You’ve heard about Jackson’s beloved “baby blankie” and its well-loved history. Here’s another in his installment of “velveteen blankets” that have had the stuffing loved out of them. Our great friend from the last decade or so, who played the violin at our wedding, is Texas Red who has a great quilting blog. We have been lucky beneficiaries as she made Jackson a baby quilt 4 years ago.

To see it in its pristine brand new state, hop on over to Texas Red Quilts.

To see it how it looks today, check it out here, 4 years later and counting as measured by Jackson’s birthdays. (Try not to be freaked out by the facial expression; recently this is what happens when I say, “Smile for the camera.” Note to self: posed photos can be scary!)

(Seriously, what kind of face is that on my kid? Yikes!)

It’s lost a few of the decoratives along the way, but it has been a constant and trusted travel companion. We whip it out at airports for the boys to picnic on, we use it as a make-shift tent to keep them from being blinded when the airplane’s overhead lights come on at odd times of the night. We wrap them in it when we carry them off a warm flight from Africa and back into the middle of a mid-West winter. We LOVE it and it has LOVED us in return these last 4 years and 3 continents.

Thank you Texas Red for this great gift! (Baby Micah got his own as well when he was born – but we’ll save that one for another time!)