Have you ever been to a sprayground? Let me rephrase, if you have kids and thus a reason to be looking for a good dose of summer sizzle meets shady fun designed to wear them out in time for a good nap, have you ever been to a sprayground? Today was our first time. We will definitely be back again soon!

See, not only are there the regular jungle gyms and climbing apparatus, there are also lots of, yeah, you guessed it, sprayers!

And they shoot out at unexpected angles and douse the unprepared with delightful showers of delicious coolness on a hot day.

What could be more entertaining, more perfectly suited for a preschooler’s idea of heaven than water that you are ALLOWED and even ENCOURAGED to splash around in, pour, mix, spill, drink, catch, throw, and run under at a park?


And if you’re still just a toddler you may want to ask your mama to hold your hand while you brave the sprayers to catch some of those big fat drops in your bucket. But that just gives mama the perfect excuse to cool down as well!

Ahhh, the first days of summer are finally, FINALLY here – where do you like to go to celebrate them?