I like chocolate. I like words.

And I never tell my chocolate what’s wrong with it, how it could have been improved, and how disappointed I am in it before I eat it.

I. Just. Eat. It.

That’s what we do around here on Fridays. We eat words. Straight up. Without second guessing, editing, or critisizing them. We simply savor all their deliciousness. For a full five minutes. You should try it. It’s a calorie-rich experience sans calories.

Wanna just write? Without wondering if it’s just right?

  1. Indulge in five rich, delicious minutes of pure writing.
  2. Tell your readers you’re linking up here and invite them to dig in too.
  3. And most importantly, go visit, read, and compliment the five minute chef who served something up right before you.

Easy peasy.

Oh and there’s always a little fun something-something in it for one five minute artist. Last week I got to give away the My Beloved Photo Frame to random winner All My Monkeys.

This week the beautiful God Gives Every Day a Beauty of its Own Tote  by DaySpring is up for grabs.

OK, are you ready? Give me your best five minutes for the prompt:

Every Day…


Every day can dawn tired and tiresome. The routine of rocking and changing and working and feeding and cleaning and crying and wondering and questioning and reawakening to faith. Every day we can awake to the miracle of manna and new born daughters and new trips and new friends and still unwittingly ask, “Why this, again?”

Every day we can falter and fumble and drop the ball on children and dishes and the laundry we meant to wash and fold and put away and never got around to. And every day we can say tomorrow will be different. But when tomorrow dawns at 2am it’s hard to remember and we can sink into the rhthym that’s more than a rocking chair.

We can fall into the every day ritual of complaining and focusing on the toys that crowd under foot and forget to look up and higher to the grace that dawns new and fresh and free for the taking every single day. We can miss the sky and the smell of summer and small boys in big swimsuits and baby girls who dangle toes over mama ankles in the water for the first time.

Every day we can take for granted the man who sleeps beside and rises to challenges and difficult boys and builds grills and always always comes home with chocolate.

Every day.

Every day.

There is sweet and there is sour and there is heaven in tasting both. Right here, for the taking.


{Photo by the incomparable Mallory}

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