name.”

For once, mama is the one left speechless.